How To Edge Your Lawn: Using A Trimmer Vs A Lawn Edger

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Paul Dixon: is this kid serious !Ah American makes sense now.

Strictly Lawns: this guy needs mental help, really dude, with are you doing? you would be out of business in 1 day in my hood.

SilentAssasin425: lol this guy is kind of a goon

andybub45: In your lawn cutting videos, I always see you weed eating but not edging. Do you not film the edging?

Aidan Dunn: very nice yard

Brennon Burkhart: I think Michael j fox can draw a straighter line than your edge 😬

Brennon Burkhart: That's not a real edger. A real lawn edger would be a powertrim edger. And to save money next time if a service department charges $26 for a spark plug change, do it yourself takes about 30 seconds and they are under $3.

g: dude you shouldn't be making videos like don't know what you're doing.. you hold the weedo upright in a fixed position with two hands, and do you best not to hit the dirt or concrete.. by flailing it around with a karate chop motion you're risking personal injury and property damage..hold it upright, lightly cut the grass while slowly walking with a steady pace..

Dw Strummy: Wow.  Rocket science.  Who in the world would be an audience for this tripe?  If someone is too lame so as to not know this stuff intuitively........ there's little hope for them.  A waste of 10 minutes time X 160,000 views. Otta be a law against such ridiculousness.

Michael - Susan Knight: That's lame.  You don't wave the trimmer.  I have Echo Trimmer and took the weed guard off and turn it upside down and walk along my sidewalks and drives in one single motion.

dontrael1: man thanks!!!!!!

TheReal8deal: Well i got a 4cylce troybuilt can a 4 cycle run upside down like that? since the oil is seperate?

Lissette Vega: Trimmer loco

meeekstube: This is a dumb video when it comes to the trimmer. I would thought that any half wit would know how to place the trimmer to do the edge. 
I was expecting some tips on how to keep the tool steady and at the right level and going exactly where it should trim. Thanx for the effort but it needs more thinking behind it

vegasjill21: DARN!!! lol I was hoping you would show how to secure the extension cord around the top hook thingie to keep it from coming unplugged!! I can't figure it out!!! Darnnit!!! Thanks for the advise here , tho~  :) Oh! lol I have a Torro edger and week wacker combo thingie.  Thank you.
EDIT 30 min later)  I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! lol I didn't see the little slot underneath to slip the looped end of the extension cord then wrap it around that top hook so it doesn't slip out! . lol NOW I GET IT! Ok thanks anyways for your help. Your lawn looks amaZing!! So nice a green and trimmed so nicely! Thanks again, Jon~

naomi2310: Sweet Video!

zerocool212121: one big thing is you should never be stationary an move the trimmer side to side like that, some might not see it but your leaving little moon shaped cuts, look at 3:56 if u didnt notice, its not horrible but it's noticeable from a professional.
its best to learn walking backwards to cut strait lines, hold the shaft strait an walk as when u stop u can deviate from a strait line just like above. once you have that down try forward it just takes time to get it correct, mistakes will be made but thats how we all learn.

Adam Nelken: Hey Jon
I have that black and decker electric do you know when it is in edge or groom mode after pressing the button?

mydivinity: I appreciate the video. I use an edger that I purchased from a garage sale and only used it a couple of times last season before the neverending winter was upon us. Now it's time to start it again and I was basically hit or miss then. As a single mom, I refer to these videos on here to show me many things I can do myself to help cut costs. So I truly appreciate you effort and clear explanation!! Please feel free to show many more of the other bountiful "around the house/lawncare" tips.

How To Edge Your Lawn: Using a Trimmer vs A Lawn Edger 5 out of 5

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How To Edge Your Lawn:  Using a Trimmer vs A Lawn Edger
How To Edge Your Lawn: Using a Trimmer vs A Lawn Edger
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How To Edge Your Lawn:  Using a Trimmer vs A Lawn Edger