KSC GLOCK 19 - Disassembly Of The Pistol - Part ONE

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asianredneck625: And one more question. The takedown pin on my 19 is worn out, so every time I power stroke the gun, the slide always comes off. I've switched the takedown pin backwards and it seems to be all fine. Will this still cycle as I have no gas to test it? 

Adam Kirn: i put the new sear in and it somtimes works ok but then other times my glock 19 goes fully auto again even with the new sear. what could possibly be causing this???

AvenSkyGazer: Kameleon, awesome video. I am nearly ready to tackle the "pain in the ass" step that you briefly mentioned at the end of the segment, but I was wondering if you could answer a question before I continue; there is a skinny, looped wire between my trigger and slide release lever. Its ends are factory bent at 90 degrees. I'm not too sure how this wire is placed. Would you happen to have any guidance on this particular part? It is not illustrated or designated a part number in my parts sheet.

Adam Kirn: what problems would a brocken sear cause? how would one know if it is broken on his ksc glock 19?

samrosered: wot is the valve retaining pin where is it ?

samrosered: hi me again still not working can i send it to you to fix

808Kameleon: So you have no recoil action? Check the piston cup if it is secured in that brass pin. Check the pin that goes right through holds the valve in the piston/nozzle. If all is good, then check the striker if it is protruding through the magazine well. If it is not seated well, it will not strike the valve on your magazine hard enough to expel enough gas to do it job. That is he most difficult part to reset once it is taken apart! Check my GLOCK 18C videos as well as how to seat that thing.

chrishuitron: where did you buy the trigger sear from?

fathallah104: where did yo buy it or wich site

Chris Gauthier: I figured it out the co2 mag release valve is sticky so when i pull the trigger it only hits it hard enough to the point were it only releases just the right amount of gas to only pull the slide back half way so that is why it was not cycling right

Adam Kirn: yea im in the prosses of it right now. everything looks ok but the gun still isnt working properly plz help

808Kameleon: The loading pin is right below the nozzle.

808Kameleon: If you try and pull back the piston/nozzle with your fingernail, and its gets stuck, not going all the way back. YES! THAT is the problem. Buy a new spring.....

808Kameleon: @samrosered A few factors. Your inner mechanism is dry, and simply needs to be lubricated with silicone oil. Do NOT use WD40 or sewing machine oil! Use ONLY silicone oil, as other oils will damage and destroy the plastic parts. Second, is the valve retaining pin might be loose within the piston. It has to be repositioned into the small hole and re-inserted. The striker pin spring might be out. Check striker movement while the hammer is back.

Adam Kirn: great news! i think i found the problem. you were right it seems to be the magazine that is the problem. the magazine somtimes gets stuck when i put it into the frame of the gun but if i make sure it goes in nice and smooth it hasn't failed me yet! im also going to buy a second mag for it but as of right now i can make it shoot great 99% of the time.

808Kameleon: First, try and lubricate all moving parts with 100% pure silicone oil made for airsoft. Mostly, it is the piston that is the problem, as well as the piston cup. It can be accessed through that rectangular hole. You can dribble a few drops into that rectangular hole then move the piston with your fingers, until loosens. If problem is still there, replace the trigger sear and also, check the trigger bar.

Radz Gardiner: do you think thats whats causing the jamming and non cycling?

Radz Gardiner: I justrealized that both of my nozzle springs are tired! Do you think that it may come from that and that i'll need to change them? Could it be?

808Kameleon: For the GLOCK 19, it MIGHT be the same and parts possibly compatible between the KSC and the KWA GLOCK 19.. The GLOCK 18C, forget it!

808Kameleon: YES! The WE Tech is a clone of the Tokyo Marui !

Radz Gardiner: And whats the main function of that small spring that holds the transfer bar to the trigger? What are the possibilities that thats the problem? Sorry for the questions i'm just goin insane here

Chris Gauthier: Did you figure out what my gun was doing

808Kameleon: @chrishuitron Most, if not all my upgrades comes from Hong Kong, like DenTrinity, WGC Shop, UNCompany, and my favorite is Tokyo-Model in Hong Kong. If you need direct links to any parts, let me know in my inbox.

808Kameleon: Not yet. I have so many projects to do.....

Sergiu gardean: Thank you,one big fat like! :)

Alexander Percy: good job

808Kameleon: Ironically, MY KSC GLOCK 19 has a dead trigger. But I have put that gun on the back burner, since I have two other guns I am currently working on. That gun will not be worked on for over a month, and there is nothing I will do to work on that now. Those other guns are my first priority. Jamming trigger is from the back parts that "wraps" around the hammer. That may not be seated well. Recheck that. And check the trigger sear spring if it didn't pop out.

