Veil Anti Laser Stealth Paint Coating

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delonixradar: No, doesn't work against cameras. But for lidar guns like Kustom PL3 it will give you more time to slow down if they target you from a reasonable distance (and you have a radar detector)

Jackcc5: No nz does not use laser based cameras they use the low powered K band redflex ever they do use the guns Normally kustom laser pro 3 or Stalker. does veil even work against the cameras? i wouldn't of thought so

delonixradar: Depends on your situation (and what threats are used in your area) Does NZ use laser speed cameras?

Jackcc5: is it even worth it getting veil?

pmfabri: Some laser guns have overly sensitive jam detection circuitry, and will trigger on some cars (Like the C5 corvette) without any countermeasures at all. Blame the Gun Manufacturer!

ROBERT GOUDREAU: With cars without a front plate,results would be even better.

King Travis: @rmaltbie1 i see more radar in urban areas then i do lidar. Ive gotten caught by lidar before and it was on open avenue towards the beach caught me at 1000ft. soon as my radar detector said laser knew i was screwed. couple hundred feet slowing down distance would been fine

jikonko28: best test i've seen, realistic, no BS good job. How do the headlights look after the paint has been applied?

delonixradar: @superorgasm no jammer in this test

superorgasm: this is bullcrap- theres a jammer thats the only way it would get an e01 msg.

RacerE7773: @jtlovett27 I'm 40, and have a stock '03 Impala and got ran by the only active sheriff's car in our county on the way to the store yesterday. A couple years ago my wife and I were in another county coming home at midnight from a movie in the same Impala and got tailgated by a state. So it's true; they had nothing better to was even worse when I was younger with a stock '86 cavalier and a '00 cavalier. I never see them behind modified cars if ever.

Christopher Chaparro: This is the truth, I've pulled over 4 times in a 6 week span! Wasn't speeding a single one of those times, guess they were just bored or something. I got a couple of fix-it tickets here and there. Hmm, about 800ft? I think the law is typically a 1000 ft. or less for LIDAR tagging—so I read. And most cops Ive seen using LIDAR in urban areas are less then that, instant on too! So without active jamming, you are most likely busted—so Ive read.

delonixradar: Hence the use of products like this (Veil) and jammers

xfade2blakx: why didnt the cops just stick to radar? freakin laser gives you no warning.. even with a high end radar detector, by the time it tells you there's laser around you've already been clocked.. :(

delonixradar: Yes (or a number of other points) A jammer is the best solution in your case

lostinseganet: Thats what I am thinking. Don't tell them crap!

Daniel Mirai: VEIL IS AMAZING!!

delonixradar: It has been out of stock world wide for some time. New G4 formula will be available soon. What state are you in Dean?

delonixradar: Yes, it works as advertised. Veil are about to release their generation 4 formula, which not only applies to your headlights better, but is quoted to further improve laser absorbtion.

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
Veil anti laser stealth paint coating 5 out of 5

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Veil anti laser stealth paint coating
Veil anti laser stealth paint coating
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Veil anti laser stealth paint coating - before and after
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Veil anti laser stealth paint coating