Asus Zenbook Prime: SSD & RAM Upgrade!

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Paul Gel: it is really helpful, and I don't need to buy a new laptop

Elwyn Harris: my ux32a looks the same inside, can that be upgraded in the same way? thanks

EJ: Probably better if you use the pointing finger to point and not the middle one.. :D

Bartimaeus: Hey man I'm thinking of buying a Zenbook ux310. Can you tell me what your experience is with the quality of the screws? Do you like turn through them easily or not?

Hajoong Jeong: I bought a 4gb ram stick which is for macbook. Its still ddr3 1600 but my laptop is not recognizing it. Any idea??

Inventorup: Hello: I wouldhave liked to ee you hold the memory chip at about 45 degrees and really push it into the slot before puhing it dwn to lock it in. The memory chip shoud't fall loose like it did on you. Thx for the video I'll up grade my machine soon

3y3candi: careful ther are 2 more screw in the back under those rubber square. you should put the model number of that zenbook i think not all the book are made same.

Aurochs Fly: was not sure abt battery.actually my zenbook's battery is not covering the screw but has 1 common crew thats all.but i anyhow decided to get off batttery and do it all right way. thanks anyhow - was helpful to check if i am right b4 screwing this

yash patcha: Hi i am using ASUS ultrabook k56ca for which i want to upgrade the 8GB ram the laptop is having 4GB ram in it , can you suggest me which company RAM i can buy for thet laptop and is it the same installation i can do to my laptop

AirScholar: Why is there a cage on your window? Bank?

Pierluigi Giglio: hi, i wanna change my sdram with a new 2 sdram of 4gb. which one model can i buy ?
i've a ux31a with a:
Chipset: Intel® HM76 Express Chipset
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 3517U Processor

with a new zenbook will be more fast?

it's possible to upgrade a audio system?

thanks and sorry for my english

F MB: did anyone tried to click in an 16 gig ram , mushkin got one, might work with the i7

Raj: Hey, Do you know if the Kingston Hyperx ddr3L work for this laptop?

would the low voltage(1.35v) actually make a difference compared to the ram you used?

CyLo: Dude, you should put finger down not up, you haven't installed the ram correctly...

DAMIAN GRAHAM: back in the day!!!

Anthony Dawson: Will any make of SSD drive work with a Zenbook UX303UB?
and do I absolutely need to unscrew the battery? I would feel more comfortable not having to do that :-)

Ali-Lionel Wazné: Hi Buddy,
well done! I have some questions:
1) This video is kinda 3 years old from now, so what 2015/2016 Asus Computer would you recommend for a similar upgrade.
2) I intend to get rid of windows and swap it with a Linux Distro, do you have any advice to make a fully functional Pc?

Great Channel, 2 thumbs up keep it on!!!!!!

In The Playroom: Great instructions, thank you. Followed it on my UX32A and it was exactly the same too.

Uk Gamer: Where is the small original ssd cache located?

Mike Mora: Very helpful and informative guide, thank you Austin! I'm looking to put a Samsung 850 Evo in my brand new Asus X550JX-DB71. I do have one question, though. What exactly do I need to do to ensure my copy of Windows works on the new SSD? Since my laptop is new, I don't really have anything else on it that needs to transfer to the SSD.

Asus Zenbook Prime: SSD & RAM Upgrade! 5 out of 5

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Asus Zenbook Prime: SSD & RAM Upgrade!