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Phồng Tôm: +d00d00dumb87 STFO bitch 

Max Frankow: Wow, where did they get all those Hueys? *sarcasm*

Nguyen Kiang: Socialist Republic of Vietnam sucks. Republic of Vietnam rules

NT Sione: viet nam Bumblebee yea..........

Rob Ng: @jerskin61 My dear,VN fought with French,Mongols,Japanese,Thai,Cambodia,many times with Chinese,not only US so we need to see history to know results.things' ve changed a lot now.VN buy 6 of Kilos 636,Gepard 3.9,S300

xiaowushuang: ok, keep dreaming.In Chinese there are words very suit you animals."沐猴而冠"--means a monkey which want to be a man,it have a hat. But what it do is still like a animal. I appreciate your confidence,lol.Wish all you Vietnameses have such confidences,and think your missile shield is invincible.

jerskin61: With out the USSR to back them they couldn't win a war against anybody they cannot produce arms once they reserves are finished they are finished looool

Nails4teeth: I'm probably the epitome of the classic American/"GI' very patriotic 5 out of 12 of my uncles fought in the Vietnam war and am proud of them but have to say that Vietnam is one of the greatest places I've b'n hands down as far as "acceptance" freedom tourism etc... my girlfriend and her family left during the fall of Saigon to America and we visit the few that couldn't leave but ended up flourishing in the new Communist Vietnam and we'LLC keep going

berke657: Best American freakers (Y)

justy doit: what is the different between the Philippines and Vietnam to aquired that kind of weapons

CharlieDoan: dit me may chiec XUONG PHONG LUU DAN cu~ me`m ma dem len day khoe khong biet NHUC....dem ra Bien Dong cho Tau no tap ban ha?? Ngu nhu cho ma cung post len day

justy doit: the philippines have a lot of politicians that is the power of the philippines

Billy Bob Mirango: Love the metal VC music! LOVE Viet Chics! Some of the best Asian ass that is out there! Love Pho Love eating Pho with sweet Viet hotties while listening to Nammer metal !

GuardianDemonX: vietnamese ship attack chinese ship. watch?v=NIUSuy1-FmM

John O: @SirHungryHippo loollollloollllll yes but we like big russian pickles, chinese are too small lolooollllllollol we esoecially love getting freaked by german pickles

FengFox19: Thằng ngu.

leon britton: @DJonX7 warsaw doesnt have police, idiot poland is a russian colony...or is it germany's? i really dont know, poland's been invaded so many times, people like you must be used to having penciles up your asshole

Mike Dan: Vịt Cọng military chưa đủ tư cách xách dép cho Tàu khựa đâu, nhìn đám người rừng vịt cộng "military" quê mùa lạc hậu này làm ta nhớ tới mấy tên Cái Bang luôn bị người đời khinh bỉ

blacksky8: I love Vietnam. Never been there but here in America we learn how brutally we lost in the Vietnam War. A sensless war, where military power was not enough. I dont like China so much, not chinese people but China. Everything made from China breaks in a day. Please protect your allies and your home Vietnam. Respect from America. BTW who is this gnarly band? Ive replayed this video three times just for the tunes. Xiaowushuang, shut the freak up. People like you make the world hate chinese people.

Fviethktwpig: and du ma nhieu

anh huynh: Never f*ck with Vietnam military.

Hung Loo: @Skyguyfrom501legion i'm vietnamese i'm a guy and i sleep with skyguyfrom501legion :D

Billy Nguyen: Oh, definitely. Although we WERE enemies, Vietnam and America is surely getting along well. No matter what our differences may be, there will always be a sense of respect to the Americans. :) God bless America and long may the peace between US and Vietnam shall last.

Billy Nguyen: It's funny how people under-rate and look at our Vietnamese army as under-armed militias. Well, we got decent weapons from Israel and air vehicles from Russia now. Why don't we make our own weapons? Well, we do have our own weapon, it's called courage. That's how we protected our independence from China's domination, Mongol's horde, French/Japanese imperialism, and the USA. But of course, we share our love and respect to both our old enemies and friends around the world :)

AndrewtheDuke: VIETNAM KICK YOUR ASS, BITCH! Amerilady army with all it's "might" got OWNED & HUMILIATED by a bunch of Vietnamese! Ahahhahaa! LOL You call yourself the most powerful nation on Earth? LMAO!!

