SimCity (2013) For Mac: Review

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TheDumbguy: How are you running? that game... on ultra settings?

Mr Drunk: I have the PC copy of the game.. On the makers website it says that users with PC copy will get Mac copy free. I don;t know where or how to get the copy. Any help? thank you

Rodrigo Yamashita: First, thanks for your video. I want to ask you a question: do you think that the SimCity will run in a Mac Mini that i bought 2010. It is a Intel Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz, 2 Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 320m 256MB and its software is the OS X 10.9.4. Thank you.

Jp Lachowski: Am I the only one who experience super laggy/slow movements on single/offline mode?

Gabriel Cros: Hello, thanks for your video. I would like an advice. I have a Macbook pro 13" 2011 (summer) with 4GB RAM, 2,3 GHz Inter Core i5 and Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 Mo. I was considering that fact to buy Simcity on my mac because I like the game but I am afraid it would be slow. Do you think that my mac can support it ? Thanks, Gabriel, Frenchy 

Frantic X Fate: i have 2011 i5 2.4 intel chip 4gb memory and had with intel 3000hd will it run?

Nicholas Atchison: would it work with a 2013 macbook pro with retina display and im running on mavericks the newest updates for it?

Rashad: This was another horrible port. I have a 2013 retina Macbook Pro, and it still is laggy. It runs smoother on lower spec'ed Windows PCs -_-

TheBaggadonuts: why?! WHY do you edit your videos to twitch at the end of every sentence. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Justin Gillis: Its on my worst mac realeases of 2013, it wont even start after i bought it, and worst of all the origins great game garenty doesnt aplly for it so now i got a game thats useless. All i wonder is how the hell do they manage to reslease this without fixing the most horrible bugs?

Nxobam Harslett: give me download link

DtMi - Deletethemetainf: I had the same performance issues, I certainly hope they've fixed this by now

Jeff S: sorry if you've already answered this, if you turn down the textures/lighting/animation detail, will the fps and performance increase?

Ritske van der Heide: I have got a maxed out iMac 21,5" and it even plays sluggish as hell.. Horrible. Do I have to doubt my iMac?

Joshua Milo Music: I thought that actually be bad, but that was actually good... xD

xWhichGameTodayx: do you think this will be fixed in the future at all? Like will they make it run like it does on windows. Sry if this is a dumb a noob :P

xWhichGameTodayx: thanks so much for your help

Keven Gil: Mine runs decently on a late 2011 Imac 27"

SimNationTV: My pleasure! It is to be expected some minor performance improvements, as they have more time to get around things, but overall, it will stay like this. If you are really looking for performance, even if it sounds ironic (:P) you should download Bootcamp, get a Windows 7 copy, and install it on your Mac, to play SimCity for PC.

xWhichGameTodayx: thanks man there is a few games that r pc only also so i may do that. You have knowledge you should start reviewing lots of games and how they run :P

TheBraveNewBooks: Ive been debating if I want to buy this. but the Mac version is already 3 months late and its reported to still have errors and flaws. I think I'll save my money.

Joseph Green: does anyone else have the problem running on a pro where you get choppy shader errors ?

MinecraftScience: Are you able to install a faster NvIDIA driver?

Jacopo Bertini: I can precisely can tell that mac version is unplayable. I played the windows version on a 32 bit OS win8 bootcamped. i could reach easily 300k citizens with a lot of stuff and medium settings without any lagging problem, over 300k things went a bit slowly... in the mac version on the same late 2011 imac i5 512 mb card i can't play because just at the beginning, with minimum settigs, this game lags and freeze and lags . they just don't care of the result of what they sell. i'm disappointed

Rickard Roxvall: Thank you for this review matey boy! Well appreciated. :)

Phazon8058MS: If you live in Canada, then the Origin store works weird in Canada because EA hates you if you're not American. I had to purchase a physical copy of the game from Amazon yesterday. It arrived to just an hour ago and I'm updating the game at the moment. I play on Windows though...

zDerp: Hi! Good review.But...simcity working for my mac mini?

Pablo Neirotti: Yes, just like you can now on Mountain Lion or previous OS X versions. However, SimCity's resolution is set independently from screen resolution (and I mean while on full screen), so you won't have to tweak around it.

djsolstice: I bought simcity for PC when it came out, and now I just downloaded it for mac. I run a 2012 Macbook Pro (2.4Ghz i5, HD 4000, 4GB ram) and on the lowest setting all round it runs soooo slow. It's basically unplayable. I play for maybe 10mins then I just give up. It really needs work. i hope they can fix it. But at the moment it's dismal, avoid it for now.

troll3face1999: i make avideo its nice on mac

ABritishGamer1: I have a late 2012 Lowest model 21inch imac and it runs SimCity in mostly ultra settings (some high) without lag. Do you have an older model?

ABritishGamer1: Yeah you are probably running it on lower resolution like 1600 x 900 so its a lot less laggy

SimNationTV: Glad to hear!

SimNationTV: Yea, that's a 2011 MacBook Pro. With Lighting on low, then others settings in Low / Medium, you should be able to run in native resolution on your Mac.

zDerp: It's the 2013 model, basic specs.

xWhichGameTodayx: so if i put it on lowest settings will it run fine like no lag? (i have a macbook pro 4gb intel hd 3000) thanks for your help

SimNationTV: Yes, you will have to play it in Low lighting settings of you want to get FPS up to playable level (then of course, it will look nasty). I was quite disappointed myself too. I decided to keep it as an alternative for when I'm doing other things.

Alex Munson: So SimCity 5 therefore will not function correctly if the mac version is under 10.7.5?

SimNationTV: Pretty sure the requirement is 10.7.5 - I don't know if you can run it with intel HD graphics though. I struggle with GeForce GTX 660M on the Mac :P

Jeric Addo: Please join my region if you are good at creating highly populated high wealth cities ADD ME ON ORIGIN :Jeric94

Rynzer: i have a mid 2010 macbook pro and cant put any settings onto medium as it will lag loads :(

Pu Repinoii: can u play it offline?

SimNationTV: When you go to Medium or higher Lighting settings, Depth Blur and Motion Blur will be activated. These operations are one of the most expensive things for a graphic card to do. You could probably run it in High just fine if they enabled you to remove them *entirely*. It may help switching Tilt-Shift setting down to Low. But it will still lag.

Jeric Addo: add me on origin for simcity5 : jeric94

SimNationTV: SimCity still requires internet connection to play.

Jeric Addo: i have simcity on my brand new macbook running at max settings ....and yes it runs smooth add me on origin I'm new to sim city check my crap out: jeric94

ABritishGamer1: ah that's why then I run it at lower resolution. Thought that was weird

Odrama: Will Maverick allow me to change the resolution of two monitors respectively?

SimNationTV: Makes sense! And thank you, sir. You are too kind!

Mike Mikovsky: Thanks for the review...I needed confirmation that I wasn't alone with my performance issues. (now, to find that Windows 7 installation DVD....)

SimCity (2013) for Mac: Review 4.6 out of 5

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SimCity (2013) for Mac: Review
SimCity (2013) for Mac: Review
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SimCity (2013) for Mac: Review