Futuristic Body Armor Costume

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Jonah Thao: awesome looking costumes.

VanHustler: Badass! I can't find your stuff on ebay! Looking for a sized medium!

Spakkoof Phoenix: What a Material is u using for u armors and others ?

monkeygutz69: Carlos, great work. Can You do a tutorial on how to actually make the suits? That would be awesome.

Jammerkiller: Wow! Great design on the vests and helmets. Very inspiring!

malomalovids: Can't find on ebay, put in a link.

grondox12345: I would so buy the armor with the lights and the number 13 on it.

jaketron25: it looks gears of warish

BluTrilobite: HEY! Watch it with those anti-trilobite comments!! >:( Nice work by the way...

Arthurguy95: I've been wanting to start working on my own sci fi movie, I've just been needing the designs finished and more molney coming in. This looks just awesome.

MaxirionV: The bulky look of the second one could go nicely for a heavy weapons specialist.

MrUberdestroyer: Heh I hear the beatles

Sam Vinson: Very cool! It's always awsome to see how these things get put together. Awsome job! Be sure to post pics to twitter too!

Tristan Wassman: Nice SwarmFire!

Joris Janus: people have way to much time on there hands these days .....

Alonesoldier100: Thats mean> Love your concepts and designs. The detail is awesome too. Are they original design or did you base them off a video game costume?

leeb127: Where Can I buy single LED lights, I can only find the string of multiple LED lights on ebay.

epical slaughter: Great

Alejandro Romero: Hey!! How is that movie going?

bodytemple: Can you please tell me where you picked up the helmets I know you said from a china company but where...please can you send me a link or something...thank you

Chicago Power: They go along with his armor costume videos.

Alonesoldier100: OK, its a GOW armour.

george villalba: Hey carlos, amazing work. I'm a working filmmaker and I'm working on a concept for a sci fi movie, I would love to get in touch with you, this could mean more work for you or if I can buy suits or rent them. this is a serious inquiry my friend...

HyperGreenIce: Do you sell this armour? I might want to buy some

AlexJB481: where do i find his helmet vids? :S

Chicago Power: Your first attempt at helmets was sick! I may draw this for an idea of an anime.

Josh Beard: Carlos, each piece you've shown in this video is amazing! I am very impressed! Coming from a fellow armor and prop maker, you have got some serious talent! Not that you needed anyone's approval. Keep up the great work!

zekefujita: Amazing work man!

Super-Fast-Tortoise: Sell your scraps

Carlos Aguayo: its all ready sold but the other 2 are still available

Trugunir: aRMOR13 looks sweet.

DancingKirby97: Very awesome of everything you've made in this video. Did you actually use a base or there is no base to it?

TK42138: Nice work!

Justme: thanks for the great paintball gun idea

bandalog1121: you know, you could review armor way better by just putting it on, and noot showing each piece separated.

Daniel Grey: how u making those? i want one!!!

Carlos Aguayo: one for sale on Ebay user name "aguayopro" title RECON GHOST COG BODY ARMOR VEST COSTUME

Phillip Borghee: Carlos I attempted to contact you about a film im in production on. Please contact me at canislupusentertainment at g mail.com

Luke Perkins: Do you just use really thick foam to get the bulkiness? Or do you just leave like a hollow space? Great vid by the way :)

Justme: this deserves more views

leeb127: Thanks, As well I just plastidip my chest piece with 4 coats, then I waited 4 hours (as said on can). I primed last night with Primer and waited 24 hours, it is dry but still sticky in some places, should I just wait abit longer before going to paint? sand maybe?

Masterjohn360: hey I like that uhh the weird nerf gun thing. If you had bough it online can you send me a link?

divegorilla: Superb construction on the body armour pieces, very impressed indeed!

Drew Peacock: that is amaizing

Mr. Xendilor: If you still have the second armor you showed (The one you said you may scrap) i would be welling to buy it. Please contact me at Xendilor@gmail.com

jccal12367: What class would you recommend for me if I wanted to learn how to use the material for the vest. Im an Aerospace worker and im beginning to be very garage invention type of guy. I have no Idea.how to use the material you used for the breast

naiian433: Ya how much u gonna charge for one of the two lile the helmet w the flip up visors lol...shoot me email at naiian433@gmail.

▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░Zousanai░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃: Hey, awesome job!

Daniel Grey: 2nd helmet-awesome!

thaflee Youngblood: dont trash the second one !!! it is amazing !!! i love the bulky look... if there was some way i could get that from you...

Futuristic Body Armor Costume 4.8 out of 5

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Futuristic Body Armor Costume
Futuristic Body Armor Costume
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Futuristic Body Armor Costume