Opinel No9 Ultra Slim Modification

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keifer225948: Nice!!

Jean-Pierre Vazquez: This is a beautiful creation, really amazing

Houda Err: que 'les le prix

[heat-mojo]: not a bad modification at all. i would have personally gone with more of a straighter sheepsfoot, but hey im not the maker

one question though, how well are the brass handles lasting? i dont own a brass handled knife like a higonokami or anything, but it seems like one good squeeze or bend can mess up the brass, especially on hardware store brass

will d: what a great idea, the simple things in life are often the best.

Gray Au: still no real locking mechanism that's pretty freaking sketchy

slim salha: nice job mate

MyMetalWoody: Cool vid and great idea. I did pretty much the same thing except I left one side of the brass about an inch longer, hammered a little u-shape into it, and bent it back and it makes a great pocket clip for it.

Howard Moore: the one on the left can be purchased at Garrett Wade 29.95

captainkid1: good mod, I was thinking of doing something similar since I find the opinels way to thick and a dou-douk like handle would be perfect for it.

flacteMnaD: @Henry Chilton. How did I break the handle? I was doing some detail work on the handle that required it's removal. When removing the blade pivot pin from the handle it jammed in the wood of the handle and I couldn't get it to move either in or out. Eventually, while working on this pin removal the handle cracked. I agree, that Opinel handles are very reliable when you don't mistreat them.

Henry Chilton: First of all great work, and a very resourceful fix to a broken handle. I just have to ask...how did you great the handle? I only ask because i have around 15 opinels(ranges from age and size) and i have broken one blade, but never a handle

flacteMnaD: The blade on the left is a Japanese Higonokami knife. It's made of sandwiched/layered steel. Originally designed as a carpenter's utility blade, and has been in production without change for over 100 years. They're easy to find on eBay. It was the inspiration for the Opinel modification.

Warbeast911: the left one is very nice also selfmade?

Joe T. Baggerly: Very impressed with your original idea to take a broken knife and make something useful out of it. Great presentation as well. Thanks!

8steve88: That's one of the attractions of Opinels, they are so cheap and simple they almost beg to be modified. I have a couple with broken or useless handles where I've been "improving them" :) I just see the broken ones as future projects. I'll have to give this a go as I like the Higonokami style knives. Great video, thanks.

flacteMnaD: I love that Higonokami, Japanese knife and have shaved with it. Nothing better when you want to make clean, smooth cuts on wood. You need Japanese waterstones to perfectly sharpen and show layers. I sharpen my Higonokami to 3000 grit to bring out the steel layers, then a quick polish on 6000 grit for a cleaner edge, finally a careful few strokes on 3000 again to make the steel layers visually pop. Sharpening on non-waterstones works, but isn't as pretty since you can't see the metal layering.

flacteMnaD: Thank you for the comment. As I understand it the only problem with heating brass to bend it is that you don't end up hardening the brass. Like copper, brass hardens as it is worked, so banging to bend it over helps to give me a slightly harder brass 'handle' for the knife. Ideally I think setting up a jig with a press attached to a thin piece of steel to press the brass into the proper shape would be far better than my hammer method, and would likely be easier and look nicer.

wolfy9005: Easy way to bend the brass is to heat it with a blow torch over a piece of 1/8th steel bar(or the thickness of the blade, or whatever), after a few moments of heating, you could easily push it around the steel. If it goes too far it doesn't really matter since you could simply add a small piece of metal on the rear section to keep it the same width as the front, and then braze it in so it is (more or less) permanent.

Weizenale silver: I have one of those Japanese knives.:) pretty damn sharp

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Opinel No9 Ultra Slim Modification 5 out of 5

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Opinel No9 Ultra Slim Modification