Tomb Raider 1, Killing The Giant Mutant

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okio ko: Good thing I conserved my ammo up until this fight, got through all 14 levels using only the pistol and whilst I did get knocked off the ledges in Atlantis a few times from those winged mutants other than that it was ok with the pistols. I think when I got to this guy I had 2900 magnum clips, 5150 Uzi clips and 85 shotgun clips. Yeah, I used the shotgun on this guy as I thought it's the last level I'm gonna rain ammo down on these Sob's. Took I think 25-30 clips to take him out. It's the mentality you have though as an rpg player to conserve your items and use them sparingly. Finished the game with 47 large med-packs :D You never know what the game will throw at you lol.

Bold Dragoon: ...

Ghoulchus: Christ, I found this mutant so dreadful when i first played this level.

TheXboxplaya: i love this level :-)

Ghats212: @chocolatefountain95 no thumbs up for you!

DoomDevil24: well when I was a young kid when the atlantean mutant cracked out of there shells and then suddenly attacked me that freaking freaked me out

Alice OfSherwood: Am I the only one who thinks she's shooting Michael Winner?

shadowthehedgehogxx0: He got out of the egg yet the green ball is still ther?

dondon5011: lol this reminds me of tomb raider annaversary they had same boss in the game but he was alot harder to kill cause he runs after you

brisky2009bk: bout to because annavarsary was took off this one its this remade so thats why they look alike

djmaddogjay: The good old days you can buy this game off steam on pic for $10

riteasrain: there's a spot in the corner where you can stand and he won't get you, you can just fire away...I'm nearly up to this part again. I love this game! The pistols were a bit monotonous though lol...

ZephyrsSword: I remember when I used to just attack, jump back on the edge and hang, then get back up and attack again when he moves away. Total bug abuse, but it was fun :D

HombreSinBigoteEl3: I was stuck there for a while too, but in the end I remained stuck in level 3, with the damn waterfalls that make you helpless when you make a great jump and you fail to grab the other side you fall in the current and you have to start the entire level's distance on foot all over again. I did succeed in killing the wolves, T-Rex and the Raptors, which was hard, but the hardest part in Tomb Raider in general is knowing where to go next and even more difficult: how?.

youngmyers212: @MrShalise windows vista does have problems with ms-dos, but if the others work then you should try to get a different AUTOEXEC and cmd (prompt).

PyroBBQSauce: Maybe, but comparing to the technology differing in the dates of the releases of both of these, this one is at a higher level.

XtremeGuy12: xD

warwick2155: anniversary is really good but you can never beat the originals

LaraCroftPwnz: shotgun is the best weapon for this fight

1petealmquist1: That is also the torso.

jazzmavrik: thats exactly how i did it XD

glenohio: I remember killing this guy on the first try but I used to hang over the edge and wait for him to scuttle away then shoot him in the back then hang again. GREAT GAME ! oh memories.

AnimeJunkist: Gahhd. I hated this boss. Love this game though! :D

deadguy718: I KNOW RIGHT!

SmackuSer: how stoned were the gamedevelopers when they made this boss? WTF?

Justin Lewis: As a kid that thing used to scare the crap outta me

CrazyWolf99: Ohh the memories of me and my dad playing this.

Usul573: You can get the first four games I think on PSN now.

hyperdragon200: the floor looks like spaghetti xD

Scuzzz: hated this bitch, could never kill it

TheUltraSkillz: Its weird. My dad is like, 'Ahh the new Tomb Raider is coming out, the graphics will be brilliant...' and i'm like, 'I MISS THE PS1 TOMB RAIDERS SOO MUCH SCREW THE GRAPHICS'

Maria Kikina: yeah!!!me too...basically i have played it 4 :P

mrmugawump99: still one of the best games ever made

TheMillenniumactress: i had nightmares of lara falling into the pit

TheQuagy: @lamboforme ha same what a classic 5 me tho lol

5555mateo: @ElementGames im just saying that its better caus of the graphics,i think we can all agree to that

xheathndcrewx: Thats the only thing I hate about this Giant Mutant - he takes forever to bloody die!!!!!!! =] x

5555mateo: @TheKyleHicks well yeah of course but i never had the game so yeah,ive only played anniversary from the tomb raider series

Uchiha Natsume: It took me ages, but i got to the end of the game when i was little and this part scared the crap out of me!!! Good times :p

gaby camarillo: Lol the good old days. I remember when i was fighting that thing taking turns with my dad when i was 6 It was scary as hell back then

l3awl3ag: @chocolatefountain95 Haha, you're definitely getting a thumbs up for that. Although to be fair to the mutant it is far less grotesque than Michael Winner, thanks to the fact that it's all pixelated due to the crap graphics. If it looked more realistic then maybe, MAYBE, it would be more disgusting than him.

laurabms: that level is the easy one xD they turn hard on that after colosseaum.

beng1lh00ly: the game starts off really well and then starts to go down hill when you have to kill t-rex :/ this last bit is just ridiculous!!!

Nick Skeans: shesw gonna get carpal tunnel(<-------is thepelling right?) pulling the trigger that much

LaraCrofts1fan: Its a really good game right???

1504luka: how do you get this game to work on pc?

TheBlueRainWolf: I got so bored one time because I kept beating that guy over and over again, he's really not that hard to kill. sometimes I just hang over the edge, then pop up and see him in the corner staring at the wall xD

TekkenFan90: crapty game with crapty graphics and also ultra boring all of you who like this crap YOU JUST SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH BABYYYYYYYYYYYYY, NATALYA!!!!!!!

Baffled Brandon: I agree with you wholeheartedly! Nowadays it's all about making the video game as realistic as possible. What made this game so popular wasn't how realistic it was, but what an enjoyable game it was overall. The story, characters, levels, puzzles, everything about this game rules!

hullibuloo: @lamboforme same here

Holiday: We don\t make alot, but our group do get to travel frequently. Just this year we went to Bangkok to get pictures and their holiday schedules. We are still in a growing phrase so best we can aim for is break even. I think everyone have to overcome the same type of challenge when starting something new. Don\t give up!
Tomb Raider 1, Killing the giant mutant 4.8 out of 5

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Tomb Raider 1, Killing the giant mutant