CZ 527 17 Hornady Hornet Review

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James Autry: Hey Southern Lancaster Farmer Sportsman Range, I shoot there all the time

kubotamaniac: I have one of those CZ, in .17 Hornet, and with the 25 grains bullets, no wind, I can shoot .45 Auto cases EVERYTIME at 100 yards!!! I own several guns, and reload for around 30 calibers, and nothing comes close to that CZ... Very fun to shoot!

ZZstaff: This rifle is outstanding, mine is able to shoot a 5 shot group and each bullet tough each other, a very tight group. At 100 yards.

shooter88: I thought this was going to be a review, good shooting but was hoping for some info/opinion on the rifle and calibre

tony bird: What are your thoughts on the .17 Remington round in comparison?

Bunnyshooter 223: I've been wanting a CZ 527 Lux or Carbine in .223 for a short while now. Both come with iron sights

I like the idea of a smaller-caliber bullet traveling a bit over 3,000 fps.

--What I am saying is that a 150gr .308 at 2800 fps was not so fun to shoot with all its recoil & price.
--A 55gr .223 at 3050 fps would do most of my work with much less recoil, less cost, & more speed (great for TNT's & pasti-tipped varmint bullets)

I'll be hunting more varmints than anything, & could care less whether I bagged a big buck or a small deer

The .17 Hornet looks like an interesting alternative, but the .223 would be perfect for me. Of all the .17's, I admire the .17HMR (I love .22WMR) & the .17 Hornet :)

miloraca: i hope Tikka start chambering for this new Cal

leboucdetrambly: Good video.  Treat yourself to some good hand cream though.  

Kronnkk: thnx for making the vid

Strutingeagle: I swear the title said review

1987HTR: As a fellow 527 owner (.223 LUX), I have to know...Early in the video It looks as if you were having issues feeding from the magazine...By the end you were single loading directly to the chamber which tells me you gave up fighting with it. Am I right? In any case...happy and safe shooting!

Ethan Saubier: I have shot the .17 WSM this year while at the SHOT show and think it is a neat cartridge. It will not stack up against the .17 Hornet. It will be a fun rimfire, very powerful but it has a number of limitations. I also predict that it will not even closely challenge the .17 HMR for popularity.

Ethan Saubier: I do handload and will be doing so for this gun. I have been shooting a CZ 527 chambered for .17 Ackley Hornet for a number of years and while it is a very similar cartridge, I had to form cases from 22 Hornet. Forming the cases from 22 Hornet to .17 Ack Hornet, the cases would still last quite a number of firings if they survive the first firing during the case forming process. The .17 Ackley Hornet has had quite a following for many years. do a web search for saubier and small caliber

MadMax9to40: What kind of groups are you getting (average and best) with your American (factory and handloads)? If you handload, how many loads does the average casing last? Thank you much in advance for your answers. I'm not able to find this particular info online at the moment. You're kind of the only subject matter expert at the present time!

Ethan Saubier: I have the American, rather than the varmint model and it shoots as well as I would hope for regardless of barrel weight. I also do not think that any additional velocity would make a difference. With the .17 Hornet cartridge, you are burning so little powder that heating up the barrel is a non-issue even when shooting high volume, like in a prairie dog town. I prefer the American over the Varmint for this cartridge.

Oldfart2225: Thanks for that Ethan. Like SPRINTGTO I'm waiting for them to turn up in Oz. I've always found CZs can do no wrong, but it'll be interesting to see how the 17 Hornet stacks up against the new Super Mag Rimfire for reaching out to distant small game.

MadMax9to40: Mr. Saubier, I'm hoping you can provide me some insight. I definitely want a .17 Hornet rifle. I've narrowed it down to the CZ 527 American or Varmint. Not sure which one to get. I like the light weight of the American, but I like the added accuracy and velocity of the Varmint. Will the American shoot just as well as the Varmint? Is the extra weight of the Varmint worth the added barrel rigidity and projectile speed? If you had the choice, which would you get? And why?

SPRINTGTO: Nice shooting,I am in Australia & ordered a CZ527 17Hornet Varmint (Mod 03066) in mid June 2012 when I first heard CZ were producing a 17 Hornet .Expected release for these rifles in Australia September 2013 &.I have been extremely patient whilst awaiting delivery The American model looks nice. What type of rest was that used in the video?? Rifle certainly shoots good groups but I would be adjusting scope to put all shots in centre bull(or threabouts)

Ethan Saubier: Common Place by John Russell band, and it is a terrific rifle.

Ethan Saubier: the music is common place by John Russell band and I came across it on a royalty free website.

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CZ 527 17 Hornady Hornet review 5 out of 5

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CZ 527 17 Hornady Hornet review