Tomb Raider - The Giant Mutant Boss

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Splunkmastah: Why the stupid music in the video?

okio ko: Good thing I conserved my ammo up until this fight, got through all 14 levels using only the pistol and whilst I did get knocked off the ledges in Atlantis a few times from those winged mutants other than that it was ok with the pistols. I think when I got to this guy I had 2900 magnum clips, 5150 Uzi clips and 85 shotgun clips. Yeah, I used the shotgun on this guy as I thought it's the last level I'm gonna rain ammo down on these Sob's. Took I think 25-30 clips to take him out. It's the mentality you have though as an rpg player to conserve your items and use them sparingly. Finished the game with 47 large med-packs :D You never know what the game will throw at you lol.

Noki Milan: ...

Ibolya Szathmari: Christ, I found this mutant so dreadful when i first played this level.

FoxMaster: A powerfull boss ! The new version of it on TRA is a fail imo, this one is way stronger :D

Tai-nin Inazuma: which level was this?

The Murphy Guy: i wish they had given the bosses health bars

Sephirock9999: When i was a child i put cheat codes to do this boss,even with 999 or 99 bullets for my guns,i never managed to beat this boss,i don't know what i did wrong but man i think that was the first time i was pissed by a video game

Charizzzle: Man, when I first played this, I was probably about 10. This boss had me scared crapless. Now, over 15 years later, this once-scary boss looks like a cartoon version of ET's skinned torso!

Spiny Justspiny: I always thought the creepiest part of this boss was the fact that it only had the bare minimum amount of muscle and flesh to function.

Cláudia Marques: It took me ages, but i got to the end of the game when i was little and this part scared the crap out of me!!! Good times :p

XEliteFusionX: The good old days you can buy this game off steam on pic for $10

wonderinitate: ah mate .. they was the days ay :P that bear was epic!!!!

Baffled Brandon: I agree with you wholeheartedly! Nowadays it's all about making the video game as realistic as possible. What made this game so popular wasn't how realistic it was, but what an enjoyable game it was overall. The story, characters, levels, puzzles, everything about this game rules!

Baffled Brandon: I know, right? Talk about nightmare fuel!

99rofl: im same opinion anniversary isnt better then 1! its oldschool! but anniversary is so cool !

Glitter Grasshopper: About the guy who prefers Anniversary. I get his point. I mean, obviously, the first Tomb Raider must be much more nostalgic for the older gamers, since for me, Legend is really nostalgic 'cause I've been playing it ever since I was eight. What he means, is that Anniversary is better as a game, like graphics and stuuf, which is true.

Laura Morrison Croft: In your dreams!

Kylie Maine: Tekkenfan u got a lot of nerve to insult tomb raider tekken is the worst arcade game in history. Go over the facts dip crap u probably couldn't even beat the torso I'm a girl and I completed all lvls without cheats like you would of done now think before u say peace! !

PyroBBQSauce: Maybe, but comparing to the technology differing in the dates of the releases of both of these, this one is at a higher level.

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Tomb Raider - The giant mutant boss 5 out of 5

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Tomb Raider - The giant mutant boss