Dr. Oz Promoted Red Light Therapy On His Show

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Estrella Ernfridsson: LED Red Light, helps me with my back pain, my aging skin, dark spots on my skin and a lot more. I recommended Ward Photonics, LED Light. I am very happy with my treatment. I feel younger and beautiful.

Estrella Ernfridsson: I am a big fan of LED Red Light Therapy. I also read about the clinical trial about that device before I buy a treatment for my self. Try the WardPhotonics Products. To me is the best in the market.

Tony DeTuna: Holy crap. .
A sucker is born everyday

Traffic lights work well too.

Lunaiyah: hello if someone can please answer me that would be great. I currently started using RLT bed at my local tanning salon, with their beds the lights come in waves so 10 mind red 10 mins white light. Is this a scam or is that how the beds work? or does the red light have to be constant I use the bed 20-30 mins

JanieMartinSings: Louisa I can't believe how mean and hateful these people are!! You go girl and you try to offer help to people and earn a little money which is a good thing and these hateful people have no inner beauty so nothing will work on them anyway.  I did a lot of reseach for hours and weeks and it is an amazing healing tool.  NASA has confirmed this. I have the LED Red grow light and 3 sizes they use on horses which include the infrared, and many other devices.  I am 76 and nobody can believe my skin and no wrikles.  I am a professional singing entertainer and my photograph is on my webpage.  And I am a professional hypnotist that work with people who are miserable because they are so negative!! Louisa you are beautiful inside and out it is not about you these hateful remarks it is all about their own stinkin' thinkin' and too bad these people are so miserable they try to project their own misery on you.  Janie M.

Yeaahright: Red led is harmful. It impairs physical, emotional and cognitive abilities.

BoysDontCryShowers: You have to do it everyday. But other than that it's one of the greatest inventions ever.

Snezhny M: ANOTHER   bla-bla-bla FOR MONEY.  not a word about the long list of risks.      HAVE CONCIENCE, PEOPLE

Tom Motz: Is there somewhere to buy this that will ship to Canada?

Timothy Davis: I can buy a comparable led light for $15 on amazon.com .

sportydiver: Do you have before and after photos? I am interested in this therapy, but like anything else you have to do your homework. Wher is the proof that it works. I have seen some older women that have used a lot of products on their face and have pemanently screwde it up.

Mori Goldlist.: and how do YOU spell SPAM!!

Mori Goldlist.: Louisa, you are correct regarding the wave length measurements but those LED's (light emitting diodes) are not ony monochromatic but so inefficient due to the very low number of photons emitted. Go take a look at the new Plasma Arc systems being used.

Louisa Graves: Thanks. I am a beauty expert so I had better walk the talk. thanks for your sweet comment.

Louisa Graves: The LED's last for thousands of hours which means years of use.

Louisa Graves: Thousands of hours so with regular use, the LED's last for years.

Louisa Graves: Yes some report hyperpigmentation but with continued use, the darkness fades. I also recommend that you take oral pyncogenol (an antioxidant) that can help address this challenge from the inside out. Read a study note in Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue

Louisa Graves: That's right the combination of Red and infrared lights with wavelengths that are 660-880 manometers.

Louisa Graves: Because he featured LED Red Light Therapy made by this manufacturer on his show. I've used LED Red Light Therapy for over 10 years - and this particular model for over 8 years. It;s the fastest and the largest and the secret to my youthful-looking skin. I offer it for only $279 so you get $120 off and get free S&H in the USA at HollywoodBeautySecrets website

Mori Goldlist.: "Call me this or call me that..." is not an answer. It is the far infrared light that "heals" acne and causes the fibroblasts to re-energize to again produce and secrete the proteins elasticine and collagen to fill in, or smooth out, fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Oz Promoted Red Light Therapy on His Show 5 out of 5

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Dr. Oz Promoted Red Light Therapy on His Show
Dr. Oz Promoted Red Light Therapy on His Show
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Dr. Oz Promoted Red Light Therapy on His Show