Samsung Galaxy Ace 2X (Mini S3) - Full Review!

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RandyGamingTime: Some of you guys say that the samsung galaxy ace 2x is slow.. Well, I have an ace 2x and I will tell you guys how to make your phone fast!
1. If the internet browser is so slow, install a different browser! I recommend "Opera Mini" because when I installed Chrome or Firefox, it's still pretty slow.. Every time I search up something, it only takes about 3-5 seconds to load.. Big websites on the browser will take longer so be careful!
2. UNINSTALL APPS YOU DO NOT NEED! If you don't, then you will have many apps on your home screen and it will affect the apps and it will lag a lot! Be aware of what you install! You don't want all gigabytes to disappear already! Also, it will lag your home screen and most apps will crash!
3. CLEAN THE HOME SCREEN! Having way too many apps on the home screen will make it lag! Simply drag the app into the bottom right corner.. If this does not work, simply uninstall apps!
4. GET A WALLPAPER THAT IS NOT LIVE! Using a wallpaper that's live will cause the home screen to lag! Just use any wallpaper but the live wallpaper..
5. DELETE WIDGETS! If you have too many widgets, simply delete them!
6. Go to the settings and go to about device. Press it many times (approximately 7 times). Then go to developer options and press "OK", then go find the 2 settings which are the "Transitions". Click on both and click on "Animation is off".

Hope this helped! Hope this works for you! :D

Karmin Lengthvitch: Lmao such a slow phone. Literally drowned it in water so it would break and I could get a new phone. but it was my first phone and for some reason I miss it.

CombatWarrior: I had it whoever is looking into buying one, DON'T YOU WILL HATE IT

Khaos Karl: I've been grinding out this phone for 2 years now and it is beyond painful to use. It was slow right out of the box and got worse over time. In fact, it's now at the point where it can't send/receive calls or messages. It also shuts down if it leaves the charger. I had to replace the battery because the original started swelling and no longer worked. When my phone used to actually work, it would take minutes to do tasks that should take mere seconds. The one thing it's got going for it is that's it built like a brick. Ever since it stopped working it's been thrown at high speeds into hard objects and there isn't a single scratch on it. In other words, I'd build a house out of these things.

Brianna Beauty: so I am getting this phone is was updated or upgraded :') I am buying a new battery is it worth it?

purpjuce: this phone gave me a really bad impression for android coming from apple but then i realized that nothings bad with android it was just the phone seriously recommend moto g as a budget phone compared to this crap

HoneyBadger: I have used this piece of congealed monkey vomit. Very laggy CPU, minuscule RAM, and to make matters worse, several months in using this thing, the Wi-Fi locked itself into a continuous state of trying to turn on, which pretty much wastes the battery and puts the Wi-Fi functionality out of commission. Basically, all this piece of crap is good for is a paperweight, provided that you didn't destroy it when you either got a better phone, or reached your breaking point before the contract expiry date. 

Overall, do not buy this thing! It's so bad, I can't even call it a phone. It's not a phone, but a sad excuse of a phone that tries hard to be like it's bigger cousins, but it will never be, because it is so pathetic, you would only consider using it because you feel bad for the poor thing. I've seen entry-level phones perform better than the Ace 2X. Even the Ace 2X is marketed as an entry level phone, which ironically makes me want to classify it an "exit-level phone". 

On a scale to 10, I give this anything but a smartphone a negative infinity out of ten.

Hollie: It was a good phone a few years back, but I would never ever buy one now, I'm upgrading from this to an s4 this week thank god. This phone literally gets so annoying, laggy,and glitchy , I'd not recommend buying it now.

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david was here: the galaxy ace 2 x sucks pickle. i bought one a while back, and the peice of crap didn't last a year. i have never dropped, and i had a really tough case too. i wasted over $200 on a peice of bloody crap. i even spent $44 dollars on a new battery that i ended up only using fo 5 days before it shut off or good. i rate -5/10 on this wast of cash

Agustín Furtado: Samsung Galaxy ACE 2X = Galaxy Trend = Galaxy Duos 2 = Galaxy Duos = Galaxy Trend Plus

BATCHFILETUTORIALS: Don't ever freaking call it a mini s3. This phone lags like crap. I would rather jump off of a house into a pile of almost-hard concrete, and then inhale it than use this phone for the normal uses that it is meant to be used for.

Jack Frost: For budget phones I recommend Blu phones and for a more premium budget phone Moto e or moto g

Tina s: I like this phone, "but" I have charging issues with it. The phone used to charge on all my other (extra) chargers. No problems for months. Now it only charges on its original one. When I try to charge it on another, this phone makes a sound that indicates its accepting a charge-and the charging Icon appears- but NO charging is takes place. I am very very frustrated with this. Other than that its not a bad phone. Takes good photos.

gabbync: I have this phone right now, sadly. It's my first phone though lol. Honestly, it's a nice phone and it looks very nice. But it's so laggy, glitchy and slow. I liked it at first but it's so crapty now.

AmbitiousPotato47: this is the worst phone ever made ive had it for 1.5 years and theres nothing good about it. No memory,micro SD u cant use. Super slow and laggy. DONT GET THIS PHONE. Cant wait to get rid of it and get an upgrade

Lisa Campbell: Hey I have a question for anyone who owns this phone, I have an issue with my texting, when I text anyone it groups my texts together instead of the messages showing one after the other it groups them ad its really annoying. does anyone know how to fix it please?

xQsSahil: this phone is piece of crap. 1 day its lightning fast, next day it takes 1 minutes to unlock screen

Quincy Lightfoot: can it download bbm

Nano: DO NOT GET THIS PHONE! It's okay for the first bit but quickly loses it's reliability, get the moto g or moto e if you're getting something cheap.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2X (Mini S3) - Full Review! 5 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2X (Mini S3) - Full Review!
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2X (Mini S3) - Full Review!
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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2X (Mini S3) - Full Review!