Home Made Turbo On Stock Vw Beetle 1600 AD Check Www.turboroadster.com

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mario javier gonzales cordova: que mala calidad del video y la produccion

Sphink Turd: That camera action seems to be done by an epileptic Ethiopian who has not ate for days. Good luck Shaky the Clown.

MrGarcon98: your camera is out of focus bad. good luck with the project

Neal Estep: Is your turbo air cooled or water cooled

Miklós Juhász: Compressio ratio and max psi?

wemikirt: Max turbo psi "bar" ??

larsen007: I have a stock 1600 AD with turbo. its not as "pro" setup that you have, more of the budget kind. Its has KKK turbo from an old Vw Passat TDI , pressure tube is the cooling from a Volvo 240. Stock carb with some sica suca gum glue crap so the pressure stays inside.stock. Did you get that 100hp mark?

Brenden Farr: nice set up, looks like you recorded it with a toaster tho

hondarider4787: What carbuator are you using?

jauh25: or maybe Bob Marley vs Funkstar deluxe - Sun is Shining

jauh25: ATB - I'm A Rainbow Too

webknugen: I spent about 35.000 USD on everything, included the car you will find in the turboroadster site. Just my oil lines costs 3300 USD ;-)

webknugen: I have seen a magician... 214hp on a 1641 nonturbo engine. Cant find the documentation just now, it was in a Norwegian vw forum in 2011. (vwnorge.no)

webknugen: Thanks. I use the cb performance digital dizzy with programmable timing table and internal mapsensor. It has 4 programs, the one i use is set up for 10psi. Had problems with lean mixture on WOT, but i changed to smaller chokes to get higher airspeed/vacum. (Didnt get enough with jetting)

webknugen: Check out the latest engine upgrades and the car its gone into ;-) Link is in the video description

rami dawood: JEZUZ 50hp, my lawn mower is 50 hp

TurboABA1955Bug: I also have run carburetors in both draw through and blow through configuration.draw through is the better and it has no issues washing the compressor wheel and you can run a standard Carb.stay around 8-10 psi max to stay safe.good luck

TurboABA1955Bug: Whoever posted the 11.50 with a 1641cc must be a magician. It would take 250 hp in a gutted shell w slicks and a built trans to run that.a 1641 is maybe 150hp boosted 15psi and would run 13.60 or so.. atleast on this video the guy actually has an idea and a realistic goal.I have an engine dyno and a shop with a chassis dyno.100-125 is pretty decent power and watch compression ratio vs timing advance and boost pressure. There's a distributor that came on mid 70s beetle with vacuum retard/advance

DYNO323: That is great!! I have a 1996 bug I want to turbo charge, ohw much did you spend in parts?

Home made Turbo on stock vw beetle 1600 AD check www.turboroadster.com 5 out of 5

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Vw 1600 Stock + Turbo (Dyna:85Whp@7psi)
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1969 VW Beetle 1600 Turbo - DRLA Blow Through
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Home made Turbo on stock vw beetle 1600 AD check www.turboroadster.com