Car Polishing For Beginners: One-step Compounds And Polishes

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Mat c: I don’t want to damage my paint or have swirl marks. I just want to protect my paint and have it shine better. I have a buffer like that. What products/ procedure should I do. It doesn’t have to be the absolute best shine. My fbiggest concern is just not messing up my car

w garcia: Great job. But honestly the average not car loving person will not care about the removal of scratches only seen by flashlights. From a distance they will see the same result.

MrAlbie1970: Most of the time repeat single step tho but for a one timer I d use this in a heartbeat , good vid and ty . Going to harbor freight tomorrow or get a CpL pads for my dewalt orbital sander. I'm sure it will work , it's speed variable up to 10. I used an angle grinder once on an old oxidized truck and it turned out amazing using only the other edge of the wheel , was fast as heck too.

MrAlbie1970: I like one step crap except stain urethane . Most of us don't drive Mercedes and just want the swirl marks out of red black or whatever dark color . I'm doing a red truck

MVPsubie: I just started using a polisher I got the Torque x I used chemical guys VSS scratch and swirl remover all in one and an orange pad on a 2015 Mercedes suv, the paint had some swirls and some hologram. I did prep the paint cleaned it and clay bar, for the most part the parts I polished looks fine there are parts that looks slightly dull and I’m just wondering if I’m doing anything wrong? Do I need to pass through it again or am I pressing too lightly or too hard?

Joey D: is that bracelet OSHA approved..?

Авто Хімчистка Полірування Захист: How To Polish A Car

Eithel Rotschild: Is your wife still seeing you, are you sure? Tell her to wash her stinky bitter odor kitty, if you are still freaking her that is!

Dontrell Bennett: How do you know if you should compound and polish or only polish?

Oathkeeper Rex: Thank you! Im a beginner and your video definitely helped me learn and understand how this works.

md yusof: Thanks man....

Josh Fletcher: Hope your beads don’t get caught and open up your wrist bone or flesh wise

Rdetailing: Great video brother, i just bought that same coast head light, how do u like it. It's advertised to last 13 hrs, with brand new Duracell batteries it only lasted me barely 2hrs😩

rx7dude2006: I use all Griot's products and they have the best multi step compounds(I would use Griot's correcting compound and then their perfecting compound)and will definitely do a better job than just the one step process.I've been detailing for 20 years.Their buffers are great as well.I deal with Yachts as well ranging from $250k up past 5 million.

Dave Cartwright: $$

Av8tr: So after the 1 step, do you wash then seal or wax?

koringn: Have you got a link to the scholl product

One Marical:

X-Man: You consider yourself a professional. You appear to be very skilled, knowledgeable and confident. You make a video intended for beginners and did a good job of explaining what you are using, why and how.
Then as soon as you begin using the buffer we see what appears to be dangling leather strings (for lack of better description), being flailed around by the machine just waiting for that seemingly unlikely, perfect moment to catch in the machine and make an instant ligature around your wrist. That's a very bad visual and that's the best I can say about it. If they ever catch, you won't be able to stop the machine before it bites you good and/or yanks the machine out of you right hand and smacks the car.
Never were loose articles of clothing or jewelry when operating hand held power equipment or machinery unless you are making a video about what NOT to do. I have a nice scare on my left wrist and lucky for me the spinning machine pulled its own plug before it got real serious. Never thought it would be a problem either. Word.

Paul Choy: Hi Darren! Just wanna let you know I've been watching your vids for sometime now. In fact it was your vids which got me interested in detailing as a hobby. I know lotsa folks out there telling you to cut down on the yada-yada and just buff, wash or whatever but there are like one viewer mentioned before, if I'm not mistaken, nuggets of knowledge to be found in your lectures. So more power to you and thanks for sharing!

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Car Polishing for Beginners: one-step compounds and polishes 5 out of 5

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Car Polishing for Beginners: one-step compounds and polishes
Car Polishing for Beginners: one-step compounds and polishes
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Car Polishing for Beginners: one-step compounds and polishes