How To Bleed Kubota Fuel Injector Lines

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Craig Hollabaugh: thanks man.

Robert Richardson: I’m having issues getting an 1980s 2cyl westerbeke engine to start. I believe it’s a kubota block.I’ve had help from a heavy duty mechanic bleeding the fuel lines but it looks like very little fuel comes from the injector lines or at the pump.When cranking the engine only tiny drips come from the pump. If I put my finger on the pump outlets I can feel a pulse of pressure. Should fuel blow out hard at the pump.I removed the pump and it seemed to have water in it so I cleaned it out with fresh fuel And reinstalled it but had issues lining up a fork With a spring to the pump. No info on this set up. The engine turns over but will not fire We did get some white smoke after cranking. Fuel lift pump does work and all lines seem to be clean.Not sure if you have any thoughts. The engine has a fuel solenoid shut off that does not seem to work so I’ve been holding it manually to try and get fuel to pump to the injectors. Would be nice to get it running but at $100 plus an hour I’m looking to work it out.Love the videos

Roger Williams: What is the problem when my skid steer takes about 3 sessions of 20 second cranking to start? It doesn't want to start until it has been cranked over for an excessive amount of time and then all of a sudden kicks in. I've had the injection pump rebuilt for another reason but this hard starting persists. Thanks for any help.

Vasile Costin: Damn thanks saved me a lot of time lol.

G8rrett: Thank you so much. This helped me out.

Ajai Ram: Why my hydraulic is no working
It’s jacking when going up and barely moving

Grady Lambert: Thanks for the instruction. Very clear.

Fish Man: Why would you need to turn the engine over if the fuel pump is electric. I have a BX and its electric. A friend told me that on the BX series that I didn't have to worry about air in the lines. IS this true ? I have replaced fuel filters, fuel cap, fuel pump and it still mows for about thirty minutes then loses 90% power and sometimes chugs and dies. Please help.

Ydnar Slohcin: Thank you greatly. Wish you lived near Arkansas. Id love to sit down and talk tractors with you. Stay safe and God Bless.

Fred Moretz: Thanks. Very informative and helpful.

Eric Resh: You rock, Vic! I was able to bleed my Kubota fuel lines exactly as you said. However, my Kubota is probably 20 years old and it required an 18mm wrench instead of the 17mm you used. Otherwise, it was a snap. Thanks!

Fish Man: What about the BX2360 that runs great till you mow for about twenty minutes. then loses RPm's and if you let cool it will run great again for the same amount of time. Put new tank, and all new filters and still does the same thing. Please help. Allways services reg. and never ran farm grade fuel.

Tim Von Ah: Thanks! I pulled a rookie move and allowed my tractor to run out of fuel. I knew what I needed to do, just not how. this was very helpful. Thanks again.

carlos muler: Hoy should use a flare nut wrench for this. Thanks for the info.

rod builder: So do you crack the lines all at once or one at a time? You never said!!

Mike Horkoff: having trouble bleeding kubota m8580 cav pump. fuel to pump can't bleed.

Carey Ininns: Thank you

D Meares: Good job and it worked! thanks

Allan Peda: I managed to get the air out by gravity feeding a pint of diesel directly into the electric pick up pump that feeds the mechanical pump on the block. The symptoms were exactly as described in the video, I had her running and she stalled just as I reached the dock (sailboat with a marinized D950 block, aka M25XP). Anyhow after panicking, I collected my wits and force fed the fuel in with about 4 feet of head. As far as I am concerned a fuel oil compatible container with a bottom mounted hose barb is a great addition to my tool kit.

M S: Thanks Bro. Just did this and it worked on my BX.

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How to Bleed Kubota Fuel Injector Lines