How To Make LED Light Up Shoes

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kim vigh: Se denne playliste på YouTube:

Laura R.: can you not use a coin cell as there not as bulky?

ZombieOwl12: Very cool! Very creative, too! Can't wait to try it out!

RiffRaff Shep: This makes SO MUCH sense!!! I use a Force Sensitive Resistor for mine, but such a good idea for a tilt switch

Krissy Diggs: AHHHH... I wonder if you could help me figure out how to do this to some wedge heels. I mostly understand this, but I'm not too sure about the on of switch business. 

akyra sealy: Ik how to make em... For boys buy spiderman sneakers that light up And girls buy twinkle toes

Samuel Skarin: My friend and I are going to make these shoes for a school play, and we are both "Andy Adjective".

Elijah West: too bulky

Amy Garcia: Awesomely simple tutorial , but where and what kind of led strips do I get ? Need it to do for my sons rave party. Please help

cords2410: awesome and i might be able to get it done

Waz Abedon: 1 word.. Ghetto 

Margaret Williams: nice idea but way to bulky

Alfonso Solis: I would make an ankle strap to hold the battery pack and switch so that when you wore pants you would never see it and your shoe tounge would not have all that stuff on it

Claude-François Brassard: Nice light, but you should really work on your shuffle! It's not done like that at all xD

DigitalXrisXros: *,* >,< !!! <3

crashyourca r: i got some new shoes a few days ago and when i watched this video i said to myself ''i need to do this on my shoes''. instead of using the pen lid and the copper balls i went on amazon and bought 2 led strips like those but they already have a battery box attached and i used red tape (because my shoes are red blue and white) to tape the box to the back of it

optimus423: ok now the wires that fit into the pen cap what did you use for those

codyc82694: could you comment or message me on how exactly to make the spade connector work? like how to connect/what parts i need

Austin LaFountain: why didnt u alter the shoes and put the box in the flap of the shoe

mackelmor: dude,i've already googled it and i get nothin except a list of copper balls suppilers..

PERIZ99: Nice..!!

Jeff Ferencz Nagy: is there anywhere i can buy this allready setup? ive taking bit to much E n my brains kinda fried i dont understand nothing lol. would be awesome to dance with these at raves

sqadron2386: i want to make these for my wedding but i need something a little more sophisticated then a pen top an exposed battery and some household items... but this is awesome

Colden Haulfield: Nice combo with Daft Punk Mask/Helmet!

John Lankford: Can you please send me a link to buy these specific led strips on Amazon! I can't seem to find them. Thanks!

Jenova Izq: Good explanation and on how to do it a d for the invention now I want to do it on my shoes. Keep it up

UnderCoverStyles: so we need the Pre-Soldered 3" Wire On One End OR the pre soldered 4 pin RGB Connector on one end?

Peoples KarmaSquad: Where in the hell do you get copper balls?

Ruel Hefner: could you use a smaller battery?

TMBfan: Just use copper bbs. Make sure the container says copper.

Jr Ramirez: Qere

Jr Ramirez: What kind if stores would have the flexable LEDs

TMBfan: Try googling it?

DJZorroVEVO: why don't you put the batteries in your socks? they would stay there too.

EpicMeat mc: i guess we're going back to the 90's

Harry TheHamster: this thing is so cool,i like it dude,nice work

JBantha Algrank: "...leaving Glow wherever you Go."

starscream2092: Hello nice tut, i have a question if you please could answer it, if i had 30 - 50 cm RGB led stripe could i connect it to 9V batter , if it could be hold by it, because everywhere these leds need 12V connection.

ArkaysWorld: I have a question. What's a spade connector, how does it work, and where do I get one?

mackelmor: where can i buy the copper balls?

spyderskiss: Thanks this is so helpful for a novice like me.

DeArius Johnson: where did yu get the led strip?

Lord Michael Mcdade: shoes that have swagg

ArkaysWorld: SO I ordered these from the website.. A 3 foot set of LED Flex strips. Where are the wires for the 9Volt connector to connect to!?

TSP: Destiny and Advanced Warfare: @farrellrocksalot (Cough) Description (Cough) (Cough)

kiroshi reyna: led 12 $

Juan Carlos Mata- Chavez: Childesh

Keith Burns: @harleycoder Get them at an advanced auto parts store

sebaz1982: and people wonder why the j*wified $tate$ of amdebtrica is doomed LOL

Brandon Larson: ah... the spade isn't a switch - it's a connector. Google Image "spade connector" - you'll see. You can really get them anywhere... auto stores, radioshack, home improvement places, etc.

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How To make LED Light Up Shoes