Rob Ng: @Rob Ng S300Mtu1..TAR21 and dealing to import weapon technology from Israel.South VN had alot weapons supported by US and was 1 of 4 strongest army in Asia at the time but still lost.Weapon's just equipment.Do U hear the story:VC couldn't use remote of Russian missiles coz US radars could find the location then they found the way to activate by hand?

unlien: we follow the words of President Ho Chi Minh whether old girls regardless of ethnic boys eagerly touched the enemy invaded our country will stand our country fought for their country's sovereignty at all costs! who has a gun sword mirrors chin chin chin gun knife knives, hoes, plows, shovels, aggressors drove all costs! Saving water is above all

Rikth D'cruze: I LOVE VIETNAM !!! love and respect from India..

bxrqph: Obviously, you're the only brute here, LOL, which probably is the reason that you don't know how to spell "civilized". There's no such words "civilise country", you uneducated moron, but the word "civilized country". Besides of that, your grammar is terrible too. LOL.

leon britton: @DJonX7 you just agreed to china "raping poland's ass hard" LOL

CharlieDoan: Vietnam and Phi prepare to be slave for China..Yes! You will

Gaël Scarselli: Yeah i've make an error about religious intolerance in the Vietnam war. But i maintain what i've said about the rest.

GuardianDemonX: vietnam do make our own weapon, vietnam just built a battleship called TT400TP, and on the way of making submarine , u need to study more about your own country dumbass

GuardianDemonX: u chinese got ur ass rules pretty long as well

John O: @SirHungryHippo olololaololdsajfsdkfjhdfhsadfh 100000000000000 chinese pickles = 1 SMALL polak rooster HAHAHAHAHHAHHAH the police of warsaw could invade china tomororw lloololololololololololololololol

Nhat tan Ngo hoang: it nice when you say so ( im a vietnamese

Justin Nguyen: 126 people are rednecks that fought in Vietnam war

polka sheit: I love the Vietnamese people,,im from Philippines.

nick74178ify: Dont forget the u.s. killed over 1 million of your troops vs the u.s. 58,000 kia they freaked you guys up the kill death ration was 10 to 1 for the u.s. for u.s. soldier killed they killed 10 of yours.

John O: @SirHungryHippo that's how bad china sucks, even polak could crush 1000,000,000 chineseolololololololol

cafugingabnamwlffdc: freak u all...

Thành Long Nguyễn: why do we call quân đội nhân dân Việt Nam as Vietnam people's army?

louyht7: Well you have your view and I have my. :)

Myth Sought: Việt Nam là tốt. hơn là không pario đến Brazil

GuardianDemonX: we will cuz chinese women are horny as freak, and are u sure u gonna bomb us ? before ur jets even get close to our country it wil be shot down cuz we already got missiles shield douchebag

leon britton: @DJonX7 well then. have fun getting anal raped by 10000000000000 chinese pickles LOL lololololoololololollololololololololollololoollolololll PS. what the freak is polak? is that some kind of dirt?

louyht7: Aren't you an idiot Charlie? go study politic and strategy. Do you know the reason why U.S. helped VNCH is because in the future they can have a base in southern Vietnam, and you know what happen well look at SK and japan. U.S soldiers raped, robbed and bunch of other sh*t against the their civilians. Even tho Communist is not perfect at least the country is unified and being rule by Vietnamese. Vietnamese gov. is Socialist which is lighter version of communist.

llamaeater54: Only the ignorant dispute that the Vietkong and N.Vietnamese were kickass (Always have been). However a lot of American soldiers at the time were conscripts and totally out of their element... Ahh what a retarded and tragic loss of life the war was anyway.

bryan rivera: hi to vietnamese friends! from philippines

Holyshit556: WTF? Chinkladys you talk too much,just gimme your freaking address already

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe

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