Key Stuck In Ignition HHR

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christle nwole: Where is the panel located 

PatrickStroup: Hey man this helped a lot thanks for posting it!

Telos954x: Thanks a ton. My mom's key got stuck in her ignition and caused the battery to die from having it stuck over night. went looking around to see how to get the key out and this was one of the first results. Worked perfectly. Saved us a lot of time and trouble.

Melquides Skunduglio: New for Chevy Cobalt, 2009 manual transmission: Mr. Goodwrench has removed this button. The metal bracket for the button remains but the key release button is gone. Release the clutch while the car is in gear to turn the car off. If the car is still there and starts in the morning, drive directly to the GM dealer (don't go to your place of employment), and have your Credit card ready.

Miguel Carrasco: Thank you for posting!! Saved me time and having to leave my car sitting with key in it! Did you have power prior to that?

Austen de Leon: God bless you you saved me a broken key and ignition lock lol.

AstanaxKnight: As of this time, I've had 14,477 views & hopefully helped some. My HHR developed another problem mechanically. A few mechanics told me to get rid of the HHR as soon as I could, that they are nightmares on wheels when it comes to breaking down. I'm now the owner of a Toyota RAV4. That recall for the ignition plus having to get to a dead battery in the back with a non functioning electronic back hatch, and other mechanical problems are what killed the joy of owning an HHR for me.

RWDtech: hahah i remember the cobalts would come in all the time for the lock cylinder being seized. the HHR is basically a cobalt turned into a wagon

Tacoguy777: Thanks a lot for posting this video! It saved a lot of time and frustration for a 2006 HHR.

HarleySturg64: That sure didn't work for me. Pushing that did absolutely nothing. I had to pull the main fuse to shut the car off and disconnect the battery so it wouldn't go dead.

AstanaxKnight: Hello. I had to take it to the shop, since my 2010 Chevy HHR was considered too new to get replacement parts. Plus I would of had to have the dealership program the new key to the PASS anti theft system. They charged me about $620 to replace the ignition lock cylinder and the housing where the anti theft system is. You must have a spare key programmed to the car so the anti theft can be reprogrammed. I didn't have a spare key and was going to be charged $160 more to redo the anti theft system.

AstanaxKnight: The same thing happened to me in this instance. Your ignition switch may have seized up. There is (or was) a recall for the ignition switch seizing up. I had to reconnect the battery and go to my nearest dealership & leave it running for them to fix. Be prepared to have the spare key so they can reconfigure the security feature. Call beforehand to the dealership shop and ask about the recall.

AstanaxKnight: That is what happened in my case. The key was seized in the ignition. Call up your dealership and see if the recall is still in effect to get this fixed for free. I hope you have a spare key to this HHR because they will most likely need that to reset the security system on the HHR! Since I can't post links in comments, Google: "Letter from GM for ignition lock cylinder"

Ursula Harrington: Thanks so much for this video! It has saved me alot of frustration.

AstanaxKnight: I talked to the woman at the dealership, and she said that those Wal Mart made chip keys would never work on the Chevy HHR, that the anti theft would trip and cause the car to not start at all even with the original key. Plus Wal Mart was charging about $45 for a new chip key and the dealership was only charging $36 and would even program it for me. With more talking at the lady at the dealership, she said Chevy is trying to switch over all the keys to what the Chevy Camaro has.

AstanaxKnight: I had power prior to it, but in my case, the ignition seized the key so I couldn't pull the key out. I had to disconnect the battery terminal in front (Which sucks because the battery is in the back and the back door is electronic) the night before this video and pull out the fuel pump relay fuse. I had spent all night scouring Youtube and webpages to find out what the button actually looked or felt like. Then I made this video to help others like me who didn't know what to look or feel for.

jjones76: I tried pushing the plunger on my 2010 HHR and the key still won't turn off. When I reconnect the battery the plunger goes down.

AstanaxKnight: You're welcome! I had spent hours trying to find the button and not able to find it. By the way, until July 2013 (It's in 2013 I know), they have a recall for the key stuck in the ignition for HHRs. I don't know where to go to find it online, since I got it in the mail, but if you haven't heard about it already, take a look!

Rob Burns: Thanks for posting your video. I had the same problem today with my wife's 2010 but her vehicle was running at the time and the spring was collapsed so I had to pull the 15 amp fuse to the fuel pump so it would shut off.

hectorville1: Hey AstanaxKnight, thanks for your upload! I had the same problem and also had to disconnect the fuse to the fuel pump to stop my car's engine. But the plunger didn't work to help me release the key from the ignition... so I'm assuming that i have a similar problem with a seized ignition lock cylinder. From my research on the net i found that it could either be the gear shift or the lock cylinder... i was wondering what you did to fix yours or did you just take it to a shop?

j burr: We needed this video tonight and you came through. Thanks for fighting the good fight buddy!

A Cole: Truly a life saver.

TRACY BROUSSARD: Thank you soooo much, my car ran for 21/2 hrs finally I thought to look on youtube! I now have the problem of the car won't start or do nothing like its locked dwn...???

AstanaxKnight: "We have learned that your 2010 model HHR may develop a binding condition between the ignition lock cylinder and the housing. If this occurs, it may be difficult to turn the ignition key and/or remove it from the ignition. If the vehicle is running, the driver may not be able to turn it off"". I have till May 31, 2014 to call any G.M. dealer to schedule an appointment to have them replace the "Ignition Lock Cylinder" (no charge).

Binyamin the Basketweaver: My friend thank you so much for this video. Saved me a ton of time and frustration. God bless you :)

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Key Stuck In Ignition HHR 4.6 out of 5

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Key Stuck In Ignition HHR