Savage 10 FCP-K .308 Review

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DONALD BOUGIE: I pay my 10 fcp-k 700.00 dollars,it,s not expensive,it,s a law Enforcement .308,i,m very sastisfied and happy too.

DONALD BOUGIE: The best ammo is Federal 168 gr smk gold medal match,with mine all a time half inch or 5,8 inches at 100 yards.The 10 fcp-k is a very good firearms and very accurate.

Chris Smith: I have the same rifle..I love it. I didn't mount a pic rail. I have the Talley Savage single mounts with a US Optics LR17, and Harris Bi-pod..

Jason Mitchell: would you consider nikon optic?

SonOfPatriots: +Str8Blazn1 how much was the whole setup? Looking to get my first long range rifle and trying to get ballpark figures.

texture6: Checkout "Dark Eagle Custom 10 Round Mag" for the Savage .308

Str8Blazn1: @ Cj Lafleur I believe it was $300 and so far its been good haven't shot the rifle as much as I would like but it good for the price and It holds zero

TF 115: How much was the scope ? And or is it good

Str8Blazn1: Yea the 1in10 twist rate these barrels have like heavier grain bullets try a 168 to 178. I use the 178gr Hornady A-Max bullets in my reloads and they shoot really well.

TheHamSarless: 147 grain

Str8Blazn1: I know they use to make it in a bigger caliber it might of been the .300 WM not sure though. But yea .308 is great for my needs, my range only goes out to 300yds and its perfect for that.

ubcontreras3: Cool rifle I like it but too bad it dont come in 300 winmag 308 drops too fast

Str8Blazn1: No I haven't, only reloads. What grain bullet is the PMC 150gr? 

TheHamSarless: Have you ever shot PMC through your rifle? I have the same one and i dont think the rifle likes it to much. just wondering if your rifle likes PMC or not?

Str8Blazn1: I agree. I have them on my other rifle and they are top of the line.

SavageGunFighter21: Good rail but to get the most stability in your optics get some Warne rings I have them on my FCP-K and their solid. I have a Millet TRS-1 on mine. 

Str8Blazn1: Thanks man, yea definitely can't go wrong with it.. Savage is known for their great long range rifles and they also have good customer service..

MMBforlife: Great review, might have to save up for one of these.

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Savage 10 FCP-K .308 Review 5 out of 5

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Savage 10 FCP-K .308 Review