Key Stuck In Ignition HHR

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Jermiane Rodriguez: This actually worked thank you!!!!

Piper Chambers Zuke: This video just saved me. Any idea how big/expensive of a repair this is?... Battery isn't dead, no other problems, key just gets stuck in ignition when I turn the car off...

The Christian Center for Family Research: your wonderful. the panel is right under the steering wheel

Lisa DeShong: Thank you so much for sharing this!! It worked exactly like you said. Car is dead but at least I got the key out.

Danielle .Rambadt: Thank you so much. I watched about 5 of these and this id's the only one that helped.

Collin Gerberding: thank you.
luckily this was able to fix our current situation.
thank you very much.

Jessica Vargas: You're a life saver. I'm pregnant and starving and my keys were stuck in my ignition

hannah stacey: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

yaynative: Worked on my 2010 Chevy Cobalt. Thank you sooooo much!

Avis duff: Thanks a lot

sultan alshehri: Thanks man very helpful

christle nwole: Where is the panel located

Telos954x: Thanks a ton. My mom's key got stuck in her ignition and caused the battery to die from having it stuck over night. went looking around to see how to get the key out and this was one of the first results. Worked perfectly. Saved us a lot of time and trouble.

Melquaides Skunduglio: New for Chevy Cobalt, 2009 manual transmission: Mr. Goodwrench has removed this button. The metal bracket for the button remains but the key release button is gone. Release the clutch while the car is in gear to turn the car off. If the car is still there and starts in the morning, drive directly to the GM dealer (don't go to your place of employment), and have your Credit card ready.

Austen de Leon: God bless you you saved me a broken key and ignition lock lol.

AstanaxKnight: As of this time, I've had 14,477 views & hopefully helped some. My HHR developed another problem mechanically. A few mechanics told me to get rid of the HHR as soon as I could, that they are nightmares on wheels when it comes to breaking down. I'm now the owner of a Toyota RAV4. That recall for the ignition plus having to get to a dead battery in the back with a non functioning electronic back hatch, and other mechanical problems are what killed the joy of owning an HHR for me.

Anna Kaviani: Truly a life saver.

TRACY BROUSSARD: Thank you soooo much, my car ran for 21/2 hrs finally I thought to look on youtube! I now have the problem of the car won't start or do nothing like its locked dwn...???

j burr: We needed this video tonight and you came through. Thanks for fighting the good fight buddy!

Ursula Foster: Thanks so much for this video! It has saved me alot of frustration.

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Key Stuck In Ignition HHR 5 out of 5

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Chevy ,HHR , Key Can Not Be Removed, Stuck On
Chevy ,HHR , Key Can Not Be Removed, Stuck On
Key stuck in ignition in a Chevy HHR.
Key stuck in ignition in a Chevy HHR.
Chevy HHR stuck in park fix
Chevy HHR stuck in park fix
Fix Key stuck on Chevrolet Captiva 2010
Fix Key stuck on Chevrolet Captiva 2010

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Key Stuck In Ignition HHR