How To Use K&W FiberLock From CRC To Fix A Coolant Leak

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C Naijastan: I have used this product on 2 different cars and it stopped the overheating problems.
All these negative comments I believe are coming from the Mechanics and the Owners of Auto repair stores.
This is a great product and I highly recommend it.

Catrell Woodard: do it work on a northstar engine has a leak in the cylinder..

boca2001921: so far, no luck on my end.

brent lambrix: do i empty the collant and water in radiator first

Kameron Taylor: Do I run my car with this stuff in there I have a 94 Honda Accord

Tim Tawbush: Used this on a 06 suzuki forenza. I was using coolant through the combustion chamber causing cyl 4 to misfire. Followed the instructions for mix ratio for cars capacity. No more coolant loss! misfire disappeared! Thank you CRC for this product!

Alakana Halemano: Should I flush this out of my system?

Alakana Halemano: I'm leaking into a cylinder. Should I remove the plug and coil before I do this crap?

Joaquin Garcia: stuff works!!!! my way was to gutter out the thermostat and drain all antifreeze and then put sealer.I have a 97 Malibu 2.4 quad motor coolant system would bubble do to bad head gasket so it would push all coolant out and cause vehicle to overheat didn't gunk anything up and I ran heater for about 5 minutes threw process

Blue Magic Media: Does this work of Cadillac Northstar engines?

Dexter Porter: Guys this product didn't work for me, I bought it from Advance Auto Parts in DeKalb Georgia, store number 06108.  I followed the directions as God as my witness and my line burst.  I will post a video under my name, my truck is a Dodge 1500, year 2008, only 53K miles. Bought it new/used from carmax in October 2014 this just happen today March 17, 2015.

paquiao manuel: yes this crap ,,clog my heater I dont have any heat coming out the vents...I screw up ! thats for I have to unclog the whole system...Dont buy this crap !!!

1MPALASS: it's too chunky, will clog the radiator for sure.

Y Fuduoduo: Don't use it. Its just crap. Clogged my cooling system. My car get overheated. Can't even drive it.

Viet Hoang-Tran: Something doesn't make sense about this video explaining fiberlock.

This fiberlock gets mixed into the coolant and flows through the system until it goes into a "leak". The video states that "air in the cooling system passes over the patch" but why would there be air in the cooling system? Aren't cooling system bled of air? How does the fiberlock know to "seal" a leak versus "seal" a thermostat or radiator or coolant jacket?

Ahmed Marouf: I used K&W Fiberlock for my 2006 Kia Spectra, and the result is unbelievable. It stopped the air bubbling COMPELETLY within two days. I highly recommend this product. Thank you K&W to make me safe hundreds of dollars in replacing the gasket.

Edwin Potts: to fight to get my money back and take my radiator out to unclog it

arabiantxn: Read all the reviews read all the review. unfortunately i am not happy , 

arabiantxn: Good luck this product didn't work for me.
Part of the coolant was drained , this product was directly added along with coolant directly to radiator.  K&W FiberLock didn't work for me 
cost (autozone ) $35.99
2003 infiniti G35 v6 3.5 

John Norvaisas: Can i use fiber lock in my 1997 BMW 740il? 

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How to Use K&W FiberLock from CRC to Fix a Coolant Leak 5 out of 5

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How to Use K&W FiberLock from CRC to Fix a Coolant Leak
How to Use K&W FiberLock from CRC to Fix a Coolant Leak
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How to Use K&W FiberLock from CRC to Fix a Coolant Leak