Troll Dolls.

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Doina Braun: What Trolls do when you're missing! Teeheeheeehee´╗┐

OddieOsborne: LOL this is good

Angie Portillo: I used to have trolls but I have no idea of what happened to all of them :C I want one xD

dontbetrollin88: I love the tiny ones ! (:

IbisLazuli: Ive got my first ever one today

penguinsofmadagasca: yesterday me and my cousin cut some troll dolls hair! mwhuhahahaha

01randomman: This is a very funny vid. B ]

Lazybabyz: The trolls are so cute!

esamorenasexi: for the most part, i think you can only find them on ebay and in second hand shops these days. . . i collect them . . . kinda nerdy, i know, and i usually find them in the bottoms of thrift store bins at really low prices.

6TeenCartoonsRock: well they are TROLLS wat u expect

TurtLePimpin: what was the hardcore version of this toy called again? it was for boys

iceceslol: how cute!!! i hav 4

Zed098: That was really cool!!!!!!!!!1

likestotroll: u mad?

esamorenasexi: i liked it. . .

TahneeeeeM: HAHA, I have the little pink haired baby i wish i could upload my videos but eventually I lost my cord that hooked to the computer:/

Nikolaj Poliak: I have 10 of them

gumballs36: that must have been hard to make LOL

Kendall Dixon: Cool I wish I have one

scott sweeney: is he a headmaster =S

nickandmichael2k9: FAKE AND GAY! FIRST POST!

Jan Lee: dragon ball p brought me here

kkuechler: Now I know what's going on in my classroom, I should have known, since Dakota left last year, and I am still loosing things!

Juan Pablo Ahumada: jjajjajajajjaja

klausweasley: This is actually pretty good. You have talent, my on-line acquaintance.

JBluvrforever123: there cute i had 2 but one i threw off my balcony and the other my dog ate it

Legolover906: thats funny

rawrimachikin: that was so creepy lol

Angela Dawson: Well done! I love trolls too!


Stealeeus: I have 56 trolls

Ted Noah: fantastic

freacls: @TahneeeeeM lol the baby is cute i used to love the trolls and their gravity defying hair reminds me of Dragon ball espeshilly the ones with the yellow hair lol

GamingEraProject: @AyelenSweetheart dud does little trolls scare you at night i am not kidding

snakebite863: I know teh guy who made this... lol its my neighbor's brother

scott sweeney: yeah @turtLepimpin its deafinitly battle trolls look it up on the search obove the videos

freacls: i have the ballerina Troll and another pink haired one i used to have hundred of them as a kid gave them all away to my neighbours daughter 4 years ago as she liked them

Alex Umana: Problem, Old Fart?

AyelenSweetheart: Awesome!!!!!!! ^^ I love Trolls!! =)

rawrimachikin: that was so creepy lol

MegaDannyboii: i got 4 trolls =)

Ted Noah: Yes! I love Dam Denmark Trolls too! So Cute, my favorites also. There is a Dam Norfin baby troll in the group on this video too though.

iz623: TOTALY!!!

Ke P: He should say, I quit!

rupertmyprince: i have loads of trolls im making a trolls series on youtube with my main characters Anne and Josh

sickoicko12: dude wtf this is creepy

CubanDragon198: i have a troll named Tookie he's blue

henkvonfluppestuppe: i am also making a troll dolls serie

Nikolaj Poliak: now i have 30!

latexpiepbeestje: Eventually they will kill him I guess

Troll Dolls. 4.7 out of 5

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Troll Dolls.
Troll Dolls.
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Troll Dolls.