KSC GLOCK 19 - Disassembly Of The Pistol - Part ONE

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andrew stowe: My KSC glock 19's hammer is stuck. Any ideas how to fix it?

asianredneck625: And one more question. The takedown pin on my 19 is worn out, so every time I power stroke the gun, the slide always comes off. I've switched the takedown pin backwards and it seems to be all fine. Will this still cycle as I have no gas to test it?

808Kameleon: Yes, you can. Only Tokyo Marui, KJW, and other clones, the rear sight is actually screwed down.

Jorrell Emerick: Is it possible to adjust the rear sight left and right for windage on the KSC Glock 19?

808Kameleon: That small spring moves the trigger back to its start position after the trigger is pulled. It is essential to proper operation.

Radz Gardiner: And whats the main function of that small spring that holds the transfer bar to the trigger? What are the possibilities that thats the problem? Sorry for the questions i'm just goin insane here

Radz Gardiner: Alright now i really don't understand, everything is literally brand new on this gun now due to all the doubted defecteous parts, i've changed the piston springs, the nozzle shoot back into place no prob. The gun doesnt seem to either bring the hammer back after blowback and/or the transfer bar is the only thing that gets pushed back down which then gives me a dead trigger after one shot! This gun's is driving me up the wall!!!

808Kameleon: If you try and pull back the piston/nozzle with your fingernail, and its gets stuck, not going all the way back. YES! THAT is the problem. Buy a new spring.....

Radz Gardiner: do you think thats whats causing the jamming and non cycling?

808Kameleon: The piston/nozzle spring. If they are crimped, then they are actually useless. They do sell these on-line.

Radz Gardiner: I justrealized that both of my nozzle springs are tired! Do you think that it may come from that and that i'll need to change them? Could it be?

808Kameleon: So your pistol fire normally with the original parts? Then something IS amiss with the upgraded parts. I would carefully compare each part you bought with the original.

Radz Gardiner: Despite mine being a KWA i did put back the original parts but dont know whats going on. The gun is practically new, no wear on it. When upgrading it, i had to change the hammer spring (which was a pain the first time), the magazing valve, the spring and its guide. Now i put everythin thing back as it was on day one (except the mag valve) so its all KWA now.

808Kameleon: It MAY be a mismatch part! KSC & KWA are NOT compatible, DESPITE what you read in forums! The striker (the hammer that strikes the valve on the magazine) sounds at fault here. It COULD be for the wrong gun. ie GLOCK 19 and GLOCK 18C. Did you put back the original parts?

Radz Gardiner: I've tried everything man, still won't load another BB after the first shot. Checked everything out as you told me, lubricated it all up. My nozzles brand new, the hammers good, all's good; although when i pull out the magazine it doesnt slide out as it should and when i pul on it theres a click as if somethin was blocking it. Then after a few re racks, the slide blocks and so does the trigger!!! I mustve done something wrong when disassembling the gun because it was perfect before.

808Kameleon: Ironically, MY KSC GLOCK 19 has a dead trigger. But I have put that gun on the back burner, since I have two other guns I am currently working on. That gun will not be worked on for over a month, and there is nothing I will do to work on that now. Those other guns are my first priority. Jamming trigger is from the back parts that "wraps" around the hammer. That may not be seated well. Recheck that. And check the trigger sear spring if it didn't pop out.

Radz Gardiner: I've checked all that, and all is good. Not only do i have the problem of the above, but after a while the trigger jams and so does the slide when i try removing it. I was thinking maybe the tension on the transfer bar spring was too slack, but i adjusted that and nothing. Funny because up until i upgraded it it worked fine, so there must've been somethin i touched that budged something else. You videos i've followed them to the step over again but i nothing gives. any suggestions?

808Kameleon: That part appears on 7:51 on this video. If that part is not seated well, then you will have no action, or it will not strike the magazine valve hard enough to expel gas to push out the pellet AND recoil your slide.

808Kameleon: So you have no recoil action? Check the piston cup if it is secured in that brass pin. Check the pin that goes right through holds the valve in the piston/nozzle. If all is good, then check the striker if it is protruding through the magazine well. If it is not seated well, it will not strike the valve on your magazine hard enough to expel enough gas to do it job. That is he most difficult part to reset once it is taken apart! Check my GLOCK 18C videos as well as how to seat that thing.

Radz Gardiner: 808Kameleon, appreciate your videos on the G19. My G19 will only pop a bb at a time and gives me a dead trigger, therefore i have to pull the mag out and then rearm then pop the mag back in to shoot just one bb again. Now i've followed all 3 videos mainly cos i was upgrading my spring guide, spring and hammer spring, but then this happened, so i went back to factory settings and still the same problem. All my parts are in good shape. When you get a second hope you can help me out. Appreciate it.

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KSC GLOCK 19 - Disassembly Of The Pistol - Part ONE 5 out of 5

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KSC GLOCK 19 -  Disassembly Of The Pistol - Part ONE