How To Make LED Light Up Shoes

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ryan gelacio: I think your the creator

‫سلمى الزهراني‬‎: عجييييييييب

Kawaii Watermelon: This was posted on 2011 what ??!?😱😱😱😱

Brooke Brown: that's ghetto

LethalhitmarkZ_AoG “NF” AOG: my 110s have blue LED now 😀

Joe Cans: "Wtf are these?" "These are dumb af"
4 years later... It's a big trend

Morah Culp: who ever do this you ghetto asf... period...

Line Mickey Chiasson: where can I buy those copper beads??

‫سارة صفار‬‎: ho my got

‫سارة صفار‬‎: wow

renato Flores: Whats the name of this shoes

Emily Henry: Tf? Just get Skechers. Them craps light up too when you walk and they cheaper.

Balqis Maersha: where do you put the spade connector to? the battery pack?

Rodrigo Carrillo: Awesome tutorial but not for me

Meats: and then u made this and u went to a festival where it was raining and you could start all over again

Robby Wallace: just some advice. if you separately the sole from the sneaker (a raver will do) just a tiny amount you can run the wire in that way and make a small hole so it goes in the shoe. reglue the sole ( verrrrrry easy to do ) then take out the insole. when it is out literally cut the cushion out of the heal so the bayern and toggle switch fit in there then buy a cheep heal support from Dr Sholes or something and place it over that spot re insert the regular sole over that. that nothing w ok uld be son. just some friendly advice. what you did is amazing (love the pen cap idead) and could be even better and cleaner looking

nadiyah minkeson: What are those not trying to be funny

Synced Styles: What are those!!!?

eldms24: what a great use of the copper balls excelent conductor and multi color "switch"

Edwin Animationcraft: i used a samsung s3 phone battery (two) so it'll slip under that flap

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
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How To make LED Light Up Shoes
How To make LED Light Up Shoes
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How To make LED Light Up Shoes