Pimp Up Your Cheap Violin!!

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DoopDog124: i got a cva 400 cecilio viola! when i put my fingers on certain notes it doesnt work/doesnt sound right

rosycheks: I bought a lower bridge for my violin and it helped with the sound a bit but I feel the strings suck. I'm eager what you're going to say about making the sound better with a standard violin.

Kevin Goringe: Since posting I have found a Cecilio 4/4 CVN320-L violin on eBay. It`s a left hander & ships from the US, $129 + $50 p&p. Have you come across this model, played it perhaps ? I also have the choice of getting a student Stentor & having it converted to a lefty. 

alexis dryden: i am wanting to learn the violin and looking for one what violin do you recommend and price of the violin 

nace goodman: please please please!!! refocus your camera. you are all fuzzy and only your background is in focus.

Ritch Flaming: Hey I am thinking about buying a violin could you give me a few good brand names so I could look through them? Thanks :)

Trpt2Dr: Your videos are so helpful & just great - thank you! I'm actually semi-pro trumpet player trying to learn violin and it sure isn't easy! The violin I got is definitely a cheapie - but I did get the A, D & G string Dominants and a Gold Label Pirastro E string and notice a nice difference. Even though I have barely figured out how to HOLD the bow, I already can tell I need a better one. I see your comments earlier suggest I will need to go out & try some bows for myself - but before I do, can you give me a reasonable target for price range, given my incredibly beginning beginner's status?!

Johann Kuhn: I have a Cecilio CEVN and a cheap (600 ZAR) Sanchez accoustic violin (as mentioned on another video), and I noticed that the Sanchez hurts my fingers. What would you recommend doing about it? Currently I have to haul my Cecilio with a full blown Yamaha receiver, pre-amp, and speakers to every lesson. Or would it be better to just get a guitar amp? Also, should I first replace the strings or the bridge on my Style 1 CEVN?

cgavin1: Great video! I think I'd just get a better instrument, especially if the cost is almost the same to make a cheap one sound better .. :)

lastmoto777: I just wanted to say thanks for the videos. I have been playing for a whole 3 days now, and your videos have given me a good base to start with ! One question, I bought new strings and noticed that the old ones have tiny plastic tubes they run through on the bridge. Do I need these ? The new strings do not have these. Thanks.

schpoingle: playing nice violins makes them sound better. the vibration throughout the body creates friction in the shellac (finish), and actually changing it and thus the tone. shellac is an insect poop! it's naturally colored but it is sold with stain mixed in with it. Applying shellac well is an art. Luthiers usually go to a 'finishing' school for a few months just to start out.

Ze Potato: Will this work for a viola?

André Silva: I bought a Cremona SV-175 (I am starting to learn how to play, but only had 2 lessons yet) and only afterwards noticed that its tailpiece is made of plastic (and aluminium apparently, but I can't see it anywhere on the tailpiece: http://www.sagamusic.com/products/product-details.aspx?item=VP-61). Do you think that's OK, or an ebony tailpiece is advisable? Also, I seem not to be able to hold the violin in place without holding it with my left hand or without a shoulder rest (I bought a Wolf Forte Secondo but i'm waiting for the delivery). May that be because I broke my clavicle some years ago? My teacher never even tried to see if I could hold it without my left hand (so I think that may not be that important). And it seems nothing is in contact with my chinrest: again, bad positioning of the violin or should I get a centered chinrest (one of those that sit on top of the tailpiece)? Thanks ;)

Edge of Ages: I've played the violin since I was 7 years old and I'm 16 now.. So I've had many violins.. But I bought my newest violin for $50 at a pawn shop. It was a bit beaten up so I took it to a violin shop and they told me it was worth around $500! It's still student quality.. But it's very good for a student quality violin. I have dominant strings on it. I have a very nice bow. (The bow was a lot of money) And over all it's just a nice violin. It kinda has a smooth and dark tone to it. And for me.. That is perfect. Inside the violin it says: Scherl & Roth - Genuine Reproduction of Antonius Stradivarius. I plan to save up for a master violin someday. But right now this is fine. Out of curiosity.. What kind of intermediate level violin would you suggest I get when I have some money? (Based on the fact that I like darker tones)

Willow Dawn: I changed the strings to the Dominant strings and you were right. It sounds lovely now, and less of a scratching sound. Also just practicing tons more has helped to warm it up to a slightly nicer tone as well. I purchased a Helmke in 2005 and just now decided I would start to learn how to play. LOL... Thank you!

cameron8ification: What violin do you play?

Hiiro Takako: what's the difference between the cheap and pro violins? does the quality of the wood make all the difference? or the craftsmanship? 

shol402006: Hi, Do i need to change my cheap violin a expensive string? What kind of string? even it's cecilio violin can change different string? And why the peg is not tight? What do i need to do? Thank you again and God bless!

Second Fiddle: You never linked to the other videos about the rosin and chinrest

monsiermusic: Hi, thanks for the video. I have ordered a violin you may haven't heard of it before, it is called the Theodore sg50 violin by. Tiger music. It is being sold for 40 pounds on amazon. It says that it has ebonized fingerboard and pegs, is this good? Does it make any difference to the sound and will be a trouble to tune? Thanks

Avinash Sharma: Hi Alison, I am looking to buy a decent violin. I am an absolute beginner. Can you advice me on whether to buy this one or not.. http://www.muzickart.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=99

Tammi Simons: Hello. Just rented a Yamaha 4/4 violin. Is this the violin I would want to purchase for a long & successful learning experience? Or, do you recommend another brand? Thanks in Advance!

