NUWAVE OVEN - Pork Chops Cooked In 10 Mins

What do you think about this video?

Matilde Munoz: precio

thomas gordin: doesnt heat up your kitchen

Bob Hamilton: Nesco jet stream oven

Ashley Smith: looks good

Neil Sunnell: Beauty, personality, education. Rock on.

Steven Horton: very well presented

Daniel Murray: good review.. maybe turn the tv off for while you're doing it.

Shaneik Burns: how to use the nuwave cooking pork chops

C Ward: you really should give temp and also cut into your food, I want to buy this oven but am concerned Pork Chop would be dry.

Susan Warren: Pork must be fully cooked!

Talkshow host: Good video and I too think the new wave is great!

baptiziminjesusname: I absolutely love mine. I got it as an anniversary gift. I have cooked things from hot dogs and fries to chicken tenderloins and roasted Parmesan asparagus. love love love it.

Neil Williams: You didn't show us what the pork chops looked like inside.Also, we didn't see you eat a piece!?Awesome video. Thanks.

Okey01: can you add wood chips or anything to give your food a smoked taste? I'm definitely considerng a nuwave

RLECOMPTENTERP.84: i got one of these from ebay in box new for 59$shipped..that doesnt happin every day!.....must have been a wedding present!!!!!

MelanieSantos__: Do you still use this oven? And delicious meal!

Kenneth James: HEEEYYYY its you again do you remember me lol thanks for a new vid i told my girl about you.. let cook

Mellissa Cross: I have only cooked chicken in it, and I am SUPER careful with my dome, but it does chicken and turkey very well. I've done two holiday meals and weekly chicken. I do both fresh and frozen. It always comes out the same...juicy, tender, and moist. It was so moist and tender one night that I made a joke to my husband, "your chicken rare, just how you like it." Now of course it was fully done, but it was so juicy and tender, it was as if it was a rare piece of meat that had been slow cooked.  I hope the other comments are fake or ads, because I am real.  I also am just waiting for that dome to break, because I've read so much about that, but so far so good.

missky k: i want to buy one I have been seeing and hearing fantastic reviews :)

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NUWAVE OVEN - pork chops cooked in 10 mins 5 out of 5

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NUWAVE OVEN - pork chops cooked in 10 mins