42 Things Wrong With Diabolik Lovers

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RozalaR: Funny how the crazy laugh guy is by the same voiceactor as Rei Ryugazaki.

HummingBird: 39. i totally agree with you xDDD she's soo stupid, she piss me off :/ he gives her the knife but she didn't kill anyone one O.o Why ? Cause she is an IDIOT >< they should suck her blood to death *-* 

AshXXMayftw: This is almost as worse as Twilight.

AnimeAddict Ngo: Laugh if you want but that is just how anime goes! I am not mad or any thing but that is just how this anime goes. I happens so that this girl probably wants to stay because it might change! If she left where would she go? Didn't they say that they would kill her if she ran away? She is scared to kill someone! It is reverse harem. I am not serious. She is religious? Btw I am not stupid just that I really love reverse harem so I don't mind watching this! Lol you just keep saying negative things about this anime. So yah. Lol???

Bell Chan: The last one so got to me, laughed for 15 minutes straight.

Apple Chan: Kanato <3 :3

Trainer Crimson: I'm gonna make a Chris Brown joke here, no matter how abusive they were to her she still stays with them and just takes it and it's sad that some girls in real life would do the same.

Lavinia D: And theses were just the first 6 episodes :))) I wonder why Yui didn't try to ... you know... run away during daytime they they were all trapped in the mansion because of the sun?

LadyStella99: It is a bit like a poor imitation of vampire knight :/

Melissa Dawson: OMG youre amazing <3 i totally agree with these but i still love diabolik lovers so much XD

Maria Cadenzavna: Yui is such an idiot

ProdigyAngel: +grfgtbhh34 I watched this anime and spent most of the time yelling at the main girl to "RUN YOU STUPID GIRL!!!!" That being said the plot is infuriating, but the voice actors are good and the art is good. So "is it crap" is subjective...What do you look for in an anime? 

Gaudrė Lešciukaitytė: I relized one thing: in every f*cking episode someone just has to drink Yui's blood.

Genevieve Annie: At least it's a better love story than Twilight.

Jason Carmine: This reminds me of ouran high. The bear holding on eis the boy loloita/Honey.

LadyJoeRed: I got one reason... why she doesn't run away or something... because the guys are hot! xD

Hinata Hyuga: a VAMPIRE is THIRSTY and you get him coffee?!! ...stupid...

ladymewmew2011: as a fan of diabolik lovers i can think of more things 1. why didnt yui escape though the widows? 2.why the hell was Richter trying to bring Cordelia back from the dead? i mean the bitch never loved him or anybody for that matter 3.if Richter wanted to be head of the family why didnt Richter just kill Karlheinz? 4.how did Richter manage the to fit an adult heart inside a tiny baby girl's body?

MsAbixxx: I just want to say that when an otome game to anime adaptation is done good, it's done REALLY good. Such as my own personal opinion Hakuouki, filled with good characters (Especially the guys), good designs, good setting for the story and I actually liked the main heroine Chizuru. I liked the guys too as they have likeable personalities and have cute moments and they are all very different to each other. The guys in Diabolik Wifebeaters however are just one giant blob of abuse >:( 

Teddybeddybye: At least Yui isn't as brainless as the protag in Amnesia, right? :D

MrsCutieeCake: For the first; She is really scared to run away because she is totally aware that the vampires will kill her and for the second, if she struggles or scream, she would die anyway, the third, of course, you are saying she is stupid, what the heck would have you been doing in HER situation? To be honest, I would panic, I think you guys wouldn't have a chance against six sadistic vampires owo" Yes yes, the youngest gives you a knife to kill the vampire who tries to bite her. She can't, she is scared, yeez o.o"

Glitch: 4:22 what episode is that?

Appleblue: Night classes are the bomb, watch Vampire Knight :)

Abby V: I would have offered Kanato her blood if he was thirsty. She has heard her blood was sweet by that point right? 

Scarlet Joh: Offering a vampire coffee - that's new.

Mie Stausholm: I agree. This anime has a rather stupid heroine

66DoodleGal: When A Black Person Sees A Scary House:.......freak that crap *gets as far away from the house as possible* When A White Person Sees A Scary House: WHOA THAT PLACE LOOKS CREEPY, LETS GO CHECK IT OUT!

Hitman_Rules: JUST RUN -____- God Damming Protagonists and there Anime Chicks NOT RUNNING FOR THE HILLS

paulina ruiz: Hahahaha still a good sho tho

Jasamkhp: This is like a sin video

Silentwolf10uk: is there a dubbed version of the anime ive only watched the english subbed version

Dakota T: Can you do outran highschool host club or vampire knight it would be hilarious

Wolvesofbeyond Aj: either hes a idiot or gives no f**** anymore XD

Kenshin Himura: 😂😂👏👏 had me laughing the whole time.

Jasamkhp: Haha!

xmugiwarax: lol this was so funny

Megs Ando: omg that was awesome

CrystalRubyMoon: *deep sigh* So ditsy heroines are taking over eh? =w=; but day laugh tho XD He's a freaking seal!

ZeldaHeart♥: The main character is a fcking moron. Omg she was annoying throughout the whole series. 

ionasaur: 42 things wrong with Kurocrapsuji 2?

UndeadAdel: Everything is wrong with this anime.

PrehistoricBiiirds?: Haha, I only ever played the games since I don't really like anime, but I'm seeing that they basically just connected every route together, so this just becomes an orgy of meaningless sucking (in every meaning of the word). But even in the games Yui is a pretty freaking dumb bitch.

Alexis Fountain: OMGOSH that is what i was sayingnthe entire show.. but i still lve it XDDDDDD

victoria rocha: Make another one

Luka Megurine: I don't know, it's more of a fan-service thing. Little Shu is cute, so very, very cute.

GUNDAMLOCKON: It really surprises me that I like this show as much as I do, I think I like it because I view it mostly in a horror vibe with just a pinch of Stockholm syndrome fueled romance. Its essentially an anti twilight, that knows fully well how screwed up things are and doesn't try to justify anything. As much as I laughed at your complaints with the series, (and I know your not being too serious) the reality is that Yui was seriously screwed the moment she walked in the door. She couldn't run, she couldn't hide and she sure as hell couldn't fight back. Really the only thing that saved her from getting killed was the fact that she tastes like chicken and that she wasn't putting up much resistance. Sad as it is to say, if she started screaming and kicking em in the balls all the time they might find her more trouble then its worth and put her in the corpse doll collection. Plus sense these guys a freaking vampires I would think kicking one in the dong would be like kicking a solid steel signpost, also it would only serve to piss them off and shorten life expectancy's. 

justine4791: Yui is a masochist. Thats all!!

OminousBlackNeko13: I just have that this anime was, a little less than a disaster, it barely stuck to the story line, if made me feel ashamed to be a female, the female protagonist is just annoying and I have nothing that I can relate to her with. The number one thing you are supposed to do when creating a character is make sure they are relate-able and therefore likable, but she was literally the stereotypical female that we all make fun of when we are over exaggerating shoujo. The reason I wanted to watch it at first was because of the art, the second was the voice actors, but the story line completely reduced all value this anime had previously, making it nearly unbearable. Anyways, I'm really sorry to everyone who liked it, I'm usually not so 'hateful', I'm just upset that this anime (holding so much potential) was such a let down as well as offensive, I'm sorry. 

Edward Natsu: I laughed so hard XD XD XD 

42 Things Wrong with Diabolik Lovers 4.8 out of 5

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42 Things Wrong with Diabolik Lovers
42 Things Wrong with Diabolik Lovers
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42 Things Wrong with Diabolik Lovers