Far Cry 3 Citra Montenegro Naked Scene (PC)

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Juniper Piper: It's actually not her last name. Her last name is like Tagimali or something like that.

Citra Montenegro: Hehe.

StreetkillnHD: ur sister has small tits but last night she made a warrior out of me in bed.

A Pimp Named Doggy: Shut the freak up hermano, IM THE BEST!

Knightguard1: BOOBIES!!!!!!!

CorporalHudson: Sadly YT banned the ending scene vid lol! They claim it was "offensive"....

DasTasche: The ending scene is better!

CorporalHudson: The thing is this is her "possibly" real name. She's stated as Montenegro in the wikia and other sites because she's Vaas' sister, but in the in game's journal her last name is different. So she's assumed Montenegro because of Vaas but in reality we don't know if his or her last name is the real name ;)

Dylan Judd: Hey, thanks for putting her last name in the title of the video. can't I just play a Far Cry game without crap getting spoiled

CorporalHudson: Yeah, the best scene in the game indeed!

Cycool100: wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

klophe4: Best scene in the game amirite?
Far Cry 3 Citra Montenegro Naked Scene (PC) 5 out of 5

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Far Cry 3 Citra Montenegro Naked Scene (PC)