OrangeRx T-SIX Vs. Spektrum DX6i Comparison

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Waimea Boy: i have a dx6i. i would buy the orange too since it's a good radio and you can have with both radios 20 flying units. i bought spektrum to support usa. but i also buy the value stuff too.

idriwzrd: Beware of Hobbyking. They'll take your money and not ship your products. Then, their 'customer service' dept. will tell you that a refund is pending... for up to two months.

R Vank: Stay away from hobby king. One has been warned! !!!

Scott A: UHHHHHHHHHHH yeah I can guarantee you hobby king would not replace or fix anything for free lol. 

Martin Meza: Sir,do you know if the orange transmitter can bind with the planes that have the spektrum receivers built in them?

Kay Hudasch: going to program a orange on Saturday - helping out a friend - I'm a DX6i dude - see if I can master orange ... LOL

cnbsdad: Not sure if I can put my faith in a $56.00 transmitter flying a $500.00 plus plane. 

Roger Tyson: I don't know if I would trust my aircraft in the sky with the orange, at least until it's proven, to look at it another way, when something is sold for so little it usually means it was built for the same, quality or longevity of quality I think would be an issue. 

Richard Wells: Thank you, very helpful

Shady King: how far can the spektrum go? and what receiver do you use for it? please reply

Marty Gramenz: Great insight - thanks!

purrungas2012: looks tempting but the color has got to go..... get it the right one and this bad boy should sell

FireFoxConn: you forgot one very big difference. the t-six is selling for $64, while the dx6i is just over $100... the differences between the two and the lack of dsmx does not justify paying that much more for a transmitter for those of us who are just budget minded park flyers. Orange has had issues with DOA and poor component selection on some of the older product, but as far as I know they have made some changes with their QoS checks. I haven't had any issues with any of them. I will be saving up for a spektrum transmitter later on though for when I plan to get into bigger models and event flying. right now, I can not justify paying over 100 bucks for a 6 channel when All i do is fly 2 or 3 micros and a quad in a dirt field by my house. none of the models i have cost more then 200 bucks anyways.

DoctorBadVibez: Actually, to help out with the whole warranty thing, from one consumer to all others who are not in the know; They do have a warranty, usually lipos are 30 days (some are longer if I'm not mistaken) and all their electronics are 1 year warrantied from date of purchase, use it, it actually worked for me and my claim on a KK2 board, just doesn't... work.. on crashes (they don't do crashes).... however, use the warranty.... don't just let it go when something fails withing that warranty time frame. I find their product line is getting better and a lot of the crappy stuff is being phased out. 

JackG79: I have a DX6i... I had to buy my own backlight for the LCD screen, and I have no JST plug for a rechargeable lipo. It is a decent radio, but the price is too high. The DX9 is a good radio, but is about 150.00 more than it's worth. ($400.00) Im glad that HK is expanding it's OrangeRx line. This stuff is GOOD!!!! I've used it, and anyone that has used it that I know, speaks highly of it. They just kinda stood on Horizion Hobbys shoulders and took things to the next level. The T-Six TX is half the price of the DX6i, and it comes with a backlit display, and a JST plug... that ALONE makes it worth it. Not to mention it's a nice backup radio to have incase you want to just swap out machines and keep going without changing a bunch of stuff. Shut down, and grab the orange and go...... I am gonna buy an OrangeRX T-6. 

Khairul Hizrin: I've heard that some of the t-six transmitter's have fried circuits as soon as the batteries are inserted and turned this true?

Mormert: Same same..?

dardi jones: Pfft Why in God's name would Hobbyking put a warranty on ANY of their products???? Don't get me wrong, they sell quality products for very low prices, but when it comes to customer satisfaction trough service, their whole reputation goes down the toilet!!! 

Nicholas Kazantzidis: I own a DX9, Every Blade Heli,made except for the 600x 700x, and the CX4. plus I own 22 planes. The has all been bought in 5 months! I am now exploring outside of HH products because, yes the best service possible, yet some of their products are way over priced for the quality. FMS makes a great plane at 30% discount with more features, so does Dynam, freewing, Blitzrc and so on. This orange radio at the cost is great to leave in the back of your car, have a few inexpensive planes with it and have fun, YES, FUN, some people forgot with all these cool toys what the hobby is all about. Very happy to see this competition in the market, it will only drive better more detailed products as well as drive down the costs for all price ranges.

UltraOffie: Your review was very helpful. I bought the Orange RX T-six and I am looking forward to its arrival from Asia.

Shut up and Fly: If you are new to flying and are looking for something cheap, I would recommend the ORX. If you are more experienced, you would like the DX6i. The DX6i is a very good quality transmitter.

Alex Hewgill: I'm getting the dx6i mainly because I don't feel like putting my tri or any of my planes (even the $60 ones) in the air with a cheaper 'reproduction' type radio... I know the stats are similar but I'm not putting my trust in it...

Guyon Hayklan: Good basic review, I have the OrangeRx and I have to say I like it. My only complaint, as with many 6 channel radios is there are no 3 position switches for the Aux (flap/gear) channels.

