Vapor Lady Lounge Kanger EVod, Protank, MT3, Cleaning And Burning The Atomizer For Better Vaping

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WookieeMonster: Spanks for the info!

Deonna Cruz: THANK YOU!! SO MUCH!!!

Sekonda Huet: Thanks for this video! Literally took me step by step through cleaning and maintaining my vape and was very informative and simple. 

Joao Indiani: Works perfect here, thanks a lot.

Billy Buggington: Great video, thanks a lot!

James Doakes: Wonder if you could help me. I just recently switched to the same ecig that you are using. I was using mistic refill cartridges before. But anyway, liquid keeps leaking into my atomizer and I don't know why. I top up the e liquid (without over filling it) and within like 20 drags I already have gargling. Then I look at it and the liquid is half gone. It helps when I take apart the atomizer and blow it out but its only a temporary fix. I already had to go back to my local e cig store once because when I bought it a couple days ago, the wick was bad in it so the guy replaced my atomizer free of charge.But this new one is leaking. My first guess was maybe somehow the liquid is getting past the rubber gasket but the entire thing is brand new so I don't know. It's pretty frustrating to keep having to take it apart and blow it out. especially when it leaks while I'm out running errands.Could you give me your thoughts on why or how it might be leaking? I like it and I don't wanna get a new one if I don't have to...

Leland Hendrix: Great job on the video, and for taking the time to get a decent close up of all the related parts. This will help many people both understand how these vaporizers work, as well as extend their life.

ILLEST_COREY: proper dry burn tutorial. thank you so much!

Sarah S.: Do you always have to let it dry after your clean it or can you do a burn off and vape off of it right away? I'm thinking about cleaned it and blow drying it after just in case. 

Helen H: Woah thanks, been sucking the soggy dawg for a while now :) I do have a different question about random mouthfuls of juice! arrrrgh! Thanks for these vids :) 

mouthmw: Very informative! I have a question. I'm new at vaping, been vaping for exactly a week now, about 1.5ml a day. Got an eGo EVOD 1100mha and EVOD tank like you. Yesterday, I was vaping the last drops of my USA mix (mixed with just a bit of Crystal Menthol, also by Dekang), and I got this awful awful ash taste. I tried cleaning my atty but I messed it up unfortunately xD (luckily I had a spare new one). Anyways, did that happen because I dry burned it due to lack of eliquid in my tank? I did that before (vaped my entire juice until no vape came out) but I never got that ash burned taste. Would just like to avoid it in the future! Thanks :)

Luke Jones: Thank you the one thing hadn't thought about was a pipe cleaner which will be easier than rolling toilet roll ;-)

CorrectionsGear: You leave the rubber seal thingy on the atomizer??!!

dadio2002: Thanks so much!! This is exactly the type of video I was looking for. Quick Question... Always make sure the wicks are dry before burn off?

Expertise4u: NEW TO VAPING and love your videos, they are so informative with a touch of that old school Sinatra flare! I've subscribed and look forward to more of your videos. Visited your vaporladyloungestore and made my first purchase of an 3 Evod tanks for a Ego Twist 1300mah battery. Thanks...

Jonathan MacDonald: hey thank you so much. helped me out quite a bit. I recently got my ecig and noticed the wicks at the ends are a bit burnt if that's a bad thing? I cleaned it just as you did and fixed my battery by pushing up that center thing. I think it's my battery that's the problem with the amount of vape that comes out but thanks a lot!!!!

Elan Green: question: I was experiencing a burnt taste when hitting, checked out the video and took apart the atty to find that the flavor wicks as well as the coils were pretty messed up (black and clearly burnt.) After dry burning the coils it looked pretty clean but smell did not go away, as you said to look for. I figured they were permanently done. How often do you suggest dry burning to prolong life? As soon as i experience a burnt taste or sooner? Video was very helpful and thorough . Thanks a lot. Hope to hear back

andrew reams: EXCELLENT info. This should prolong the atomizer life..

billguydude123: o my god u dontknow how long I was trying to find a way to fix this thank u so much I cant thank u enough it was a great fix and it worked wonders for me

Corbin Oliver: Great Video!! Thank you so much!! This saved me money!! Works good as new and creates more vapor! Thanks again!

Michael Fiano: Thank you for the very concise instructions.

Aaron Loomis: Thanks Vapor Lady! This was so informative and concise. You rock. I'll be buying hardware from you soon.

robbinmarx: Very good video. New to vaping, no cigs for me anymore. But it isn't enjoyable when you get that horrible taste. I do like the caramel tobacco type flavors in a predominantly vg mix, so I guess I'll be cleaning and burning. Many thanks. 

NotSo SkinnyBBQ: Good stuff, thank you very much. Do you rebuild your coils? And do you have a video if you do?

Logan Hadesty: Helped A TON! Thank you very much for this video!

Jennifer Kohm: Thanks so much!! I have been buying new coils very often. I never knew they could be cleaned! I do have a question though... I just put a new coil on last week and the batteries are fully charged, but hard for vapor smoke is produce. Is there anything else I should be replacing? Kinda confused on the whole atomizer/ coil thing. Are they the same thing on this unit or can the clearomizer tank go bad? Any help is greatly appreciated:)

autumnsmomma119: Thank you so much, I will go look now. 

autumnsmomma119: Where do you buy all your products, my husband and I are wanting to order a starter kit and some juice of our own liking. But not sure what website is safe to order everything from. 

VaporLadyLounge: Yes, we all have to start somewhere and once I found out how easy it was I started wrapping my own atty's too, check my channel for the video on how to make your own. Glad you liked the video and best wishes to you!

