Speed Queen Clothes Washer Water Level Problem And How To Fix It

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ife oko: I  live in an apartment and want to get a standard top load speed queen washer. I don't have the standard washer hookups in my apartment so  can I fix it the receiver hose to the fossett directly, and put the exit hose into the toilet?

Wtf Happened: THANK YOU for including all the steps, i.e. how to open up the control console...

Other vids start with the guts already open, and I was wondering how hard the SQ was to open compared with my old Kenmore that just has 2 screws in the front and then lift & tilt-back hinges.

Angel City Chorale Managing Director: Be aware, the extra weight of the water and the greater number of garments or large sized items will lessen the life of the motor over the life of the washer. Every action has a reaction.

Karl Ellison: I did the same as you, but spin cycle centrifugally makes the water slosh up and crash against the underside of the boot, and as a result the sloshed water comes down to the floor. I suppose you need to strike a balance. My mother's 1960's Maytag kept the tub still for the first 30-sec of draining I would guess for this very reason.

Anyone else having fill spout issues where the tub swings forward (especially during the rinse sprinkle) and the fill doesn't clear the tub but instead goes behind? Source of water on floor too?

craigsclocks: Well I'll be damned. I was having to keep adjusting the fill level by keep holding the fill knob until it would fill up to the top. I made the adjustment just as you showed and now we are at the top. Full load size now. Thank you so much.

jam12588: As a appliance repairman for over 40 years i can tell you do not do this because it is not necessary. if you think you need a little more water which most of the time you don't you just hold the reset until the water level reaches your desired level. plus changing this setting by adjusting this factory set screw can cause your washer to overflow under certain load conditions as i have seen happen more than once.

E Gold: I would read directions on the comforter you are trying to clean. Queen size comforters are not recommended for any toploader. Best professionally cleaned.

Snoo Lee: You're directions on the screw setting are incoherent and not specific.

bt1940 bt1940: Thanks for showing how to adjust it... but I am very concerned about the extra gallons of water that you add, and the extra weight effect on the Belt(s)... I broke the outside knob which controls the water level, and I couldn't find that parts ID/reference to order a new one (it is a special knob different from the others on the Washer and Dryer... it has a metal wire inside)... My washer is the same : AWN432 SP111 TW01 , and I really appreciate it if you happen to know what that part SKU is... broke (cracked the knob housing) when it was forced beyond its stop. 9-20-2016

1949sorful: How do you replace the drain hose on a speed queen top load model awn412sp111two1, it is similar  to your model that you used to fix the water level problem.thanks  if you could  show how it is done.

RingwoodLive: Thanks for this ! My wife was so fed up with the performance of this new machine and this tweak really made a big improvement. If you have ANY ideas on how to get around
the idiotic "internal lint filter" design they all seem to have moved to?
We had SO MUCH BETTER performance from our old washer with the agitator mounted lint trap you could clean between each load.

HowsaBowsaYowsa: I bought the AWN432 mechanical controls a month ago and because of this video I was confident in being able to adjust my water level....thanks so much....my machine looks slightly different than yours when I removed the top parts but it is basically the same. I think I had to turn the little screw about one rotation only to get the Ex-large setting to fill to just above the top row of holes. I also defeated the operating mechanism by clamping the metal tab on the back based on another video I watched.

basil1026: Thank you for the demonstration! Got my new washer a couple months ago. How were you able to keep the water running while the lid was open?

Damaris Vazquez: Do you know if all the knob washer models has the reset on the water level knob specially the model AWN432SP113TW04 ?

Anita Langley: Can you also fix a speed queen with electronic controls?

Build a burger: Ta-daaahh! Success!  Unplug.  My new AWN432... has two flat head screws, take off metal piece, followed by three 1/4" hex screws, pulling control panel? forward.   The adjust knob was small, more like 3/16" or 1/8".  Using a crescent wrench seemed to work best.  At first, pulling the timer knob started the water automatically (after plugging back in), but after more than one turn, I needed to push to the reset position before more water came out.  One 360 degree turn equaled one level of holes higher, but start with less as your mileage may vary.  Thank you alitak!

alitak: I was referring to the competition, I should've clarified that! :-) I think all the speed Queens are regular transmissions not direct drive, but you'd want to refer to the manufacturers specifications sheets.

Connie Krandall: Looking to purchase this washer. Do you know if we can adjust the water level on the electronic panel? or only the dial panel?

bran nips420: I am thinking of buying a Speed Queen but I wanted the one with the electronic buttons instead of the dials.  Would I be able to fix the water level on this type?  It does not have a reset button. AWNE82SP

Miller Sharona: Wow thanks for the video. Been trying to figure out what I could do other than stand there holding the reset knob. I just love YouTube!

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Speed queen Clothes Washer water level problem and how to fix it 5 out of 5

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Speed queen Clothes Washer water level problem and how to fix it
Speed queen Clothes Washer water level problem and how to fix it
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Speed queen Clothes Washer water level problem and how to fix it