Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!

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luthier47: Alison, you have done more for my amateur violin playing in 3 days than the years they have been in my guitar studio. Thanks for all of the tips and ideas. I'm actually learning to play it. 👍🏼

Rach Martell: For violins that come without the bridge fitted, will that have an impact on the sound post?

Chris Jarkovsky: Do student violins stay in tune well or is it worth it to get better tuners

Julian Leon: I have a 4K violin

Danna Banana: i bought some strings for 99 cents and a violin for around 25 bucks, they work completely, but since im a beginner i probably dont have the ear for how it is supposed to sound

corabug8: i have a student violin but it was 800$ does that make it better then some other ones?

sgtcrab1: Pirastro Obligato, or dominant.

rich gouette: note to my fellow Americans: she's speaking with a British accent... so we know she's telling the absolute , unvarnished truth.
no, J/K but, seriously we all love it, and your videos are priceless, dog yelping & all.
You do a wonderful service to the musical world: thank you!
I'm just about to pull the trigger as we say, on a cheapo violin..then onto 'pimping' (that never gets any easier to say)

Tayler Long: I think it would be really interesting to watch a video about demos before and after changing the strings and the bow, etc. To see how the sound changes and whatnot! I would love to watch that

violinhunter2: It does sound weird but it is absolutely true - the fiddle sound changes over time as it "warms up." I seldom buy expensive strings - I pay one dollar per string and they last at least four years. As for the bow, I've never paid more than 20 bucks for any bow - they're all the same as far as I'm concerned. My fiddle is on the expensive side and so it sounds pretty good but especially as my bow arm is truly superb. Work on your sound - the tools don't matter that much. Work on rhythm too. Those two things plus scales, scales, scales - that's all you need.

P Heart: playing an untuned violin messes up your musical hearing aswell as messing up the violin. also if your fingers are compensating for an out of tune string that will ruin your finger placement.

Aldir Gracindo: Foreign languages are dangerous. I saw "pimp" and I thought: "She teaches how to rent your cheap violin?"

Ricky: Oh.... I figured it was a tutorial on like pinstriping it and painting flames on it and stuff :-/ Good video anyway

chessabelle dablo: YOU ARE AN AMAZING TEACHER~ after I got my very first violin I immediately watch your videos and they are amazing. Thank u so much. Im a 17 year-old violin beginner btw and im your fan. LOVE YOU :*

Gee's Edition: i have a violin that was $1,800 , but im a student learning to be better at it. SOO is that a "student quality" or "cheap" violin????????????

Harry Stevens: Cancel the upgrade!!! Just buy a better violin it works out cheaper....

Pedro Aguilar: I want to make a store called strings and things

judôê Flutā: Im playing the violin without the G string 🙄😏

James Locke: Here I am again watching your videos. I started playing Aug 2016 and now buy broken violins and fix them. My favorite one is one of the first fixed violins made by Suzuki in Nagoya Japan. It is dated 1970. The scroll was broken through a peg hole and back was splitting off the body. I fixed it and now it is better than all the rest including the German and Czech made. Keep up the fine tutorials.

Jigzy Wigzy: I have 200$ violin is that cheap?

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Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!! 5 out of 5

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Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!
Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!
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Pimp My Cheap Violin
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Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!