Minecraft SpeedArt - KermitPlaysMinecraft

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LAMCreeper: The first person who sends me a direct link to the outro song gets a Subscriber.

Ethan McCarthy: Wat software do u use 

The Epic Green Mask | Minecraft Gaming: why is this a link only video

santur7878: Can you do mine (:

RDNGames: How do you make these things? Plz tell me what program you use to make the speed art

Taylor Becker: Dude you're amazing. <3

Ebony Pola: have you done an ASFJerome speed art?

EpicNinjaBomb: And then the new Youtube layout ruined it..

HfzD: are you doing this with mouse? coz it looks really nice

ailandas45: Yeah i khnow i love your work two and i think everybody loves it because its awesome but takes you really long and can you call me to be friends and maybe you can teach me to do these i have paint tool sai please teach me i love tjese speedarts please please please teach me

LinvestigatesMC: its the squids fault the hacked youtube

Pikachulova666: Sky's just laughing his butt off

No More Roblox: Add me on Skype my name is nomoreroblox

LaggyGamer: Holy crap 12 hours. O.o

Caleb Orr: Ertrrrrfirtirrirurruruuudusirshdjjfhdufiudidkciddicufjfjdjiificicififi

TheENDIEND Deathpro: Wow...

Bry L: Ib love ur sppedarts! They are awesome!

TheTerrificTommy: like if this is epic

MrDarkmis13: NICE

Judith Gascon: GoldSolace.

Denny Vu: Day thumbnail

Andrew LolFaceLOL: Teach me master

ShadowVenom718- Gamer/Artist: It's unfortunate that they changed the YouTube layout again. Kermit can't use this anymore D:

DuckGang: its cool to see a person put so much work into one thing and it to just make a masterpiece :D

Brittany Hannah: agreed

MaddyPlaysVideoGames: :')

Neomind22: I dont know why you wouldn't, cuz you're so so damn good at it

sdnative37: DA FISH!!!!!!!!!!!

Zeus Thunda: Once again You've OUTDONE YOURSELF AMAZING JOB!!!

Kcastil45: Name of song??

xXAngelTribeXx: 12 hour you my freind should have your own tv show

LeoDan Diaz: When Kermit is beating the squid it looks like he's saying "I'm the KING! OF THE SEAS

Patrick Saint: Yeah it is hard for me to do it with a mouse how can u do it so good

OMplaysMinecraft: I wish you would make my channel background.

GamingSwagger64: I think he invented something called Gold? Huh... Anyway BudderSolace would be a great name.

renate naas: You are awesome!!!!!

Johann Caayao: He wants His name to be GoldSolace. Just because He's in the SkyArmy doesn't mean his name has to be like that.

Katelynn and Maci: 12 HOURS!!!

zombiekiller270: That was amazing

Trippel 8: Why aren't you in this photo Gold? :O You deserve to be. xD

SweWolf: OMG It took 12 hours to draw that?? Any way, great job, keep going buddy!

KickPlaysGames: You Are Absolutely Awesome.

crafted miner: What program do u use?

stephen breen: Fo u make those for fans eho pay up

minipinkspiderable: Kermit the good froggie

geenat788: I will think about subscribe ing

ailandas45: Again pleaseeeeeeeee


ZombieMasterMC: You have talent my friend

Zodeax Plays Pc: nice man

Minecraft SpeedArt - KermitPlaysMinecraft 4.9 out of 5

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Minecraft SpeedArt - KermitPlaysMinecraft