How To Tell If Oakleys Are Real

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JOEROCHELLE GAMING: Stop giving him so much crap he knows they're fake if u watch the whole video he says "if you didn't know they where fake they might look real".

Daniel Krayzman: The lx models have metal hinges 

Jabarten: Interesting thought.  Bought my first pair of Oakley's since 1989 a few days ago, over at a Surf Style store on Clearwater Beach.  My first pair was stolen from me over on St. Pete beach back in 2010 (heck, got 21 years out of them, and they costed $80 back nostalgic...LOL!), when I left the bar to go to the restroom.  Anyways, have bought Maui Jim's from there too  (and 2 other pairs stolen from me again...Florida is crawling with crooks).  Seems to be quite genuine, and got the serial numbers on the left earpiece as well.  Just don't like paying $$$ for sunglasses UV/polarized with the frames made in Italy, and finished in China.....uuggghhh...

Tyler Kranick: Oakley on my uses screw hinges that's why there the only glasses/sunglasses I buy

A Cat: plenty of fakes use the no screw hinges and look very real.. also some fakes have all the serial numbers correct copied from other glasses and all marking... and mold markings... if you have a good fake you wont even tell the difference unless your a professional so dont think that just because you have 'genuine' hinges and white markings dont think there real... remember almost all fakes do not have UV protection which is very bad for your eyes

Andrew Smith: Good points, though some points like Serial numbers can be faked. Screws may or may not mean they are fake since some real pairs do have screws. Check out this thread for some other tips on how to spot fake Frogskins specifically: . These points are not true for every pair of Oakleys. Depending on the pair, design etc. counterfeit pairs may have serial numbers, screws and even say "Made in U.S.A". A good tip is to look out for an "O" sticker on the lenses. Aside from "Polarized" stickers, Oakley does not put "Oakley", "O", or anything similar on there lenses! 

Johann Bertram: Frogskins dont come with cases as far as I know

Prada Devon: I bought some replica Oakley sunglasses last week over on replicaman. com

They are the best fake Oakleys I've ever seen. All my friends think they're real! LOL

John Birch: Wrong wrong wrong, get a life dude.  Both pair are real.

Alan Twardosz-Suder: Nice video :) Visit my YouTube channel and videos with unboxing Oakley Gascan Black Iridium Polarized with correction, which I get yesterday :) and not only, I have videos with unboxing Lens Cleaning Kit and Metal & Soft cases :) check out my channel. Greetings for all.

Josef Anthony: What your looking at isn't a serial number. It's a sizing number.

Tyler Webb: 12 people found out they had fake Oakleys

soadfan49: Who gives a freak. Oakleys are for douche bags. Looks like Oakley tried to make knock off Wayfarers. Ray Bans are better.

zcox12: You like the weiner don't you?

penguinspeed: In addition, the first gen 'original' frogskins have the metal hinges which are bevelled with two metal dots appearing infront of the logo. They also have the oakley logo on the arms printed as opposed to it being raised and printed on the newer models. They also don't have serial numbers. Finally, they have 'japan' embossed or moulded on the end of the inside of the arm.

kevin medina: I personally dont care as long as they look as close to real as possible. The only way of telling whether theyre fake is to take them off and further examin it like check serial numbers etc but at first glance no one is going to tell whether itgs fake or not. I have a pair of frogskins from the Oakley store and they look no different than my copy one i bought for $30. I rather pay $30 than $120.

kbbates78: I bought Oakley Frogskins in 1991 and still have them from back when china didn't make copies. Just FYI, they did use screws on the hinges AND they did not use serial numbers on the inside of the frame.

TigerFishing24: Buy them from and you have nothing to worry about.

bobbyboldy: About that I am sure indeed. The glasses without the screws in the hinges could still be real if there was some kind of mix up in the case they where sold second hand to you. To be absolutely sure post pictures of the actual sunglasses on oakleyforum com The experts there can tell. I am a member there as well. Good luck.

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
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How to tell if Oakleys are real
How to tell if Oakleys are real
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How to tell if Oakleys are real