Best Subwoofer Box Ever?

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C Yorket: What the whole points of this??? That box is too big anyway??!!!!@@@@

James Smith: what's the web site called that u used to make it

jaswal deni: I m ur new subscriber now...u are posting excellent videos. I found another amazing stuff on net...chk this out...

Fujim Thoxx: can i get an image of the sub box interior and its measurements?

Oh Gee! Champion!: Dude, I'm impressed. I'd appreciate tho if you could give the exact dimensions of the box (for one 12 or 15" woofer). Thanks.

Chad DeJesus: Literally sounds like a long fart....πŸ’― Well done.

Tim Schutte: , tacobell toilet after a BCM RALLEY !!!!!!!!!!?

Tim Schutte: , here is what it sounds like...... zzzzzxbgbgttzzxxxx,
WTF , ROFLMFAO, dude, that's beyond funny, it's freaking hilarious !!!!!!

indoskunk: damn i haven't laughed that hard in years

Orlando Flores: That was funny. Literally laughed out loud. Peace!

Silver Surfer: Sounds like crap on my cheap earbuds maybe I'll try my other headphones later kaboom.

Drunken Hamster: Subwoofer size?

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twochaudio twochaudio: Dude. Come on. Sounds like crap

_ Marshell: Is it a 15 or 12

Mark Sanders: Any Recommendations my email is on building a box for 2 Kicker L7 15” & 2 VR ECW 150 15” & 2 Kicker L7 12” subwoofers I have that’s over 7,500 watts of R.M.S Bass !

Mark Sanders: Will this style box work with Kicker L7 - 15” I have 2 and will it work with the VR -ECW 150 15” I

Richie rich: please put 2 18s in there

bob dehunt: since it opens to the back of your pickup, why didn't you just go with an open baffle and get the extra output and clarity. The output would be about as loud I'm guessing considering that a port only raises the volume by 3 db at the tuning octave and an ob allows it to be about twice as loud (10db). It also greatly improves the sound of the sub and the low end reach. The only downside is maybe excursion.

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best subwoofer box ever? 5 out of 5

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best subwoofer box ever?
best subwoofer box ever?
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best subwoofer box ever?