How To Derestrict Your 50cc Moped Boation 4 Stroke

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Christoffer Pritchett: My TaoTao 50cc ATM50-A1 (Speedy) GY6 Short Case is actually a 60cc with a 44mm bore. Most of the Znen come with this engine sometimes called a secret 63. Mine goes 50-60MPH in traffic and 40-45MPH against the wind. It beats most cars off the line coming off a red light...

pitbikeboy98: Anyone know how to de-restrict a pulse phantom 50?

Darrin Bethard: For a qlink Hawk 50 you must take off the seat to find the CDI unit to cut the wire

Gary Johnson: if you drive your scooter at full blast when it is new, you will ruin the engine. If you don't go above 20mph the first 100 miles, the engine will last many years, probably. If you go full blast the first 100 miles, the piston ring is very tight in the bore hole. It will create a lot of friction and heat the borehole til it melts and rubs off, widens the borehole and then your engine is crap. You will lose compression because you freaked your engine, your engine will not have much power, it will die because it cannot maintain compression. Never remove the governor, doing so will ruin your engine. Loss of compression will mean bad gas mileage, also. that is why you also must change the oil after the first 100 miles, because the engine has been running very hot due to the new piston rings and has ground up metal in it, the oil viscosity breaks down. How long your engine lasts will depend on how you break it in. 

Christoffer Pritchett: The only thing that will make these scoots accelerate faster is larger intake larger exhaust and larger piston. You can get smoother acceleration by installing a nice properly gapped spark plug, adjustable carburetor, and brand name battery. In most tests I have seen the CDI and Coil have no effect on performance. They actually just cause the engine to stay at higher RPM during idle. You can do this with the idle set screw on the carb... Being as the final gear, transmission final gear, and wheel size are static; you wont get more speed unless you increase RPM's (which kills engine life) or increase any of the ladders... Getting rid of the stock carb is key to engine life as it makes the engine run lean on fuel and this causes overheating and engine failure. Don't forget to replace all the vacuum, fuel lines, and fuel filter with quality ones and always use Premium fuel. Follow your maintenance schedule for the GY6 engine and it will stay happy ;)

John Cummings: My scooter does not have a pink wire for the CDI

Autotechmechanics: christ almighty, performance cdi, what a lot of nonsense, its a normal cdi with limiter activated which is just the same as cutting the wire as you are breaking the circuit, just because its called "performance" doesnt mean its full of magic fairy dust expertly created by boffins with highly advanced "mapping" software! cut the wire, then remove black lid from top of carb, remove diaphram and slide, inside slide there will be a small philips screw, remove that then remove screw and bracket which will release the needle, look closely at top of needle and you will see 2 or 3 notches with a small circlip fitted on one of them, remove circlip and reattach it down one groove, fit everything back in reverse and test and make sure the bike is running better,

Cora Tyson: Plz someone hit me up on facebook

Cora Tyson: I have a beamer 3 there only let me get up 28 once My gps so how can i get top speed

Alex Knoch: You should order a high performance CDI instead of cutting the wire. If you cut that wire there isn't a limit to the RPMs and you'll wreck your motor. Another thing you can do that doesn't take long is to take the washer out by the front pulley. Doing these can get it to get up to 65mph.

MyMrwrestling: so u just cut the pink wire ? will this be ok to get 50mph?

Jordan Matthews: What does the pink wire do???

John Tunks: i have tried it but i have the spring in the carb what can i do to derestricted my version i have cut the wire and only got 20mph out of it plz help

ronhirsch57: What do you remove from carb. What does it look like. Couldnt hear you on your video. Thanks

Fraser Gray: Is it risky doing this if you are a learner also if you need to put in for a service?

y2klom: how do u put on a 4 stroke carb with a homemade breather? and how do u make a homemade breather?

jamie thayer: how do i make it faster?

Pawel Jakubiec: I have a saga deluxe 49cc I dont have the pink cable what do I do?

