DIY 3M Custom Image Kit - Ghost, Matte, Etched, Paint Finish Effect Graphic On Car Or Bike

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IndustrialCOMMIE: So stencil tape to your car sand it???

Alec Fleming: I don't like this idea... Not on paint... Maybe raw metals but clear coats? Unless its got a cool directional mark any markings in the clear coat is a no no because it'll grab dirt etc in the flawed area... Have to have like a good reason for it... I can see the product compromises the clear coats longevity.

Gothic'z House Of Kustom'z: so basicaly, a masking with and image cut thru, and a scotch bright scuff, get it all at Walmart, go figure

benjamin massie: O M M F G ! W T M F !!

Jeremy Newman: The only worthwhile part it the image film. Prolly can't buy it on its own. Stick with frisket and tape.

Tsukasa Knoell: r u fukin kidding me with that? ??? did I miss something what the f*** do I need to buy that product for look like she just made it template at something scratch the clear now as it did I miss something there

Arutyun Agayan: that's just dumb waste of money no reason for it at all you got to buy more sand paper then needed. but what ever lets move on sorry 3M no disrespect love your sand papers ...

RDE Lutherie: That is not an image, just a silhouette.

Outlaw Pawley: Ya now you gotta do the hole car! I wonder if they have a kit for that...

X: ugh the know it all behind the camera ruined it.

DesiredHeadshot: Who would do this crap? it looks dumb to me

OneNine 7Eight: Kit cost $24.99 and only takes "1%" out of the clear coat......... But wait there's more Now you can remove the image ( ya know the one you just sanded into your clear coat) and most other scratches you might have with this other kit they have for only.....$29.00 I love how gullible most American consumers are.

wfd805: I thought what the guy meant was after the 15 years he said it would be there, you would have uneven paint fade under the detail as the paint would not have the same UV affected result. I don't know what UV blocking if any would be achieved by the matted area. But, after 15 years, you either won't have the vehicle anymore, it will need new paint anyway or the style will appeal to a potential buyer. Like etched windows.

HoodStar: THiS is SO STUPID!

quitblazing: who the freak would do this to their car?

TheCaddy84: Naaa a couple more widths of tape and a spray can of matte or flat clear and you got the same result without cutting into the surface of your clear and its removable to. I guess Im just the guy that dosent like gritting my paint I would rather dust it with clear or vinyl sticker if I was EVER going to do anything like that.

paddeemon: The video says this removes 1% of the clear coat material. But Removing .2 mils of a 2 mil clear coat is 10%, not 1% of the total clear coat.

Car Addict Garage: @PDubsP I guess that is what he was saying. We tired this on a car we just pulled out of the paint booth to see what it would look like. It looked good and we buffed it out without a problem.

Patrick Wilson: Sounds like he was saying the image would be visible after a period of time even if you buffed it out. Doesn't make any sense though. If it's properly buffed out then you've cut past the image and there's no way it would still show up.....

Car Addict Garage: @MXMSKustomShop - REMEMBER, This is 3000 grit. It does not look like sand scratches. It looks like it etches the metal to me. We did some experimenting with this and I think it is pretty cool. Try it on something you are getting ready to buff to see what it looks like. We did some flame tips and it looked really cool. We also did some stripes.

DIY 3M Custom Image Kit - Ghost, Matte, Etched, Paint Finish Effect Graphic on Car or Bike 5 out of 5

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DIY 3M Custom Image Kit - Ghost, Matte, Etched, Paint Finish Effect Graphic on Car or Bike