Mosin Nagant 91/30 Review Part 3 Of 3

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dustysquito .: Dang, this was a very nice series you put together here. It shows that you took a good amount of time to think through what you were going to say, and that makes it really easy to watch. 

GEIST Nineteen: How bad is the kick of the rifle? i'm a beginner so.. I don't really like the kick after firing certain rifles. I fired an M1 Garand and that thing had a kick. Nice bruise mark from it. Wondering if this will do the same?

GEIST Nineteen: Amazing videos. I'm getting my Mosin on Friday and I had a question. Under the gun where the bullets fall out, can you equip a cartridge to hold 10 or so rounds or no?

How to get it done.: your dad sounds like a pickle

ciaran mcelhinney: can anyone please tell me how to get any spent casings for the rifle or drill style rounds for show for safe loading and unloading 

Misterm Smith: I love it !Thanks great music and review, just beautiful. Long live Russia!!!

Donovan Barry: The song used in the beginning is "The Sacred War", sounds like the Red Army Choir version.

Bojan Milankovic: Correction for you - you cannot attach a bayonet to an M38 carbine. 

zhukie: I think all Mosin bolts have that loose 'play' you're describing. All mine from a 1916 New England Westinghouse to the wartime 1943 Izhevsk (and the couple of M44s) do. Think of a Kalashikov, there's a lot of leeway and wide tolerances there too. Remember that swapping of parts (which the Finns did much of, with their Russian-captured Mosins) necessitates wide tolerances and also that they were turned out in industrial quantities (17.5 million is the figure often quoted) where often volume meant far more than meticulously engineered parts. Its a peasant & workers' weapon and was never designed to be a tight target rifle.

Malcolm X: Good video Tovarich! For future reference you don't pronounce it CO-SACK, it's said CAW-SACK, like a bird caw. The first Mosin's were produced at Izhevsk and Tula, however large scale mass production took place first at the French arsenal Chatellerault. The "hex" receiver's are not really octagonal or hexagonal, they are an irregular shape when observed outside the stock. M38's cannot accept bayonets, and M44's were designed to replace the M91/30 and were made for frontline use. Great review!

Dezerado: your dad sounds like a wiener lol

Malcolm X: @something01992 Everyone makes a few minor errors when attempting to tackle the beast that is the history of the Mosin Nagant rifle series. This is definitely one of the best vids on the Mosin Nagant's history on youtube. I really like the pics and music at the beginning of your Mosin reviews!

nick21sammy: KA3 in the russian writing is KAZ

lthilsdorf: Actually, early M91's did have sling swivels on the forward barrel band and magazine. Dragoon's and Cossack rifles always had the standard sling slots. I actually have one of those pre-1908 updated M91's that was captured by the Austrians in World War I. It even has the pre-1908 era rear sight, which is extremely rare. Anyway, good video!

theotherhomer: Good video, and congrats on winning kiwiteds contest :D. Be sure to get ahold of a M38, M44 and the other variations. The shaking of parts and the bolt in the rifle is normal, all of mine do it. It's meant to be a 'loose' rifle if I remember correctly

Skidin Dingo: those mill marks may have been left there to provide a good surface for soldiers to strike matches?

Teleoceras: @something01992 This is the model that was made at Izhevsk until the early part of WWI. While rare, you can find them if you are lucky. A few days ago on the 7.62x54r forum, one fellow had bought one that was bubba'ed with the stock cut down, but otherwise still intact with it's original parts.

Charles' Milsurp Firearms: @theotherhomer I would love to get an M38/M44 but I don't have enough cash! I'm sure you know the feeling.

Charles' Milsurp Firearms: @coulter36360 The 91/59 was still in 7.62x54mmR, I have not heard of any Mosin Nagants in 7.62x39mm.

Charles valleyviewmontvale: Excellent videos. Well done and very informative. I learned a lot about the Mosin Nagant 91/30. Keep up the good work.

TaZ101SAGA: This is the supreme bolt action rifle for freezing temperatures. I like how they designed most of it's features to still be accessible by a gloved operator. The straight bolt with large ball, larger trigger guard. Large circular roostering piece so the safety could be operated with gloves, personally I never found it that easy but that could just be me. Great rifle, these will be around long after we've all turned to dust.

75thRangers: There are Polish varients that fire 7.92x57 but they are not as common.There are also Finnish varients chambered in 7.62x53R , but the Russian weapons in 7.62x54R is more popular and prominent because more were made and was a common cartridge.

