September 10 - IPhone 5S, IPhone 5C, IPad 5

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Marios Eliades: That's not how iPhone 5s's home button is

Etnik Gorenca: Now, Iphone 5s, Iphone 5c and Ipad 5(September 10)

luis pepi: Lets see if this is the real deal.

Robert Simmons: Check out this video on YouTube:

hoaon: Not impress with the Iphone 5C... They can do so much better...It looks like the new iPod! :(

Michael Idaewor: legit

Rashed Al Abdullah: means i mini version of iPhone 5 a lowcost Version

Shamrick Kumar: That's just iOS 7 I even have that

heddie59: @Anthony r can.have 64gb internal.then.another.64sd card wtf u talking about

Leo young: emm....nice user class...

ashish kavirajan: iphone came before samsung Galaxy ( series) & yeah not before android

11Saviour: Sep 10 is my bday :)

Yousef Rasheed: What about iPod Touch 6 ??

XxxCoolCrazyAngelxxX: Cool

TheEzzyMaster: i heard of everything besides ipad 5 and i dont think the iphone gold is gonna be a thing

sadf8273: can't wait until sep 10 to watch apple new iphones, ipad, and ios 7 announcement.

telacy lindsey: I can't wait for the iPhone 5s

Eva Chinda: i want one

Ng Zheng Da: I was waiting so long can't wait

nikelikey0261: Yay its coming out on my birthday

jojo100214: They all come out on my bday!!!!!!!

Flame Link: i was about to say stfu and read again and u said steve jobs not bill gates anyone else seein jobs the movie

Justinian43: Well Robert, sometimes people watch youtube from handheld devices, Google has not given a way to reply to comments to their app users for Android and IOS.... Don't be so quick to assume!

Andy98NZ: It September 11th for me coz the events at 12 and I'm in new Zealand, were 20 hours ahead of the US! :*(

Matthew Winstanley: Fake

Abdi Atto: Liar pant fire

Kra zed: Nice

luay1985: S stands for Speed ... There was iPhone 3G then 3GS .. 3GS doesn't have the Siri

Mark13TFS: actually iPhone 5s will be realesed in september 10th as for iPhone 5c and iPad 5 will be released in 2014

sadf8273: really?

nfsmwnfsc: Are you being serious 's' stood for Siri @godfammit-_-

Sigurd Kristiansen: The iPhone 5c is an cheaper plastic model to the iPhone 5 :)

abORINGINALGamer: from the dead?

Yourdailytechguys: The iPad is fake

Madison Smith: its sptember 10th..... where is it.. i see nothing new.. oh well. pretty little crapty phones

Peter Lucas: if that was true then apple would have something on the website, retard.

Philip Hoang: happens alot

Nicholas Miller: Definitely getting the 5S. I could've swore the S stood for slim?

LeftClickHere: U guys r all retarded this is fake asf

narakon wongpoomin: Today is 10

sadf8273: really?

Jeremy Huang: i think this is real

NatalyDoesMinecraft: Yay it's September 10th!!

MLGTroll: So the iphone is an iphone 5 but with a different name and higher price to just rob more money of us???????????????

Mario Esquer: they both were unveiled in 2007 (the first iphone os and android's first os as well)

Zeyad Zendah: What time?

Erza Scarlet: No, the Keynote is that day, but I wish^^

te86a: It could be that they are commenting through their phones

mephisto1025: Here we go again ...... An again an again an again . Lol what a gimmick

carlos suarez: Nokia Lumia 1020 Winner :)

September 10 - iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad 5 4.3 out of 5

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September 10 - iPhone 5S. iPhone 5C. iPad 5
September 10 - iPhone 5S. iPhone 5C. iPad 5
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September 10 - iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad 5