How To Adjust And Align Headlights And Foglights

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Mikel Wheeler: You really need to remove this video. Even standard halogen bulb adjustment instructions are wrong.

Mal P: hids need projector units to function correctly... this is due to the way hids project the light.. without the projector units the hid work not even 20% of there true efficiency if that... seriously put projectors in & you'll never go back & you get the true flat cut off point along the top

Alvin: I would rather watch FRED FLINSTONE install hids on his wooden car than watch this

Bill Schuster: go LED & NEVER go back !!

Michael Eisenbise: Did not find this video helpful.

bakani baleni: why do you make a video if you can show the viewers what you are doing ? Never make a video again because you are poor at it..

T aro: George michael on the radio?

Cheryl Jakupovic: Need to know what screw's to adjust to bring the light up?

John Brodie: Please stop blinding me on the roads, get a real retrofit kit,  you slob.

Slickums: thank you for "not" making any more videos sir. You are a mountain of misinformation.

Mike Swenson: your instructions are: 'muffled', incoherent, not specific/detailed enough; picture quality blurry, out-of-focus, shakey.

David Frayer: There are special alignment tools that "real" mechanics use for this not walls, this kid has no clue of what he's doing. GO TO A SHOP AND DO IT RIGHT! STOP BLINDING PEOPLE!

MrTelboy1962: How close to the wall is close, I've been searching all day practically for the idiots guide to adjusting headlamps (yes I know my tesing station can do it cheap and correct but I would like to understand the process) EVERY thing i've looked at on the intener leaves of vital pieces of informastion.  What height should the beams be, how far from the wall should the vehicle be initially sited, what, if any, should the difference be between the makes that you first make and where the beams settle after moving the vehicle.  Could someone please, please, please post a simple explaination.

Many thanks

suckafish4x4: NEVER EVER EVER stick HID in a standard reflector headlight.  You need projectors for those.  Now you are one of the morons that are blinding every one when your lights are on.

almost good on the explanation of how to aim.  you are missing the center lines and width.

(delete your misinforming video and save some lives)

BadBoyChevy7: What's the height of the pieces of tape from the ground of both pairs

papu papu: u r one cool guy man only all people think like. good job

john appleseed: Worst video I've ever seen. Save your time and don't make any more help vids. You suck at it large.

charli9111: Can I ask, How close was your car to the wall when you made those tape marks and how far away were you when you adjusted the beams?

mipetateagusto: Can u give me helpful tips 2006 Toyota prius, please

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How to adjust and align headlights and foglights 5 out of 5

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How to adjust and align headlights and foglights