NUWAVE OVEN - Pork Chops Cooked In 10 Mins

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Andrew82688: This ain't quick. She's has 30 min of cook time alone and her veggies are gunna be cold when she's done cuz she's cooking everything separate 

Ufuoma George: Mmmmm now I want this oven :)

jtg3765: Nice video. How do you keep the veggies warm while cooking the pork chops?

yordano41: Do you always put the nuwave on POWER LEVEL HIGH

Mike Dunn: I have the Jetstream convection oven,and I don't have to turn what I am cooking half way through.Chicken turns out terrific.

Vance Smith: I love these NuWave ovens. Had a taste for a steak last night, however it was frozen. No problem witht he NuWave.

Allen Albertson: Very nice :) Going to have to try.

Casey Bourne: Very helpful! 👍

Anna Comloski: What ever happen to conventional ovens?Everything is quick quick quick,may be ok for some but don't see the reason to use this gadget,call me old fashion but like to work at it,,just saying,,,

sburke757: yea i definitely didnt plan this meal out properly..but it was amazing!!! ;)..i will definitely have to add some veggies next time.

valkour22: ninja 3 in 1 would of cooked the rice at the same time too

sburke757: thanks i love this and my mom always call each other and compare making salmon tonight :)!

valkour22: im still getting a nuwave cause it does seem to be nice

Jason Kaine -BozWank: Your hella cute! aside from that... im afraid to throw bomb ass 80$ diver scallops on this thing to test.. but i'm going to attempt it tonight :P wish me luck peeps hahah

Patricia Holloway: I love it...we brought one & I must admit that it's a wonderful!!!!...every home should have one..

Robin Hoode: Thanks for sharing this video. If you like Pork Chops, try brining them in a solution of sugar and salt for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator, then remove them and dry them. You and your family will be amazed at what this little bit of prep can do. You might also try searing them in a cast iron pan on both sides. You do own a cast iron pan, don't you? And then you can try a slow braise, using your favorite Marinara Sauce. Cooking pork chops in the way that you have demonstrated is almost sinful.

Susan Hicks: Thanks for this lesson. I make the world's worst pork chops and always end up dumping a bag of sauerkraut over them because they are so tough. I just told my grandson I won't torture him with my pork chops again but you've given reason to try again.

Who is like Dark Kent?: looks good :)

cdawgRJ: Can you make more videos with recipes?

sburke757: LOL awww thats too cute but will loooove your pork chops on the me im no cooker AT ALL..matter of fact i used to be worlds worst cook until i got so fail safe..and so easy its ridiculous i love how my food turns out now!!

sburke757: lol thanks!!

Kelly Nieforth: Great video... think I need to get one. does it come with recipes or seasoning ideas?

sburke757: nice ill have to check that out!!

sburke757: nice me too!! im like a walking advertisement for this thing..i tell everyone about it!! ; ))

Mickeym1a2n3: Great job! they look really good my wifes gonna try that way! Thanks

sburke757: you will love it i never miss a day using it!!

sburke757: i love this actually making pork chops again tonight :))!!..hope your wife enjoys her's as much as i do!!

manoman0: So, do you still stick to your opinion on your oven? I am checking out different brands. I'll buy one anyway, hehe!

sburke757: i agree!! i use mine EVERYDAY!! dont know when the last time ive used the regular stove.

asexieru: Great video thanks but you have 3 carbs on that plate that will raise your blood sugar and have your body working overtime.

sburke757: ; )..aww thanks!!

sburke757: yes you do i use mine every single day.!! absolutely love it!

Alba Diz: Good luck! I wouldn't risk the scallops though.

sburke757: thanks alot..i love this thing i use it every making country ribs as we speak..i would post more i just havent gotten around to it..hope you have success with yours too!!

manoman0: wooo, you're so cute. and I love cooking as well. cheers!

sburke757: yes you do need to get one!!! :))) shoot my whole family has one now.. lol me and my mom have loved ours so much thats what we buy family members for their bdays holidays etc..but yes it comes with recipe book and how to dvd and has a great website you can sign up that also shows video of various food you can called nuwave oven cooking club on the nuwave website..its the best!!

sburke757: lol yea i was making it for a friend...but yes i use it EVERY SINGLE DAY!! this ws such a great invention ..i dont know when the last time i used my oven or stove to make meat..:)) cheers to nuwave lovers!!

sburke757: i can definitely make more videos to show what it can honestly not the most creative cook in the world lol so all ive made on here so far has been chicken, fish, steak, pork chop, egg mcmuffin breakfast sandwish, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob..i want to get more creative and make other stuff but ive been lazy :/

rolnabri: sburke 757, I use the Nuwave oven everyday for years now. It does make us look like a chef. I see you made enough for two, did you make some for your mom.

sburke757: ; ) thanks!!..but how did your food turn out???

M Campbell: I use it every day too, changed my way of cooking and now much healthier .

Manu Butler: thank you for sharing. You did a great job on this. I am going to do more and just trying to learn more from others like you to show me how to use my knew toy also. so thank you .

dcilk01: The oven is hot and so are you!

sburke757: cool thanks for the suggestion!!

rads ter: Oh nice I. Really gonna get one thanks

NUWAVE OVEN - pork chops cooked in 10 mins 4.9 out of 5

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NUWAVE OVEN - pork chops cooked in 10 mins