Amanda Knutson: Hi Alison, what would you recommend as a replacement bow? I purchased the Stentor II a while back and the bow is starting to fray a bit and I've noticed it just doesn't quite play the same. I'm still a beginner and am on a budget so something cheapish (like $75 or under US) would be good. There are so many to choose from on Amazon and not knowing much about them puts me at a bit of a disadvantage. 

Tom Vasile: Good video! I got my Violin last week - Mendini MV500. It's nice and feels great on my shoulder. But, I do need to "pimp it" the Cecilio strings on it, are rubbish. Won't even hold tune very long. I know you mentioned Dominant strings. I heard they are good. But, for the Irish Celtic style I want to play. I heard good reviews on D'Addario Helicore strings. They say are more sensitive. and have a warm rasp to them. Did you ever use these, or anyone who sees this ever use these type strings? Also, I heard for Bows. Good quality wood bows, give best sound...Then I know, the new carbon fiber bows are becoming popular, which can be pretty expensive. Just wonder what's the sound difference between carbon fiber and wood? 

Etienne Routhier: So if you don't like your 100 $ violin, spend 200 to get it right

panserkjempen: are you english

Callie Walsh: I took my violin to a luthier when the neck broke off (for the second time!); he took the back off to put a screw through the neck-block into the neck. While he had her open he reshaped the bass bar, made a few minor adjustments, and moved the sound post and WOW! What a difference! I would really recommend talking to a luthier, at least to adjust the sound post. I actually had the sound post come out twice before and once I could not stand the sound of any "G" after one replacement and after another reset the middle "C" drove me crazy. Luthiers are amazing!!

MrLootman5: I subscribed because of the SlenderMan noise at the start :P

Brian0nYutoob: I'm guessing you meant "Primp".

haza9988: There is a violin for sale on eBay, it is a maestro copy of a Stradivarius violin with a 1a bow. It is being sold for £62. Shall I trust it, and is it worth it? Thanks

galadriel511: Which brand of bow would you suggest ?

agent008chico: Got my violin 4 years ago. Finally retired and beginning to marry the bow with the violin; my time to finally learn.

heath loper: I got really nice strings from my friend, but they are kind of unraveling (not really sure how to explain it) but I like older strings better. I personally think they sound better then new ones 

orlando walden: i like how the focus is just perfect for the "please subscribe" behind her :D....... yeah... i subscribed v.v

galadriel511: I am confused about which Dominants violin strings to buy. There are different types listed - Steel ball end or wound loop?? Which one do I buy? Steel or aluminum perlon? Could you suggest the best type of the Dominants to purchase. Thanks much,

daniel davis: I'd rather go with everyone else who say Dominant strings are good then the few who say they aren't, thus why I ordered a set the other day to test myself. I know they have to at least be better than the default set that comes with the violin (which I bought because of one her "review videos") 

shkedovb: Great video indeed! Just to share with you guys, the soundpost in hebrew is called the "soul" (pronounced "neshama").

Chip Wilbury: I still think you are Hot!!

michael van leeuwen: i dit pay 60euro for mi violin and the only difrent between the violin in the video and my violin is the chin rest i dont know if you got the dominant trings on that violin but i dit pay 60 euros for 1 new violin in a music store wirh already the dominant strings on it and a sort of wax for the bow harden shuitcace to keep it save and some thing that looks like lipstck ( its not realy lipstick but it looks like lipstick but i dont know were that for but its wat in the box i dont know if i have pay to mutch but i think i dit buy i for a good price but nice video you give good advice :) maby you can show me were that lipstick thingy for is :s

Pedro Lopes: Subscribed, good videos here!!

hippiechickie18: I'm sorry, but Dominant strings just SUCK! I don't know why violin teachers have been so enamored with them, they sound so tinny and terrible to me, especially that god-awful E string. I much prefer Obligato, I think they have a much better and warmer tone.

LearnToThinkFree: Am I drunk, or are you just out of focus

John Anderson: Nothing much to see except your beautiful face. ;) blurry as it is. I play guitar too. And the Warmness you describe happens there too. it's partly you as you get used to the instrument. but I think also it's like the brain opening up new passageways. the wood just learns to vibrate with certain frequencies.

michael van leeuwen: i think that the moninant strings ar cheap the E strings her in holland ar just 5euro lol i have already break 5 E strings in the first 5 weaks i dit have mi violin xD i have kill 5 strings befor i finly was abel to find out how to tune that thing :s

Philip Shaw: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE is in perfect focus. lol. 

Maid0fHearts: Yeah.. I have a Eastman Vl100, and in never stays in tune. I was using the pegs and the E string snapped and hit me in the eye. Well, time fro string upgrade.

Larry Mayes: Replacing tailpiece? I bid and won a violin on Amazon and ended up having to learn to play it. I played a cornet in high school so I wasn't a total novice. After several months the tailpiece broke and discovered it was plastic or composite. I replaced it with an ebony tailpiece and noticed a better sound. For awhile I still sounded terrible, but it sounded better. So a new tailpiece, especially one less likely to snap into two pieces improves the sound AND gives a boost to confidence as you continue to practice!

Daniel Demski: I bought a $50 (Mendini Cecilio) violin, about the cheapest they make 'em. The biggest thing I recommend doing is adjusting the nut of the violin. Ultracheap violins, at least the ones I've seen, have very high nuts to help mask defects in the fingerboard. This makes playing near the nut very difficult and certain notes unplayable. Of course this is better if done by a luthier, but the nut really needn't be more than a millimeter high so I say remove most of it yourself.

Vance Corsey: I've got a $40 violin 

Darian Burkhart: Actually, I noticed that too, that as you play the violin, as you "break into" it, it will develop a warmer tone. Just like shoes, the more you wear them, they get a little shinier, but that's only temporary. If you wear them too long, they get duller.

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
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Pimp Up Your Cheap Violin!!
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