Charlie Da Tuna Trigger Installation On The Crosman/Benjamin Titan NP

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barry zome: It's a good idea to have on hand an extra E clip in case you damage it, you can purchase them at a hardware store or on Ebay, they are 5/32

barry zome: You forgot to remove the stock trigger adjustment screw it is behind the trigger you will need a phillips screwdriver, also put on blue loctite on the screws.

Donavan Powell: What kind of scope is that??

John Burns: Excellent! I have been in sales for ove 30 years, and you know how to talk to people without all the fluff. Nice to the point demo, Very precise to the point of how to perform this "so called easy installation". I 'm sure charlie appreciates your video. Bravo, young man, you did a great job. By the way, I'm a old timer to air guns, I have seen many videos of "how to do" etc. But yours if one of the best.

Jerry Cellilo: Great job! so much better than trying to follow those PDF's from Charlie. I tried the "washer" solution and the throw was way too short.

Danny Capua: yup

Aaron Johnson: Try Eagle One - Nev-r-dull - wadding metal polish (I think I got mine at autozone or o'reilly's). It took the rust off my air rifle barrel without damaging the bluing.

Jose Pastor: dont waste ur money on this trigger look at Chris Mccall's channel to see how to fix normal crossman trigger

JONATHAN KISER: Charlie Da Tuna's website has a list of alll compatible airguns that will fit this trigger kit.

JONATHAN KISER: THank you so much. This is a BIG help. I think the Benjamin Trail NP XL is such a fantastic airgun...can't believe it came with such a lousy trigger mechanism. Even so the Charlie da Tuna GRT III is better than anything China could mass produce.

whiff1962: Repeat after me, GRT, GRT, GRT. LOL

Tristen Naquin: thats anti-rust. it will only stop future rust. i want to get the present rust off. and i don't want to screw up the blueing either.

Jay D: What i did when rust first got on my barrel is i just put crosman pellet gun oil on a towel and scrubbed the ever living crap out of it but the best thing you can do is just buy some anti-rust spray for guns, it's not too expensive and it lasts a while. I trudged through a pour down with mine and only had tiny spots of rust that were easily removed because i sprayed it with anti rust spray

TomnTN100: Hunters comment is right Dunt, piston drives the air into a chamber and holds till trigger pull where its released through the barrel. A spring gun presses a coil that locks in place, when the trigger is pulled the coil releases push air through the barrel. the latter produces more sound and more of a jolt. BTW thx for the vid, good and to the point.

Tristen Naquin: how can i get the rust off of my barrel? i had left it in the shed one day when it was raining, and 3 days later, i had a decent coating of rust. its a benjamin titan gp incase it makes any difference. thank god the scope didnt get messed up tho, its a $80 leapers 3-9x40 and i dont think i can do without it

Kroogg: Yes did on mine

Dunt Shomyname: its a "springer" whether or not it is a steel spring or gas spring.

James: Thanks for making this very clear and to the point

Jay D: what kind of scope is that?

Hunter Hayes: well its not a spring gun, as you said in the video, its a nitro piston, good video btw

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Charlie Da Tuna Trigger Installation on the Crosman/Benjamin Titan NP