Custom Airsoft VFC HK416 Review

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dj lastra: badass gun man im hoping to build one similiar to it or as near as possible to the zero dark thirty version

charizardtrainer14: Tis a 551 EOTECH replica dude, I have the real 552 and a hurricane 553 (hurricane is AWSOME btw)

Goof The Airsofter: This gun by far, i havent had this, but ive had a Masada, during a game i was running and fell xD and the gun was dropped in the process, bending up lots of peices and a few peices fell of, the charging handle wouldnt pull back and there are no replacement parts as far as i am concerned, it wasnt a big deal, but it seems a little bit too fragile, it has a metal upper receiver and the rest is polymer, it is very strong, but the entire externals of this gun are steel, except stock and grip.

Derjibletts: And also, this build is sick! i plan on building my 416 like this when i get it

Derjibletts: It is for sport. It is like 99.9 % metal it is one of the best rifles out there

MC Minus: metal

Linkin1000Park: I am using the same version HK416 as you and EMags work

Max V.: wtf did you just do to the great looking HK 416... now it looks like a bunch of unsorted and unfitted pieces :(

Gordon Spector: Wow, Great looking gun. I put an eotech, AFG, halo Gemtech suppressor, magwell grip, rail covers, and still have the origional stock. I decided to paint all of the accessories, mag included, OD green. I like tan, but not a lot of people do OD green, so i went with that.

alexar martez: Wtf why would you spend that much on a pease of plastic!???

Calvin Tran: lonex flash mags fit?

DukeReduker: You sound like you have a really bad cold.

Lurch Airsoft: Quick question...Its between this and the Magpul masada. Ive heard horror stories about the masadas gearbox not being reinforced and it cracking, and the hopup rubber being bad. Have you have any problems with this gun? Should I go with this or the masada?

UBCS Wraith: The flash hider is called a Phantom. In the RS world they're some of the BEST muzzle devices one can buy for flash suppression. How's the gun? I might buy this or a G&P Sentry to replace my KWA M4 RIS.

Spyder423: Just remember the main ones, 551- short 552 - long 553 short but different design And xps which has a cylinder infront

ParabellumAirsoftUSA: *I meant eotech. Stupid autocorrect.

ParabellumAirsoftUSA: K. Thanks. I'm ALWAYS getting 2 gun things confused. Types of sig rifles, and etch names! Lol, thanks.

Spyder423: that is a 551:)

Gilbert Garza: funny thing is the day to put this video out was the day i bought mine!

Custom Airsoft VFC HK416 Review 5 out of 5

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Custom Airsoft VFC HK416 Review