How To Bleed Kubota Fuel Injector Lines

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Claret Mug: He forgot to say," Fill your gas filter full of fuel" before you put it on.

Micke Mike: Thanks for the post!
I managed to flip my Kubota D722 powered Avant 520+ upside down the other day (good job Mike...) and I've bled the engine, however it smokes a lot and I have the feeling it's only running on two cylinders.
Got any advice on this situation?

Clifford Singer: I ran my JI CASE skidsteer dry, and will not start after diesel is added. Will your technique work to bleed an free up potential air block? Thanks..Liked your video - excellent.

Thomas Williams: Please help have bleed everything and it will run for a couple minutes and then dies again

Militum Xpisti: Thank you.  Very informative.

russell houtz: Thanks!!! I frgot about the decompression lever...your very well spoken.

Chris Christenson: thanks
your video enabled me to bleed the lines and restart after running out of diesel

I appreciate a great teaching

A Alice: What is the thing at the top of the injectors that feeds the injectors? Mine (B7300) is leaking gas there but the two nuts seem to be tight. Love your vids!

bonita miller: Great video! thank you so much, I work 3rd shift so I cant work on it now but will let you know how it goes when I do.

MrRainbowrooster: Great help. thanks for making it simple for folks like me

Tho doris: thank you

james mckinney: hmm, all the kubotas i have owned have bleeder screws along the fuel system, have never in 30 years had to crack an injector line

Kenneth F. Klein: Great video, and i did this as well, but there is a bleeder screw on the side of the injector pump. that helps bleed the air.

Chet Cromer: Great video. I expect this will do the trick on my B7100 on which I just rebuilt everything from the flywheel to the joint headed to the transmission.

ZeUberNerd: This solved the issue on my L295DT when it ran out of diesel, thanks so much!!!

godlytv: Thanks! Between this and your website I was able to get the job done. Sadly, my finishing mower busted just after the bleed.

marko stathis: Thanks for posting this. A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth fifty thousand! You can read about doing this but seeing this makes the job so much easier. I got my b7100 running. Once again, thank you!

Sara___: how do you bleed a B2920. The instructions in the manual says that you a fill the tank with fuel and run the engine for 30 sec and then stop ... not very helpful I have tried that and not helpful

farmall51: HaHa Yeah Thats what I said. He must have gotten in the Diesel can I used that day. But that's all it takes . LoL

crimson22s: haha damn beetle

How to Bleed Kubota Fuel Injector Lines 5 out of 5

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How to Bleed Kubota Fuel Injector Lines
How to Bleed Kubota Fuel Injector Lines
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Diesel. bleeding fuel injector
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Kubota fuel issue
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How to Bleed Kubota Fuel Injector Lines