Key Stuck In Ignition HHR

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christle nwole: Where is the panel located 

PatrickStroup: Hey man this helped a lot thanks for posting it!

Telos954x: Thanks a ton. My mom's key got stuck in her ignition and caused the battery to die from having it stuck over night. went looking around to see how to get the key out and this was one of the first results. Worked perfectly. Saved us a lot of time and trouble.

Melquides Skunduglio: New for Chevy Cobalt, 2009 manual transmission: Mr. Goodwrench has removed this button. The metal bracket for the button remains but the key release button is gone. Release the clutch while the car is in gear to turn the car off. If the car is still there and starts in the morning, drive directly to the GM dealer (don't go to your place of employment), and have your Credit card ready.
Key Stuck In Ignition HHR 4.6 out of 5

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Key Stuck In Ignition HHR