808Kameleon: FULL AUTO on a GLOCK 19? You have an issue with the sear! Did you take the lower receiver apart yet?

808Kameleon: Brand new? And eHobby Asia IS reputable. It may seem that you got a "lemon". Try spray all moving and metal-to-metal contacts with silicone oil. it sounds like you got a "bone-dry" pistol. You can get silicone oil for airsoft at any local or on-line airsoft shop. Use silicone oil ONLY. Do NOT use WD40.

808Kameleon: Honestly, I am not sure. I haven't done that switch, or know of anyone doing so. And yes, there is that cavity in the backstrap of the GLOCK. I cover mines with real steal backstrap covers.

808Kameleon: @samrosered Sorry. I got NO KSC GLOCK 19 spare parts for sale. Maybe just the plastic barrel outer if I can find it.....

808Kameleon: @gandhicakes KSC built ones are now rare, but after market parts are sold all over Hong Kong.

808Kameleon: The sear is what locks the hammer back. Did you find a crack on it? AND! Is this gun USED or brand new? A second (or third) hand gun will be problematic because the reason the owner is selling it, is because it is broken, malfunctioning, or ???

Chris Gauthier: I got a ksc g17 about a year ago never had a problem with it since up until now when ever i pull the trigger it will shoot a couple times then the trigger will stick back i do not know what part i need to replace please help me thanks

808Kameleon: @samrosered Sending a KSC/KWA GLOCK 19 from the UK to HAWAII would be a BAD idea! It could be stolen through customs or the postal service, as it is a highly sought after airsoft pistol! And the "trip" back to the UK would be MORE risky! I will repair a KWA GLOCK 19, and put it on video. The video should be completed by Wednesday, I hope.

808Kameleon: @fathallah104 I bought this KSC GLOCK 19 here locally in Hawaii amost 7 years ago. If I happen to find one on-line, I will send you the link.

StrikerITA: I've looked for a video like this for YEARS....thank you

white1200c: Will a KSC Glock 19 accept a FAB/Mako stock ?. Is there an open space behind the magazine, like a real Glock 19?

808Kameleon: The piston/nozzle spring. If they are crimped, then they are actually useless. They do sell these on-line.

Triston Sayso: Is there any differences in the kwa glock 19?

Omen4500: What does the advanced hammer spring do?

GeorgeThePr0: can i remove the trigger group without removing the hammer group on the we g18c?

Omen4500: @808Kameleon Thank you, That answered my question perfectly. :]

808Kameleon: @samrosered ith the slide off the frame, it is the part that moves back and forth when you remove the barrel. The part with the rectangular hole. Remove the screw on the underside below the rear sight, and remove the iston valve assembly. The pin is located on the side of the piston right by the hole. You may watch my other KSC GLOCK related videos to show how to remove and replace that valve, as well as removing and replacing that pin and valve. Don't loose that spring or valve!

808Kameleon: It MAY be a mismatch part! KSC & KWA are NOT compatible, DESPITE what you read in forums! The striker (the hammer that strikes the valve on the magazine) sounds at fault here. It COULD be for the wrong gun. ie GLOCK 19 and GLOCK 18C. Did you put back the original parts?

Chris Gauthier: I replaced the sear,trigger spring,disconnector but it only shoots once and the trigger sticks back and i have to rack the slide every time i shoot what is wrong please help

808Kameleon: That would be the slide release spring. There is a very tiny notch on the far left of the trigger housing. I will send you my KSC GLOCK 19 dissasembly vidro shortly...

Adam Kirn: i got this gun brand new from ehobbyasia. it never worked it was malfunctioning the minute i got it. also i checked the sear and everything looks ok, i didnt see any obvious cracks. the weird thing is somtimes the gun shoots normally and somtimes the slide dosnt go all the way back and other times it goes full auto. i have no idea what to do.

Adam Kirn: i tried all this and what i noticed was that if i load my mag full of gas and shoot it with no pellets just the emty mag, it fires perfectly but the minute i load pellets in it and go to shoot it fire full auto and 3 round bursts. but i agree im starting to think mabey it is the magazine thats the problem.

808Kameleon: That small spring moves the trigger back to its start position after the trigger is pulled. It is essential to proper operation.

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KSC GLOCK 19 - Disassembly Of The Pistol - Part ONE 4.8 out of 5

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