Samsung Galaxy Proclaim ( Rooted Hotspot ) Review

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Lil Coogi: been trying all day to root my galaxy proclaim but it says wifi is broken every i click set as hotspot? please explain this to me and help me root it. Ive tried pdanet+ foxfi barnacle quick settings lol nearly everything and nothing works please help im trining to root so i can play xbox live thats it but i cant use laptop as hotspot

Gen Godwin: need to know what setting is incorrect in it because my pc will not recognize my proclaim at all

WeTryYouWin: Ok thanks man. And keep it up!

The Unboxing Authority: Yep it can tether, but you may have issues getting the microsd to mount on your PC threw the phone.

WeTryYouWin: U think any Android can tether once rooted on straighttalk? Like the galaxy s2?

The Unboxing Authority: nope.

The Unboxing Authority: I haven't had any trouble, just slowdowns.

DoL xCreason: Now they do. They did to me. I've read that if you don't stream movies or music you won't get in trouble but I won't risk it.

The Unboxing Authority: Not Yet.

Malachi San: does straighttalk stop your service when you tether?

The Unboxing Authority: Follow the link in the video description then.

Ra L: barnacle? well thanks alot cause thats a new one for me. i'll give it a try.Just no matter what you do keep any and all babies away. lol.

The Unboxing Authority: Barnacle works too if you don't mess with the settings too much.

Ra L: My 13 month old boy bricked my wifi pineapple last night when I decided to do a firmware flash. Wow in the 2 second that you turn around so much can happen in the world expecially if you have kids. lol. I'm from maine and a self tought linux junky. Interested in finding any locals that are hackers that may want to learn off each other. I don't know anyone but myself and thats pretty boring. If anyone wants to converse then I'd verymuch like to talk or chat.

Ra L: I like mine rooted more too. Then with easy installer you can download all the .apks you want and try them. I have a wifi pineapple and i needed to tether the wifi of my comp but when foxfi update started limiting it so I found an .apk wth a key crack to the full version. Now it don't shut off on me and with straight talk foxfi is the only one Iv found that worked which I would like to learn more.

The Unboxing Authority: Haven't had any problems.

shecky95: U CANNOT use it as a hotspot they will stop ur service says in TOS i have Straight talk myself....u can use ur homes wifi like a laptop to hook up to ur home net...which is what i saves on data usage...and yes its TRUE says NO TETHERING... maybe u should read ur TOS carefully.. and i pay by month $45 plan for unlimited talk text and data...

The Unboxing Authority: I don't know. All I know is I like it rooted. If you upgrade the firmware, or put the original one on, it stays rooted.

TheTechGuy96: Dude THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing my video I just now realized that you did. You are probably the reason why i have so many views thanks man I subbed to you please do the same to me if you haven't.

The Unboxing Authority: I believe there is a link in the video that will show you where to get it.

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Samsung Galaxy Proclaim ( rooted hotspot ) review
Samsung Galaxy Proclaim ( rooted hotspot ) review
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Samsung Galaxy Proclaim ( rooted hotspot ) review