Blackberry 9320 Disassembly

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Nikita Foucher: Bonjour,

Apres avoir passé un produit désinfectant sur mon téléphone, de la buée s'est déposée à l’intérieur de l'objectif, le rendant inutilisable. Quelqu'un peut il me certifier que cette technique de démontage est fiable et sans risque d'endommager mon portable ? (un des commentaires ci dessous me fait peur...)

Merci ! :)

Derek McCoy: Disgusting nails. And vertical video is sign of an amateur.

Total Gaming: Cut your nails

Juned Abdul-Mahdud: since evrery one is asking about the screwdriver this link might help

Juned Abdul-Mahdud: You lot know u need the special screw driver!!!

tjah mahmood: None of my keys work apart from end call and the volume. Help please?!


Bethany Jade: does anyone no how to fix the scroller on this phone?

Cocacolaroxs1: Why would u want to take apart the whole phone anyway?


Dan Fretwell: How would I replace the trackball? Would I take apart the phone as normal and then unclip the trackball from the motherboard, pop it out then just install the new one?

BFamous94: Is it possible to fix my blackberry vibrator ?

Torin is cool: Haha

xXCookieKillzXx: get ur nails cut u scrub

Conor O Reilly: thanks but i used it to change housing

Russell Jones: Yes, but it is never as good as it came from the manufacturer.

Russell Jones: To soften the glue.

Russell Jones: I think you can use the same screwdriver as the first one, the second screw has a little blue wax to void the warranty.

Max Golding: whats the second screwdriver u used?

Jessica0195: can you please do a video where you put the peices back together for the curve 9320?

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blackberry 9320 disassembly 5 out of 5

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blackberry 9320 disassembly