THE HORROR! Cry Of Fear Game Play (Steam Version)

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Nero Spardason: *TRUE FEAR*

King Jake: "I dont like that... whatever just happened - I didnt like... yeahgityer freakin knife out let's KNife a BITch" hahaha

ratsnake22: scroll back up you kitty!

dandog117: The days before James. I imagine he's at home lifting while this is going on.

I3YRN3ZY: @Mayank Arora I second that!

GamingTaylor: I'd like to see more scary games on Inside Gaming. :) 

Raymond Tsang: Everyone is vulnerable to the last picture

enanoooo19: They NEED to play more scary games.

Mayank Arora: You guys should play more horror games, especially with James

Quentin Hawks: diggin the crystal castle shoutout

Angel Gonzalez: Man I wish you guys played more scary games

dragonman1223: Inside gaming should totally do more dark room that was awesome

That Guy: Khail at the very back with a helmet on XD

danny kelly: This looks frightening as freak 

Russian Wurm: 3 minutes ? come on !

TheKillboy1000: I played this with my friends. We had so much trouble with multiplayer and the game itself being buggy as crap.

BlueDeathRay: Hey, you seem cool, I saw yo COD: Ghosts video, and maybe we could sub to eachother (I only got 22 subs ;() but yeah and last thing, Minecraft.

Joe Johnson: 0.34 soooooo funny

Edgar Fajardo: Crystal Castles is too mainstream for me.

Korey Miller: Lol id love to work there with you guys

Robert Hardeman: goodbye

el tincho vids: nice dual welding :D

aniss395: lol

k1ngBlaSTer: 1:36 you guys should sing as a trio

FPSAbysmal siner: could you guys make a stream of this??

Mr White59: "Get yer freakIN' knife out."

wulf02: "Why would you even have reason for that!?"

Brao Huynha: Not like they have time to. They're busy being awesome.

kalizan221: lol 3 view :)

Diego de Souza: yep, just like Silent Hill 1 XD

Ladderthief1: I usually hate these Let's Play videos, but I do have a small list of them I watch. TFS, Lanipator and now, Inside Gaming.

Diego Hermosilla: More moda freakas

Jesse Roberts: "Oooh!"

RefractionHD: Oddly that is true xD If it looks like an N64 game and it's meant to be scary it can definitely be scary.

Jesse Cruz: Haha, you guys are much more awesome than IGN, it's a totally better ambience, it just feels like you guys are not as conceited as them. :P

RichRenegade: That monster child thing was bloody freaky! I woulda used my entire clip as well like that :O

kevin said salmon escobedo: ive tried to play multiplayer, the game doesnt find any serv... :(

Marsian: Baby/kid thing seriously creepy as freak.

bwoodballin: It helps to know about the jump scare at the beginning this is a pretty good mod if you haven't seen the while story

TheOwlslayer: That was entertaining!

MaDDfnegative: Keep the good work

V4ultr3mTV: LoL! In no horror game ever did i see a zombie or monster come from under a bed to kill yo ass!!!

BigWill0993: MORE LOL

PurpleStorm8: He stopped making those because people got offended and apologised for it.

potage40: R.I.P my freaking ears 00:32

Beachyboy9966: Why didn't you go to see Crystal Castles?!

Arjun Sreeram: You guys should do more stuff like this it was great

Dominic Knapper: Meh.

Vodkagarbage: It was a joke, so yes, you are an idiot.

javier cebreros: Man just in rooms playing I so wanna be there and play 24/7

THE HORROR! Cry of Fear Game Play (Steam Version) 5 out of 5

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THE HORROR! Cry of Fear Game Play (Steam Version)
THE HORROR! Cry of Fear Game Play (Steam Version)
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THE HORROR! Cry of Fear Game Play (Steam Version)