How To Make A Turtle Topper

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tonydude1985: made of osb, that ram is nicely swelled now

Ethan Crawford: @paddyclegg i got it at a home improvement store. (home depot, lowes)

Paddy Clegg Official: Hey nice vid, where did you buy the plexi glass?

Ethan Crawford: @tteezzrreell yes

tteezzrreell: w8 is plexie glass actually just transperant plastic?

Ethan Crawford: @vertkid919 yay!

Ethan Crawford: @OscarzNTurtlez Alone. So it's $77 plus 60 for the total.

Ethan Crawford: @OscarzNTurtlez the shipping will be $77 plus the cost for the item. Sorry it took so long about this. Please pm me if you want to consider the offer. Thanks!

Ethan Crawford: @OscarzNTurtlez i need your postal code to get the most accurate price for shipping. sorry for the delay. ive been having trouble trying to find a reasonable shipment company to ship the turtle topper. sorry again!

Ethan Crawford: @OscarzNTurtlez Is that a 55 gallon? I can sell the one i'n this video if it is.

Ethan Crawford: @bp120596x there is a screen on top of the cage. the plexiglass is for watching the turtles bask!

Ethan Crawford: @OscarzNTurtlez yep! they are all custom made and come in many different sizes. just email me or pm me about the sizes and pricing please! thanks

Ethan Crawford: @mydogeatspeople I'm selling them on herpsrock . Com Just email me the size of your tank in an email to ethancrawford@me. Com or PM me. Thanks!

Ethan Crawford: @Jacob32191 the actual topper is fine and can be made of wood, but the ramp i had to replace with a hamster ladder thing. if the wood gets in the water, it will fall apart

Jacob Ace: very handy but im not too sure about using wood in general, the ramp will mold wont it? since you have a finished product how has it helped you out and what do you think about it?

Ethan Crawford: @vanhalenman60 it wont unless it gets wet

BigNastyreborn: it will mold wont it its not water proofed

Chelsea Mandar: color it and it will look awesome !

Derek Crum: @MyFishies ahh cool thanx i might get one

Ethan Crawford: @derekjames80 ya... actually on herpsrock(dot)com i have lots of some stuff i make for sale and some small animals...but i cant breed any of my animals yet

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Turtle Topper Review
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How To Make a Turtle Topper