75thRangers: The 91/59 had no sight notche above 1'000 meters because it shot the 7.62x39 instead of a 7.62x54 catridge.It was an experimental rifle but they the project because it was impractical when they had th AK47.

Germanikus86: Nice Video! I think I will purchase one 91/30.

Psygho77: Yore wrong. The mosin m95 has NEVER came out with 39mm, oly in 53mm I own one of these.. The're are diverse storys abaut the 59 nagant. It's an modified gun, based (most) on the 91/30 (wich i own) And schoots more accurate. Kicks even more , and is louder than an m44. Wich i own too. Its an converted to an caribine, so the milled the sights off. Its just an shorter barrel 91/30. And is well reworked, and blued. Trigger is fantastic!

Volkov556: This is a great review man, thanks alot!

clangerbasher: Nice videos.

Segundo Jumbo: freak..!! full speaking..

TheTokkin: dunno about Germans, but Finnish soldiers discarded Finnish manufactured bolts whenever they could. Since Finns were using Mosin-nagant rifles themselves and acquired many Russian weapons as loot, it was popular to just grab a Russian bolt because it was built to loser tolerances and wouldn't get sticky. Given this, its not implausible that the Germans would use Mosins at times (of course they had no logistics for such weapons, so getting ammo would have been difficult.)

twforster15: What song are you using?

Usagi Sensei: Could you please explain why your dad chaced you with a beyonet? Does he not like guns?

Gungeek: Is your Dad a bit crazy lol?

nick21sammy: dragoons are mounted footsoldiers not cavalry. they rode to the battle, dismounted and fought like regular troops

Teleoceras: Nice video, but you didn't mention the Tsarist era M1907 Carbine of which about 344,000 were built.

20thcenturyfilmdocs: Yes, the tolerances on these guns are deliberately looser than what you would encounter on, say, a K98 Mauser, or Springfield 1903. Allows for manufacturering/machining process to not have to be as precise, and given their very big extremes in temperatures in Russia, it probably even helps keep their guns from freezing/jamming, etc.

silver2478: Your father hooked up a real bayonet to a real rifle and chased you with it? You must love him :)

Willy Pete: I got a Izzy for xmas last year 1931 with laminated stock, and hex receievr i liked it so much i bought a second izzy same year and hex receiver. they are awesome. they were purchased from dunhams they seem to get alot fo the 31 hex recievers

Charles' Milsurp Firearms: He took the bayonet out of the cardboard box and chased me with it. I after about 15 seconds of running away, turned around and he swung the damn thing at me and I held up the rifle to take the blow and he struck the hand guard.

Charles' Milsurp Firearms: @Gungeek He's a first class, Grade A, nut job lol.

clangerbasher: Yes he did. But actually his pronunciation was spot on. If your accent is good it should sound more like coo-socks than co-sacks.

TeHGoodReverend: Does your dad hate guns? :(

Charles' Milsurp Firearms: @Teleoceras I did hear of a 1907 carbine made by the St. Petersburg Artillery School. I heard only a handful were actually built and that they're all museum pieces that would never be encountered by the average collector.

Ma Cid: whata jerk

TaZ101SAGA: Also because loose tolerances are better in freezing conditions.

Charles' Milsurp Firearms: @citizensnips83 The Mauser has a loose bolt when it is retracted as well. I don't believe any of those stories of Germans abandoning their Mausers for Mosin Nagants. I haven't encountered any literature where it mentioned Germans abandoning their rifles. Sure, they might of froze up day one of the winter campaign, but soldiers learn quick.

Charles' Milsurp Firearms: @lthilsdorf Thanks! I got a lot of conflicting information during my research. I just used because that seemed to be the one everyone used as their source.

Charles' Milsurp Firearms: @cwbyfan223 Ah, thank you for the corrections. I knew I was bound to get some things wrong. I'll add these corrections in via annotation.

random5306 .: Why did the get rid of the 3 prong sight

klesmer: You only have one? Obviously you haven't been infected yet. It will come Grasshopper.

wolf14900: Awesome series! I knew a lot of the things you mentioned but i also learned a lot as well. But man what did you do to puss your dad off lol

Mosin Nagant 91/30 Review Part 3 of 3 5 out of 5

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Mosin Nagant 91/30 Review Part 3 of 3