OrangeRx T-SIX Vs. Spektrum DX6i Comparison

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Luis Carlos Valdez: yes i would buy one..

Darrin Ray: Hello, I've been using the T6 for a year now with no model brown outs or any problems like that, however my screen has now started to fade away when in use for about 10 mins or more, the screen will come back after about 5 mins after the T6 is switched off.
Have any other owners if the T6 had this problem ?

Ashley McGovern: It's a re-badged FSFly T-six.

Salman Razi: can we use simulator with t-six??

Salman Razi: Yes I am gonna buy t-six...
spectrum give you telemetry function but t six has no function like this.

robsycko: Yea $65.00 plus shipping I just perchassed brand new DX6i on ebay $109.00 out of box sale FREE SHIPPING and name brand Spektrum proven and trusted thats what I ,m talking about.

Elexo Flyer: I don't have either one, but the people at my local hobby shop say the dx6i isn't that great. But I've also heard that dsmx is a stronger signal then dsm2. But considering you could buy 2-3 hobby King radios for 1 dx6i, that's not to bad!

zdog FBI: don't buy from hobby king! Horrible customer service.

Bunnyshooter 223: it's funny how most peopke who say the T6 is good have a DX6i as their main radio....

i paid like 150 back in the day for an entry level FM :0 computer system.

i actually am planning on a DX6i or DX6 for my next radio. i trust it. you can buy 4 channel DSMX recievers for $30. not bad.

it looks like Spectrum has better support and lower shipping cost if you have to send it for repair

they REEEELY (as David W of Flite Test would say) should put a rechargeable battery system in the DX6i. not sure if DX6 has that.

Jacko Packo: I would buy this in a heart beat over the dx6i if I only had a choice of the two picks. You get brown outs with the dx6i if you use an ar6200 receiver and I am sure you won't get the with the Hobbyking products. Read up on brown outs with the dx6i.

Nikolai “Nikse” Allermann: Is the T-Six available with DSMX? The new EU rules makes all sales of a DSM2 transmitter illegal.

Luis M:

Zsavage1: the orange one is a POS....and the receivers (orange) are also POS's

Severino Mastracci: Thanks for the Review, had doubts about the Orange equipment Hobbyking, but it was clear that this will be my best option.

Lafond RC: I have a DX6i.  For all the people saying they would rather it over the T-Six be warned.  As far as I'm concerned the Spektrum is no better and I don't trust mine as far as I could throw it.  I have had to repair the unit multiple times due to the crapty potentiometers that Spektrum used.  I crashed my quad this eve because of this.  I came across this video as I have considered ditching the DX6i for this unit.

zerocool60544: YUP

Raycefan: Also, I really wann have sex with Jessica Biel and Kate Upton.

Raycefan: Having never used a Hobby King radio, and owning a DX6, which I bought used, off eBay, I'd buy this Hobby King radio new for $65-$70 in a heartbeat. Not enough differences to let that much less expensive price keep me from buying it!

TheBiodinkelpizza: Whats does Mode1 or Mode2 mean. Ich would like to buy the OrangeRX Transmitter but I don`t know what Mode1 and M2 mean. Can somebody please help me?

chris gange: All hobbyking stuff has 12month warranty, getting them to honor it is another thing, you have to harass them time and time again and most of the contact points can barely speak english and cannot read it barely at all! in the end they will honor the warranty's  it's just a pain dealing with them, most people including myself buy their stuff because in this Tx's case the orange is 1/3rd the price and performs better than the spectrum, and there is a version2 now with a higher output.......

OrangeRx T-SIX vs. Spektrum DX6i Comparison 5 out of 5

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OrangeRX T-Six. Small review.
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OrangeRx T-SIX vs. Spektrum DX6i Comparison
OrangeRx T-SIX vs. Spektrum DX6i Comparison
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OrangeRx T-SIX vs. Spektrum DX6i Comparison