John Tunks: I have tried this but on my pulse scout ther was no gold screw on my carb to I cut the pink wire then I only got 20 so I put the pink wire back then I got 25 I have asked pelople and they think it is restricted by the exhaust but it does do 40 downhill and 30 on a long straight road. Please help

OBSESSIVE_MEDIA: see i have a chinese ped .. a powerband superbyke << and i dont have loads of wires nor a pink wire like that ?? i just have 2 wires to the batery and fuse ??

zac gratton: it might do but im not to sure because i havnt out it on , on mine

jamess hickling: will it then return back to been restricted beacuse i dont really want to void my warrenty

goodester2: i cut the pink wire now my pulse scout won't even do 20mph

OLIVER TOWERS: 45km/h ? Or 45 miles per hour?

Calvin Cunningham: I dont have a prink wire ?

vorkev1: yes it will and its actuly better to buy a cheap racing cdi on ebay for $8 as it will give better performance and is safer you do have to rember 1 thing when you cut the wire or use a racing cdi you are allowing you scooter or bike to run above what the bike is mad to run at however most of the time if you buy a performance cdi that just tweaks the system eather way you can get up to 15mph fater and faster acceleration

jamess hickling: what about a beeline veloce would it work on these ? or anyone know any tips how not to void your warrenty

zac gratton: hey i got mine back and it was the spark plug wire gone on mine and some off the pipes are blocked up so it needs a service

Solomon Cobb: I have been told that you have to grind a little off of that, but i am not sure.

TaastyHD: What speed can you get it up too mate?

robertyounce93: You forgot tha washer on your front pullie that keeps it from closeing more for faster speed. And I put a 4 stroke carb with a homemade breather. Befor it was going 45mph now it goes 60mph and I haven't derestrickd nothing yet

Elraiser96: out of a 4 stroke 50cc? freak mate, not too many 2 stroke 50's can do that

mrHighLifex: i have a problem with mine it wont start and when it starts it start for like 2 seconds then it dies can you help me? btw great video :)

Jhanzeeb Gul: hi what did u do at the start of the video where you done someting with the wires on the battery ?

OLIVER TOWERS: Ok thanks and do you know how to do it for a Skyteam 50cc road bike?

Neko: if you were wondering, pink wire is the rpm limiter applied on the cdi when the clutch reaches certain rpm(6 or 7k) it will cut out the spark, that just removes that limiter. the screw in carb just limits the fuel flow a little.

Nathan Bennett: I have the pulse scout 49 all black...I only got 30mph at a push with all my restricters on. I'm 16 so as you can imagine I wanted speed! So one day I pulled the pink wire out (not cut because that's dangerous) and I've up 4g rollers and a racing drive belt on it and it now does 46mph flat and over 50mph downhill. The next thin to do is derestrict the exhaust by changing it for a performance exhaust and then the next thing to do is to upgrade the throttle and fit a 72cc big bore kit

John Tunks: how did you manage to do your moped ive got the same sort as you with the spring in the carb how do you derestricted your moped thank you

zac gratton: mine does that aswell it might be the starter motor on it but mine is in the garage atm so i will let you know when i get it back and then you can sort yours out mate :D

TomSmithXD: You don't actually have to cut the pink wire, just knock it out of the thing that holds it with a screwdriver. That way, you can put it back in and make it look unmodified when it needs servicing.

Jordan Matthews: Grafix5 make sure you have tightened the carb on properly! Double check that it's tight and make sure there you haven't missed a screw out off the carb

zac gratton: yh you got to cut the pink wire bud

TaastyHD: okay

jbro DeZrT MaGmA: Nathan bennit putting 70 bore kit will void your insurance

William Walters: My scooter looks just like that about. It is a chinese longbow and I have it jetted as well as a aftermarket air filter and the exhaust bored out. Right now with those things done it can go about 40 sometimes. So how fast will this make it be able to go about 70 maybe? If so that seems a little crazy and could make my scooter just want to do a pop wheeley if I give it too much gas. Also will this make the gas mileage go down even more?

BradStewart1996: is that a scout 49? i have that bike hahaahha its crap

Tomi Ruhno: guys just buy racing cdi. Its 100% better!

CONNER3497: I have the same model you can check out my review on my channel there really good Chinese bikes if looked after!

OBSESSIVE_MEDIA: what if you buy a racing cdi ecu ?? would that get rid of the restricter :)

celuler22: by your gas tank

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how to derestrict your 50cc moped boation 4 stroke
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how to derestrict your 50cc moped boation 4 stroke