Mike Karlson: Nice review. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanx 

Uhura Oogabuga: They should have made it lime green. Then I would have bought it.

HopeFullSpiritFlyer1: hello. what is the max range of DX and range of orange? thank you.

gixxerman177: HobbyKing gives a 1 year warranty on all electronics(30 days on batteries), and their customer service is getting much better.

love_to_fly: What about the range ?

Vinny Turpin: after this review no ....bought a new dx6 2014 edition

John Dough: do not buy from hobbyking they have no warranty info listed anywhere there a company that makse crap in china and mexico.. they do not honor warranty past the 30 days there a crap company

richard glissan: I have a dx6i and have seen the new orange transmitter which is a lot easier to program' definately will buy one.

Donald Wilkinaon: Horizon would not fix my dx6i roller. Just because I put a backlight in it. My new radio is a futaba 8j wont use horizon again

mmerry2 on YouTube: Yes, T6 has MODEL MATCH. Are you asking about the receiver FAILSAFEs? If so, I think the OrangeRx receivers have FAILSAFE support, at least the 7 and 9-channel versions are advertised to have it. Not sure about the 4 and 6-channel receivers.

nwimpney: it's probably doable, as most radios use the same PPM signal for communication. I can't say for certain, though, since I don't own one. You would probably have to make your own cable too.

oliverg98: 6i is better

RVJimD: When I bought my first 6I a few years back, I was told it only worked with DSM2 and DMX. Have they added the original DSM now?

erg0centric: range is as far as you can see a model plane, be sure to buy a full range receiver

mmerry2 on YouTube: Thanks for your videos too. In your video, I thought I saw an FCC sticker on the bottom of the radio. Does it have an FCC id on it?

Cyberdactyl: All you have to do is hold a Spektrum radio in your hands, and then a Turnigy, and I'm sure this Orange thing, to know the Spektrum is a couple notches above in quality. No need to open them up, which further makes the Spektrum stand apart. Certainly not 7 times the quality, but clearly better made.

audioentertainment: If you go to the product page, and scroll towards the bottom just after add to cart there is a folder tab called "Files". The third ling is a PDF on how to make your own trainer port. The port on the back of the T-Six is an S-video cord. You will have to do some experimenting, but it appears that buddy boxing with a Spektrum Radio is possible. Even if it is not, I can buy 2 of these for just a little more coin than 2 DX5- transmitters, and less thant 1 DX6i.

JollySwagman2006: At less than a third of cost for DX6i here its not bad only Major downfall, is NO "C" tick Approval, so in Australia dont expect to be able to use at ANY Local Flying Fields/Clubs ect.

dmerc00: I had my rudder channel go bad on my DX6i and like you it was out of warranty. They not only fixed it free but totally replaced all the pots on the gimbals. Not sure what HK would do but the turn-around time could be months if I had to send it to China. Would I buy the OrangeRX? Maybe if I was new to the hobby or low on cash. It is a very good deal.

RCflyer729: I have both and I would go with orange it's a lot cheaper and got a lot bigger back lit LCD screen

Tolga Toykoç: I have received it few days ago. It worked fine and I love all its features but today all of a sudden the LCD display stopped working! Everything else including the LCD backlight is working, it transmitts, mix and flap switches are working on my last selected model but there is nothing on the LCD display! Since I can't select a model and can't see anything on the sceen, it is junk now. Any ideas? Maybe the LCD display is simply dead?

RCStuff: very good review, thanks! How do this radio compares to Turnigy 9x in terms of range with stock antennas ?

BuggyAlstare1998: If its a 700 dollar RC go with dc5

GeorgeBonez: BTW one last little tid-bit of info. My last name is “Haskins” which is Brit so maybe thats why I am such a hard-case or Rebel as a US-Citizen ! I credit that quality to my British ancestry or YOU! I hate to see you be so oppressed by your liberal Gov that its almost not enough to fight it here in my once free nation. I want to come there and help you too because without you there would be no me. Sorry didnt mean to rant k. things r really getting freaked up here now & its going to get ugly:(

gemster18: will this orange radio Bind and Fly to a model with Spektrum tech, like the Blade MQX or like a SR120 Heli???

propfella: You stay where you are. Foull mouthed ignorant nobodies. Who know nothing about politics and typical septic tank like just wants to start wars they seem to have a habit of losing lately

Sam Guimbellot: Q: Is it true that the DX6i is the same as a JR660? Since they will use the same RX... I am researching and want to get the BEST for the small budget I have. I also don't want to NEED to upgrade after only a year. Thanks for the review and all the comments.

Cert: Building stuff is always in my family gene. My dad is a new york auto technician and taught me everything I need to know about cars. Now I sell car parts online to suppliment my income. So it does help when there's good guidance.
OrangeRx T-SIX vs. Spektrum DX6i Comparison 4.9 out of 5

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OrangeRx T-SIX vs. Spektrum DX6i Comparison