Lanber 12g Review

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misare: good shotgun spanish

Craig Odams: Ive today just bought myself a brand new Lanber Sporting 12g 28".....awesome gun for the money £795 brand new with 5 years warranty.

Sercout WildHarvest: you will be just fine. :) ATB sercout

Sercout WildHarvest: And they are , this one is a older model with out extractors got it for £100 so nothing i can complain about:) Welcome to the sport have fun and be safe Best regards sercout

ivan martinez: calidad española,una ved el mundo fue nuestro.................

megasif: Like I've heard a crapload of good about the durability of the Baikal. Nobody told me it weighs more then my head. crap that thing weights like 11 lbs. If I was a company, I would just copy Perazzi and sell it for cheap by mass production using machines. Who would know? Use quality parts too. It's not gonna cost 10k to make a good gun. People are just delusional and easily lied to.

megasif: I mean I've held a Browning and it's not good. It's freaking heavy. I'm not even an avid hunter and I can tell you that that won't fly. A good hunting gun needs to be light and points fast like a sxs and do all your jobs. I'm sure there's good, light o/u's out there like the CZ lightweight or the Emperor EMO2 or the Browning Synthetic, but can we get good judges to actually test this and test for accuracy at the same time. Accuracy is what counts the most when it comes to shooting. Then, speed.

megasif: I'm sure it does. I don't deny that. The thing is that all these motherfreakers who don't know guns keep on coming onto the web and saying that this gun is best or that is best. Then, others come around countering. I have one thing to judge gun by. If it shoots and points better than an 870 Remington Youth and retain that same quality in a lightweight gun, then it is superb. Who the freak says a Mossberg 500 is good is crazy. I have one. It's realiable only. Not good.

Sercout WildHarvest: This one cost me £100 and i kill as good with it as a £2000:) regards sercout

megasif: I heard this gun is a premium. How does premium only cost $1,200 dollars?

thomsonaj: Thanks for the great video sercout - I'm thinking of buying one of these and your video was helpful :) alex

Sercout WildHarvest: @TheFerretboy95 Yes they are mate and good to shoot to... best regards sercout

Seth Bradford: I have the same gun, they are very good value for money :)

Sercout WildHarvest: @steintanz HaHa Ha good one Tim... regards sercout

Sercout WildHarvest: @TamrynRimfire thanks Tam.

Sercout WildHarvest: @brooklynprepper lol Thanks Brook.

HighlandAirGun: @sercout Cheers mate,been reading up on them today, seem to be regarded as a good work horse. There on my list of possibles, but i might get a .410 hushpower first. Thanks again Ste

redhat29: Keep em coming!

Sercout WildHarvest: @HighlandAirGun i dont know, in the barrel just says (Lanber-ibergun) many thanks mate sercout

BushcraftOnFire: Nice shotgun Bro! Thanks for showing us..

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Lanber 12g Review 5 out of 5

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Lanber 12g Review