Review Of Bad Repair & Paint Job

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marcus white: Plastic parts and metal never matches

Tony Shelton: I am 62yrs old been with State Farm ever since I can remember ,NEVER been in a wreck NEVER cost State Farm one cent of money Ive paid them over YEARS ...Black lady run a stop sign from my left was in front of me way to fast for me to stop, She crossed approx. 15ft. grassy Median and did not stop until she was in Head On lane almost causing a head on collision ,As a former Paramedic Supervisor I went over to check on her She said>,,"There is NOTHING wrong with me I just cant find me PHONE" She was out of the car bending over and found her Cell Phone under the seat,,she called some teenage boy who came to her car and stuffed something in his pants and quickly left the scene few minutes later she had EMS transporting her to ER, LAW SUIT TRASH … Took State Farm 5 months to get out here to do a claims on my V-8 Jeep Grand Cherokee then they want to DEDUCT $800.00 for deterioration since accident! and Classified my Jeep as Totaled try to get me to settle for $5200.00 STATE FARM DOES NOT TAKE CARE OF ITS INSURED I HAD TO GET A LAWYER STATE FARM "F" FAILED .!!!!!

parxiong98: Picky, picky, picky. They should do quality check on brand new cars at the dealerships. Gaps are bad. Cars will never come out of a collision repair 100% the same. Restoration shop cars are full of body filler. I want to see these guys do body work. Body techs get all the blame. The real ones to blame are the insurance companies.

DEREK BRODERWAY: About 70% of vehicles the gasps are not perfect. So hard to say the shop did it wrong. You are just trying to fix something wrong. Yes some areas do need to be fixed.

Glenn Southard: Give me me a break with that gap gauge. It’s a dodge not a Lexus. I do agree that the paint work is trash.

charlotte quillen: need to have a review board reviewing the suits here...not one mention of the insurance company that contracted the job done with a dirty paint facility and then no cut/buff time,...but as always, a masterful job at passing the buck and make it look like a quality man was paid a quality labor wage and just "lazed" the job...HA!!!...plumbers with just an old truck and carry tool box make much more...the kid that cuts grass makes considerably more....what an all-time racket!!!...if this truck was not painted in a nominal facility, this should be called..."unfinished repair"

John Mika: Paint is obviously flawed but so is the panel beater who worked on it. Not stripping everything and not adjusting panels properly. The bumper bar is a given, always a different colour from factory

Josh Freeman: Who the hell is gana clean all the marker off so the customer can pick up the car?

Trish Johnson: I called Ron this morning on a small issues with my car, I drove to the shop and within a matter of a couple of minutes Ron took car of it for me. This is the second time I went there and walked away a happy customer. I highly recommend the shop.

Nicole Sokil: Help!! I just bought a used 2018 Cadillac and the dealership never told me they repainted the front bumper due to scratches!! I didn’t notice the horrible chop shop work because it was a rainy day!! I’ve now brought it to a auto body repair shop that I’ve used for years ... and they said it was a terrible job ... fish eyes everywhere, the whole front bumper isn’t buffed so it looks mate finish compared to the rest of the car?? Any ideas on what I can do to have this done right... oh and the dealership won’t get back to me !!

ronfreeman2012: A little to picky there guy

Big Worm: Its the insurance fault! Im a painter and labor rate on that is around $52 here. Mechanic is 80 or even 100 some places. The ins companies only give certain amount of time per panel and per dent. But they try to short on fixing the car EVERY WHICH WAY they can. Instead of fixing it 100percent back with oem parts. The whole auto body industry should stand up, its only gonna get worse and soon theyll get guys from mcdonalds to paint your car. I cant make a living hardly as a painter nowdays. Its sad

Hardhitt It: Go get a new car you piece of crap and check it out and by the way you need to get laid

Hardhitt It: He needs to sit his ass down I guarantee you he can’t fix crap


F DA MAN: Dont you think its important to go over what the shop actually did to the car I can see previous damage that you didnt even mention how do you know a lot lizard didn't work on it first. I'm not defending the shop that did this work but as someone who works on cars myself I know that there are tons of situations that could have taken place before and after the shop did what they got paid to do. Often times an insurance company might have the main work done on a car and then send it to the lot lizard to paint the bumper in a parking lot somewhere because it's a few dollars cheaper. You should have at least had a person from the shop that fixed it there to defend themselves. You just seem like pickle heads who have probably never done any of this work theirselves.

sasasas dadadadada: This man is a joke. Where is the contract for this job and how much did he pay for it?
He is a scammer and should not be taken seriously.

He is a fraud.

Jacob Verellen: Sounds like a write off. haha

Efreet17: Caliber Collision shop are the worst!! Beware!!!

John Olsson: I would to see this guy work a car and it better not a freak thing wrong with.. I want him to work on dodge and nissan the two wrost when come to gaps.

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Review of Bad Repair & Paint Job 5 out of 5

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Review of Bad Repair & Paint Job
Review of Bad Repair & Paint Job
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Review of Bad Repair & Paint Job