Saturn Transmission Line Pressure Control Solenoid Replaceme

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Deborah Carusillo: I have a 97 Saturn 2 door all the transmission fluid leaked out. we are going to jack it up wipe up all the Splatter from underneath everything to see if we can determine where the crack leak or whatever is happening. if I need to replace it with a rebuilt I would like to know approximately what the cost will be. thank you

derrick johnston: thanks. about to get a 2001 shifts hard good to Know fix thanks was a R&R man for yrs at transmission shop.. RIP uncle Fred Blackburn from Blackburn's transmissions

big 305: my tcc is bad my check engine light came on dats what print out read

big 305: got 97 tcc bad dats the three one on here

Dave S.: I have a question. I drive a 1995 saturn sl1 automatic and sometimes when I put the car into reverse mode the car heavily jerks quick back and THEN go's into reverse. So I have to wait for that jerk noise. Now sometimes what also happens is the car not all the time but once in awhile, gets jammed when I reverse it. Sometimes I have to give it gas for it to back up and it will do that jerking noise. Or sometimes it will get completely jammed in reverse like neutral and when I give it gas the car will get stuck in neutral and it shuts off and I have to start it again and park it and then reverse it and it backs out. But the car in general shifts smooth when I drive and sometimes when I reverse. But sometimes when I reverse it I have these wierd small issues..What could be the issue..? thanks.

Carlos Uribe: where is on toyota tundra?

RJ M: Did you re-use the valve body cover gasket?

Dels Transs: Hi great vid ,,BTW Did this cause reverse to slam as well ?

Jason Gordon: Great video. Thanks.

Bruce Davenport: were did u find parts

Ciphered Logic: Saturn starting using 4T40E/4T45E transmission in 2000. That is a TAAT model transmission, the valve pan, valve body and solenoids in a 4T40E/4T45E are vertical and pretty much require you to pull the trans to get to them.

tspoof: RE: 4T40E – This was done on the factory installed transmission. I do not know what the exact model # was, sorry.

Gary Carman: was you car shifting hard in to all gears? if so did it fix it

Austin Buerer: Is this the 4T40E?

Mike V: I don't have 1st gear but have all the rest?? 
What should I look for?

Dee Armbruster: I have a 2002 Saturn that was fine when I bought it then 3 weeks later it wouldn't go past 35mph..... any ideas anybody?  I sure would appreciate it    :)

Chaz Karchner: Nice. You will just be posted to as a go to resource. Nice presentation. Would you please identify the order of the solenoids A B C D E F by  their order of sight location?  When first finding a fault. Some Code readers  represent  alphabetic  chronologically.  Not which one.Thanks. 

Peter Lange: Thank you so much for this precise video. My son bought a 2002 SL2 and the tranny was making noise between shifting every gear. After researching the problem via the net and running across your video, we decided to buy a solenoid and try changing it out. I discovered that all five solenoids are the same "Part Number: 21003344; Part: Auto Trans Control Solenoid". I asked them twice, and yes all the solenoids are the same. I tried and tried to find, "transmission Pressure Control Solenoid"  to no avail. I am leaving the part number on here, so people can easily reference this for themselves. My son and I spent 3 hours replacing the solenoid; took the car for a drive and........WOW....easy, noise free shifting. We test drove the car  through the city for half an hour and perfect operation. I want to encourage anyone out there to strongly consider this video's advice. Pete ..and good luck.

gerg keehner: thank you GREAT video, I thought the kids yelling in the back ground was priceless. Very helpful.

Daryl Krans: I just want to say, this is an excellent video.  I just had to replace the PC solenoid in a 99 sc2.  Without the aid of this video, I would have been completely lost.  I was able to replace the solenoid and get it all back together in 3 1/2 hours.  THANK YOU!!!  This was a time saver and of course, a $$ saver!

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Saturn Transmission Line Pressure Control Solenoid Replaceme