Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!

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Ahmad Oliva: I came from electric guitar world and bought a "decent" electric violin a few days ago, I always wanted to learn violin, I was amazed how old and inferior the technology used in violins, especially the tuning pegs, they can barely hold a proper tuning, In my world I tune up to pitch then I can throw it from 3rd floor and still can hold it tight, anyway, I'm so excited to explore that dark area in my brain that I haven't explored yet, Add some rosin 2nd movement Winter playing

Álvaro Gabriel Aguirre Garín: Mi gf caught me watching this video. Now she´s jealous...

Michael Whisman: 1000% true. Leaving your violin in the case in the closet is very bad for the tone.

Michael Whisman: I stay away from Violin sites and Utube sites. The videos are usually good but the comments are mostly from idiots who think they know it all. Wow they read a book or a friend told them so it's gotta be gospel.

Michael Whisman: I've never heard the word "pimp" mean "To improve". LOL

elenitademialma: The best way to pimp out a cheap violin is saving money and buying one with better quality.

Axy Dent-ly: Thank you very much for the lessons an advices! I'm 50 y.o. beginner, autodidact and started 3,5 years ago with electric guitar, and now I got a cheap electric violin. Although not gifted, I'm very interested and having lots of fun practicing. Greetings from Germany!

Fred Chapman: Great suggestions! Thank you!

Reborn Snuzzles: Do you have a resource if I'm looking to upgrade my bow? I have a Cecilio CVN 600.

Loraine Leonard: What is your perspective on a $25 violin with free shipping and that includes the case? From what I gather so far, I need to upgrade the strings and bow. Sorry for asking and I know you have covered this on other video's that I haven't yet watched.

Bobby Hollis: Do you have any experience with the Kennedy Violins. Sold from Washington State USA? Pretty sure they are made across the Pacific. The one I have, Ricard Bunnel G1 seems to be pretty good quality. It’s a starter to intermediate violin. The whole package sells for 350 to 450 US dollars. Check one out if you get a chance.

Adrian aka ACE: Thank you for this ,
I got a new bow with better hair, new dark rosin and put on new better quality synthetic core strings with the help of your how to change strings video for my daughters student violin and put the finger tape in exact position by using a tuner down the neck and it did make a difference.
Much more enjoyable.
Now I’m convinced I need one my size and I must learn with my daughter.
Such a wonderful instrument.

J BC: I can testify that after getting better rosin (Melos rosin) along with Pirastro Tonica strings on my MV 400 and a new carbon fiber bow, it made a significant difference! Of course it doesn't sound as mature as my friend's $900 violin but it performs much beautifully now.

Kali TheAnimal: I see people on Amazon saying that the violin they bought is crap because it doesn't work. Guys, its called ROSIN!

Modern Bladesmith: i bought my first violin for $300 :3 if i do something i jump in blind with both feet...

TheHyper1on: The strings you recommend cost almost the same price with my whole violin.... I mean yeah i would like to improve the quality of the sound but i don't want to give almost the same amount of money just for the strings

Peggy Pearson: How do you feel about Kennedy violins? I was told this would be a great violin to start but it came with a broken A string!! So not a great beginning!😞

Kop Prophet: Reasonable advice in that most 'cheap' violins come with awful strings and a poor quality bow - but you give very little detail on what the replacement would be.  I'm a luthier and have been buying and selling violins and cellos for years.  These cheap outfits are all over the map.  Sometimes the parts are fairly decent and sometimes they are awful.  Telling people to change them without a clue on what to change them with is somewhat dubious advice.  For one thing - a better set of strings is going to be triple what you quoted (albeit this video is 4 years old).  I use SuperSensitives for budget violins - and Dominants for people who can afford something really decent.  For bow advice - much more information is needed.  A bad wood bow with poor horsehair is worse than a fiberglass bow - but anything is better than synthetic hair.  Telling people to switch out chinrests and tailpieces without knowing what they've got - or what is an improvement - is also a bit vague.  I've never known two violinists to agree on chinrests - and the varieties and materials are endless.  A good thomastik style tailpiece with decent quality fine tuners is probably the upgrade standard - although ebony probably resonates a little nicer.  But thanks for telling people to go to a luthier - that's good advice.  

I've just discovered you and watched a few videos.  You heavily favour Cecilio - when there are other student brands that might be a little better value.  I believe the phrase is 'pimp out' not 'pimp up' - but it really doesn't matter.  Good work!

Ricky Casana: Thats true

Gaurav Pardeshi: ok !! madam thank you very much

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Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!! 5 out of 5

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Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!
Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!
Pimp My Cheap Violin
Pimp My Cheap Violin
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Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!