FN SCAR-16 (Full Auto)

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swoosh50: Can anyone tell me if they make billet aluminum receivers for the scar 16s ?????

Eyan Stevenson: Just awesome.

TheBarrett107: hahahahahahahahahaha

softwar3UPDAT3: SGC is the place to shoot was just there last weekend and shot the SCAR-16 in semi auto with an EOtech scope, amazing gun, very accurate, very smooth, very low recoil. I love the cheek rest and versatility of the weapon.

Alex C.: The SCAR trigger group is remarkably similar to an FNC's. So much so in fact that it is actually easier to drop in a registered sear into the scar lower than it is to the FNC (it is quite a task to put a sear in a factory FNC). Hell if you get the paperwork to say "SCAR", then if the sear fits you must acquit!

Patriot36: To my understanding, the sear must be drop in and won't fit or work in the scar without modifying it. A mod would be considered re-manufacturing which then turn it into a post sample. There is a conversion for the Scar but they can only sell it to someone with a NFA registered Machine Gun. That's mil. and leo. This could change but judging from the price of sears at 3K, it hasn't yet. When they jump to double or triple that, we'll know that something changed.

Alex C.: Is it true that you can run a registered FNC sear in a SCAR? I have heard that at least on guy got his sear paperwork amended to say "FNC/SCAR".

Alan Reid: In mexico duh!!!!! lmao

Patriot36: Hard not to after let a mag fly! If you liked this video, I'll have another SCAR16 video up within a few days. Just recorded the video footage at the range this evening. Thanks for stopping by!

tommygunm1a1: you want the magpul Emag. it is specifically designed for the scar and HK 416

Patriot36: @metallord44 Tango Down. You have to modify PMags for the scar otherwise they will damage the bolt.

jon I: what kinda mags are those? I bought some PMAGS from magpul, but when i have them locked in, the bolt wont go all the way forward because it gets caught on the mags lip. thanks!

Jizzbomb Mcgee: @CheetahChugXE LOL, Class 3 license. If you had one, you would know. But, since they don't exist unless you are referring to being a Class 3 dealer (in which case you would already know the answer) I'd really like to hear where you recieved said "license".

556 Channel (HD): @CheetahChugXE the real question is a class 3 licenses for what? LOL!!

Patriot36: @CheetahChugXE There's no such thing as a class 3 license unless you're saying that you're a class 3 dealer. Class 3 items don't have a "license" attached to them but they do require a 'per instance' tax stamp and FBI background check. Note, the tax stamp is a repeated process for each class 3 device purchase and not a one time license. The full auto scar is only available to class 3 dealers for resale to military and LE. Hope that helps.

CheetahChugXE: I have the class 3 license but where do i get a full auto scar in black \ dark earth ??

Patriot36: @tweek1957 I might be too old to get that one bud...haha

Tyrannosaurus Rekt: I can't tell if Nine Inch Nails is about to start playing or the FCC is getting into my youtube videos.

Patriot36: @homeworkhelp244 I couldn't have said it better myself! So true!

Patriot36: @morganwillis95 Sure, if you're a manufacturer, police or military, there's a conversion for any semi-auto. Aside from that, no new full auto's can be manufactured for civilian use since 1986. You can thank Reagan for that one.

FN SCAR-16 (Full Auto) 5 out of 5

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FN SCAR-16 (Full Auto)