42 Things Wrong With Diabolik Lovers

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Paityn Walker: All of it is so ture

amber martin: wow our stupidity your the won WHO is talking shut about something you don't like just shut up an go away

Lavinia D: And theses were just the first 6 episodes :))) I wonder why Yui didn't try to ... you know... run away during daytime they they were all trapped in the mansion because of the sun?

L lawliet: Holy crap of swearing!!! U sound like your at least my age!!! (12)

blmffn: HAHAHAAAAAAA! i love this anime show....

Makoto すにかとな: I couldn't stop laughing about everything's said about kanato! A Lot of people think he is the most fuked up vampire they have seen! But he is my favourite vampire ever! And trust me I would NOT I repeat NOT run/scream if he tried to bite me! I would just stand there, like yui did, and do nothing! Huh, I guess yui WANTED Kanato to bite her... And I srsly don't get why yui didn't like KICK SHU IN DA NUTS when he tried to bite her I mean srsly how dumb is she......But i still luv the anime.....

AnimeAddict Ngo: Laugh if you want but that is just how anime goes! I am not mad or any thing but that is just how this anime goes. I happens so that this girl probably wants to stay because it might change! If she left where would she go? Didn't they say that they would kill her if she ran away? She is scared to kill someone! It is reverse harem. I am not serious. She is religious? Btw I am not stupid just that I really love reverse harem so I don't mind watching this! Lol you just keep saying negative things about this anime. So yah. Lol???

cupcakewilleatu: Wait... there are only 42 things wrong with this anime?!

paulina ruiz: Hahahaha still a good sho tho

Genevieve Annie: At least it's a better love story than Twilight.

Runedrace: i think that anime is saying that blonds are dumb lol

Teddybeddybye: At least Yui isn't as brainless as the protag in Amnesia, right? :D

MrsCutieeCake: For the first; She is really scared to run away because she is totally aware that the vampires will kill her and for the second, if she struggles or scream, she would die anyway, the third, of course, you are saying she is stupid, what the heck would have you been doing in HER situation? To be honest, I would panic, I think you guys wouldn't have a chance against six sadistic vampires owo" Yes yes, the youngest gives you a knife to kill the vampire who tries to bite her. She can't, she is scared, yeez o.o"

Hḗra Rose: Haha that was so funny I laugh so much You are totally right she should have escaped I mean she was afraid that a vampire will die from that hight!Really backa Yui! And to make things better the knife that she got to protect herself from vampires used on herself !Did she really think that will kill the vampire in her ? But i love this Anime I don't know why does it attract me so much!

Jason Carmine: This reminds me of ouran high. The bear holding on eis the boy loloita/Honey.

66DoodleGal: When A Black Person Sees A Scary House:.......freak that crap *gets as far away from the house as possible* When A White Person Sees A Scary House: WHOA THAT PLACE LOOKS CREEPY, LETS GO CHECK IT OUT!

ladymewmew2011: as a fan of diabolik lovers i can think of more things 1. why didnt yui escape though the widows? 2.why the hell was Richter trying to bring Cordelia back from the dead? i mean the bitch never loved him or anybody for that matter 3.if Richter wanted to be head of the family why didnt Richter just kill Karlheinz? 4.how did Richter manage the to fit an adult heart inside a tiny baby girl's body?

Anna Lin: I only saw episode one, the moment she walked in the house when the door opened on its own i was done.

RozalaR: Funny how the crazy laugh guy is by the same voiceactor as Rei Ryugazaki.

Jenn' Dalmau: AHAHAHAHAHA I died gurl, your crazy!! So true :P

HummingBird: 39. i totally agree with you xDDD she's soo stupid, she piss me off :/ he gives her the knife but she didn't kill anyone one O.o Why ? Cause she is an IDIOT >< they should suck her blood to death *-* 

Sara Muller: "I'm sure it's also necessary for this particular vampire to be creepy as freak and possess a bear at all times." - I could not hold in my burst laughter.

Apple Chan: Kanato <3 :3

Vega and Altaire: the entire time i was just laughing my ass off, mentally screaming: "holy crap, i know right!"

Scociopathic Bunni: 4:23 - 4:33 lmfao I couldn't stop laughing after watching this xD You're sooooo freaking awesome!~ I love this anime and I thought this was gonna change my mind on that but nope x3 it just makes me wanna make fun of Yui even more

Kenny jake: Laugh mercilously at my stuupidity

Wednesday Valentine: This seems so awful. I need to watch it. 

Lilly Lulla: I agree with all of these >_< Well, I loved the graphics, dark atmosphere and beautiful vampires, but seriously, why is she so stupid. She got lots ofchances to get the freak out but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHE WILL freakING STAY, IT ISN'T LIKE SHE'S A VICTIM OF THIRSTY VAMPIRES WHO SUCK HER BLOOD EVERYDAY.

Michael J. Caboose: Please review Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It's AMAZING! ('ll admit it has some flaws but they're not huge gaping plot holes like for example SAO.)

SimpLeKadd ♡: Shu is my fav character because he never gave any freaks and Yui. And the fact that he was so adorable as a kid. and Azusa from the second version of it. (Mukami family verison)

Drakkoniac Dransen: I think little miss protagonist likes crazy-mc-purple haired vamp.

Trainer Crimson: I'm gonna make a Chris Brown joke here, no matter how abusive they were to her she still stays with them and just takes it and it's sad that some girls in real life would do the same.

beverley ngala: this is so freakin true!!!

Anchy Ivkaa: I loved the anime, but I laughed so hard while watching it. Still, if Yui wasn't stupid and left after Subaru-kun told her, the anime wouldn't have been so long.

Hensley Wolf: 42 things wrong with

Mary Kamui: shu never gives any freaks xD

Melia Cuenca: This was great :) thank you!

Takara Alleyne: This needs a second part since this was like only half of the series. That's a problem for the series tho

Gabriela Adams: What part of satire and comedy does some people dont understan?... I love your videos !!! Really funny :*

GreeneyedLea^.~: I laughed so hard! XD

Tia Moore: I just love you! :D Laughed so hard! This is so true!

TheRosea9: that was funny. lol i was thinking all those things when i watched it. lol

MsAbixxx: I just want to say that when an otome game to anime adaptation is done good, it's done REALLY good. Such as my own personal opinion Hakuouki, filled with good characters (Especially the guys), good designs, good setting for the story and I actually liked the main heroine Chizuru. I liked the guys too as they have likeable personalities and have cute moments and they are all very different to each other. The guys in Diabolik Wifebeaters however are just one giant blob of abuse >:( 

XxSweet LovexX: So true :))) <3

Kristina Hutchins: LOL!!!!! I LOL SO HARD

Giavana Migliaccio: Where can I watch this? 

HardcoreMoe Otaku: lol such a "smart" girl

lizzie ward: lol so funny

Len- Chan: So the girl just wanted the D...?

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42 Things Wrong with Diabolik Lovers 4.9 out of 5

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42 Things Wrong with Diabolik Lovers
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42 Things Wrong with Diabolik Lovers