CERAMIC TINT Vs REGULAR TINT (yuuuge Difference)

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Priyam Patel: I don’t know if anyone noticed this.. the rear ceramic that is 5% had a higher double digit number than the front that is 35% ??

Felipe Carlos: I mean it might be better but u can tell he didn’t put the lamp as close as the other video normal tint. Haha

2pacnasgame: Too bad fresno ca dont have shops cool as you guys

Deepdirty South: Is this ceramic tent reflect the heat or absorb it?

John Anderson: Most of the heat comes into the car through the steel roof of the car.

Hilton Bastick: I called around and seems like none of the interns in my area do ceramic. One even told me he doesn’t do it because it interferes with your cell and radio signals! That was the reason ceramics came about to solve that problem which metal based films had. I have a 2000 BMW 528i (E39) and let me tell you I wish this thing had a UV blocking tint installed before I got it. Every piece of trim in this car snaps and Preakness if you just look at it. If you want to preserve the interior of your car for years to come I’d say tinting with ceramic is a must.

Paul Thomas: But was it brought in from one of your competitors??

C Merk: Thats not a fair comparison to real sunlight. Because thats an infrared lamp and most of all other tints protect from ultraviolet. Thats were ceramic comes in cause it does protect against infrared, but the amount of infrared the sun emits vs. that lamp is not even comparable, the son doesn’t give of as much infrared for it to be that much of an issue.

Darleen Strathdee: Can you recommend a shop who does this tint in So Cal, more specific, the Coachella Valley?

Nightmare Visions: You cheated. You held the heat lamp higher on your ceramic film. :(

Shamiyah adams: How do you know if a place uses ceramic is it more money then the regular tint

Douglas Flinn: Can you get clear ceramic tint for the windshield just for the heat rejection it should offer? I would think the windshield due to it's size and angle would be one of the biggest areas of heat penetration?

Gee Willickers: Seems like you should be holding the light at the same distance, since the fall-off is exponential.

Shane Shahar Mckyton: Question for pro's: Is it possible to tint only the top portion of the front windows (not the windshield)?

I'm very sensitive to the sun (no medical proof though) and it causes me to drive worse. I don't want to tint because it's "bad-ass" or so others won't see me. My only wish is to avoid the sun glare.
Will I be able to get away with a 15-30% light transmission tint if I apply it only to the top 5-6 inches of the driver and front passenger windows?
Can it be done, or will the tint peel after a while, since the windows will be opened and closed?


Mez Martinez: OK, so r u guys only available in Texas?

wrx2hot4u: why are you holding the heat lamp further away for the Ceramic test? not a fair test buddy.

peter c: What are considered the best ceramic tint brands currently?

Nima Alizadeh: Does Ceramic interfere with cellphone reception? radio reception?

Ricky Morty: Lmao yo I’m getting tints on a Elantra too

jasonman1515: I got window tinted on my 05 f350. The place I took it to, I do a lot of business with them. Before tinting my window, it was definitely hot in the truck during the summer time. When I was talking to them about it, they said ceramic tint would help block some of the heat out but not all (which I understand). I did the 35% up front door windows and 5 on back. and a clear on the windshield. having it during the summer, frankly I'm not sure what they put on. Sure doesn't feel like its ceramic because it feels like its even hotter in the truck. I can feel most of the heat coming off of the window. I do have a some what of a dark truck. Its a greyish color on the exterior, and tan on the interior. I touch the headliner thinking most of the heat might be coming from there, but its not burning hot. It might sound like I got screwed. I wish you guys are closer to the DFW area. would like to test to see if I did got screwed or not.

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CERAMIC TINT vs REGULAR TINT (yuuuge difference) 5 out of 5

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CERAMIC TINT vs REGULAR TINT (yuuuge difference)
CERAMIC TINT vs REGULAR TINT (yuuuge difference)
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CERAMIC TINT vs REGULAR TINT (yuuuge difference)