VaporLadyLounge: Thank you! I wash the tanks out just as you describe only I use a Pipe cleaner to swab them out. Glad my video helped, I needed a way to renew my atty's and I found a video about cleaning and burning CE4's, just did some experimenting and found a way that works.

Green Winch: Hi, I'm new to vaping and the burning taste was driving me mad. Followed your video step by step and bingo now works like it's new. I had no idea these needed cleaning. So thank you. Now to watch the rest of your videos. :-)

Mark Cadle: Great video. I feel much better about my eVods now! A couple of questions: 1. How many times can one clean and burn the atty in this clearo before having to throw it away and replace it? 2. Some have said they have problems with these leaking, others swear they've never had one. I read a lot about b4 buying, so I knew to take care w/the o-rings, etc. Upon it's first use, halfway through the day I noticed a cpl fingers wet with juice. Any advice you can give to keep these from leaking?

Kristijan Benic: Thanks for the quick reply I don't think it's the juice because i tried a few different ones. The battery issue could really be the problem. Unfortunately i don't have a second battery but i will get another as soon as possible. I really don't want to quit vaping only because of this issues. I have a ego battery 1100mah and i think it's not an original.The atty sometimes is can be really hot and i don't know if that is normal or not. Anyway thanks i will let you know as soon as i try another

TokyoSho: I have a Kanger Protank 2 and I done this and my coil has gotten much cleaner! Just wondering, I did the 2sec intervals for the dry burning and I still have a slight burnt smell to it. Is that normal or is it time for a new Atomizer?

Kristijan Benic: I have a BIG problem! I had a CE5 clearomizer and i burned my wicks to this funny taste every 1-2 days.. First i tought it's maybe because od low juice in my clearomizer. Then i was taking care of the liquid being al times over the half of the tank full.. and it was happenig again. THEN i got the EVOD and i was super happy with the vaping quality but after 2-3 days the same thing happens. So i opend it cleand it like you with the dry burning method and a day layter i had to do it again.

VaporLadyLounge: You're Welcome! Love my Kanger stuff too, their stuff really holds up and vapes well. My husband still loves his MT3's the best!

Matt Orcutt: Hey, awesome video, you have successfully taught me on how to rebuild my tanks and keep them maintained. Thank you :)

Matthew Brady: Tried this on my protank coil and brought it back to life.... Thank you so much! I've thrown away two other coils this week after they got gummed up with some mostly vg gnutella juice... I still am getting a bit of "wet-dog" flavor, but I think thats because those two other flavor wicks were pretty gross when i put them back in... Any tips for getting the non-coiled wicks clean?

VaporLadyLounge: I have tried just about anything you can imagine in my quest to save wicks, you could try soaking them in a bleach cleaner overnight, the caveat here would be to soak in clear water and let dry overnight to remove bleach residue, also soaking in rubbing alcohol sometimes does the trick. Usually if they start to fall apart, they are done for good. Thanks for the questions.....

Mark Cadle: I did this last night, and it really was quite the easy task. However, after burning until all of the coil wires were glowing brightly, and reassembling it as instructed, I'm still getting a burnt taste when vaping. I've only used this clearo for a little over a week. Btw, all of my juices are 100% VG. But the particular juice I use the most isn't a sweet, syrupy juice. It's a tobacco/menthol mix. Any ideas?

Beth Wade: Great! I searched everywhere on how to clean the Evod and this is the only video I found! I was curious on how you clean the actual tank? I just ran mine under hot water, then took a cotton swab to the center (and was amazed at how much gunk was in there after only a couple of days!). It did fine. I also cleaned my atty just the way you said, and it's doing great! I have new attys on order, and I should have them soon. This really helped me!

VaporLadyLounge: I have some new ideas for rebuilding atty's for the Protank coming up that I am currently experimenting with, will load these videos soon once I know how it's working out! Glad it worked for you!

Keith Fulkerson: Thanks! This helped a lot. My wicks came untwisted and I couldn't get them to twist back together again, so I just lined them up and put them back in. Seems to be working great despite that.

hopkinsc4223: Hey vapourlady lounge may i ask how long after rinsing to leave it would you say to leave to fully dry before putting back together please ?? Without dry burning thankyou

BreakingGossip: Who the hell says paper toweling

VaporLadyLounge: The atomizers can be burned two or three times before replacing. I am very sorry your tank leaked on you, it sounds as if the gaskets weren't correct in that tank or the tank is not milled correctly. It is rare but it can happen. Yours leaked around the outside edge where the tank meets the base? This can only be a bad gasket on the tank base itself or a bad tank. I recommend contacting your vendor and seeing if they will replace the entire tank, I would if I wanted to keep your business!

Stefano Varisto: MT3 and T3 are the older versions. You must replace the entire base. Only the new T3S has replaceable coils that detach from the base. And they suck. Evods are hands down the best BCC Kanger has put out.

emennt: Probably the juice you are vaping , try some other juices.Dont think its because of chain vaping alot of people chain vape

TheBserk: If or when the atomizer begins to crackle and burn when you vape, is it necessary to replace it, or would it just need to be cleaned? I've been frequently replacing atomizers and need to know the best ways to make them last.

Matthew Brady: So i tried doing a dry burn with the flavor wicks still in to see if i could clean all three. Didn't work. I ended up popping my coil... But i think I've found a better way. Take those two flavor wicks out and place them directly on the heating element of an electric stove... Turn on high and wait till they turn white.... Voila, like new... You can also buy a roll of thin silica wick and cut new ones every time.

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Vapor Lady Lounge Kanger eVod, Protank, MT3, Cleaning and Burning The Atomizer for Better Vaping 4.9 out of 5

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Vapor Lady Lounge Kanger eVod, Protank, MT3, Cleaning and Burning The Atomizer for Better Vaping