MashUp Add-On For XBMC

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vikram dhanda: how do i get mashup now that it moved from fusion

Ris P: how do u get ur shortcuts  icons in the home menu 

tibaro1234567: there is no videos under fusion. why?

Rodney Trembath: hi, can you answer something for me please? when I go into fusion and then video there is no repositories, any thoughts? thanks

Erik DeBattista: I have successfully added FUSION however my directory list is different.. e.g. I don't have the skins folder.. and when I click the video folder I don't have the addons and repositories folder... any ideas?

Valjha100: Xctechs

John Zapata: I got MashUp broke after download the repo on Xfinity source

Marley Ueno: Wtf when I go to video it doesn't say addons and repositories

Harar Ethiopia: I can't find mashup I used to have it but noe kind of the software isn't there can you help?

ashh sattoe: hi guys,where i can download these addon ( mashup)?

Meeshykins: Will I have to reload fusion again to get Mashup when the problem is fixed? I already have it on mine, but when I tried to lget it for my brother yesterday it wasn't in the list. Thanks in advance for your reply :)

044dan: I already did add fusion. Still says don't have correct structure

044dan: I don't have the addon listed. I can't add any of the repository. It says the same thing. Not correct structure

044dan: It won't load ,keeps saying don't have right structure. Do you have a video to fix ?

Asif Ellahi: Would really love to get this back up and running again

Asif Ellahi: 1 channel and project free tv also not working

Asif Ellahi: I have Apple TV 2 jailbroken with fusion I only have simply movies working, other addons such as mashuup come up with connect modular failed when I try to load it I need help I really enjoy your vids but I would appreciate if you could solve this issue

Nico Moretti: same

EYES2CU: After install from repository I cannot locate the mash up in the video add ons

EYES2CU: I have enabled the mash up from the respetory

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MashUp Add-On For XBMC 5 out of 5

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MashUp Add-On For XBMC