Pimp Up Your Cheap Violin!!

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Gayle Maurer: Yes, this has been a great help. I have the Cecilio acoustic electric violin (painted white). It was a Christmas present. I still need to change out to Dominant strings, but I have changed the shoulder rest and the chin rest. I didn't like the ones that came with it. Yesterday we were in a larger city and we visited a wonderful music store and I came home with a new bow (two thirds the cost of the violin). The one that came with the violin doesn't even loosen and tighten properly. All these things can be transferred to a better violin... Eventually!

Dr. SmileyDeer: My violin was £36

Haley Luu: I have Strobel 4/4 ML80 violin. Do you know if this is a good intrument? I am a senior in high school and i am planning on continue to play in college.

Greedy Paul: I got a cheap electric violin yesterday. This is my first string instrument (I have played wind instruments for over 19 years) and I already love playing. The only issue I can't handle is how quickly it falls out of tune. I am fighting intonation every few minutes. The pegs seem to not hold well. Is there anything you suggest to fix this problem?

Andrew Wukusick: The way the violin/viola "warms up" over time is very similar to the guitar, which is caused by the wood grain opening up after a lot of use, allowing the sound to better resonate throughout the wood. There are now machines some companies use that sort of lightly vibrate the instrument for some time to help open up the grain and get that sound right from the shop.

Matthew Barnard: Hey could you do one on pimping electric violins? I'm not sure what to upgrade mine.

Samjozie: Hi Alison, I just purchased a fairly cheap student quality violin as I've always had the desire to learn to play. I've begun watching several of your videos to gain some knowledge before it arrives in the post. very also subscribed! I'm excited to have you as my teacher. Would you recommend I immediately go out and purchase better strings and attach those before I even set it up to play, or should I wait until I get a feel of the lesser quality ones first? I've never played a note so I wouldn't know the difference between a good string or a bad one to start with anyhow.

sky peters: What brand do you use on a Dailey basis

Jackson Catlett: I got my first violin for 34 dollars 😂

RandomKpoper: Where should I get a better bow besides online

Unimpeded Person: My mom bought me the cheap one that's why I have 2 violins, she doesn't know the difference of the quality and prices. And my tutor said my violin was small for my hand.

Rosario Rajkumar: From You teaching and playing, I understand "your violin is your life". Thank You for your invaluable services in the world of violin music.

atelier1975: Very helpful, thank you

Miss Understood (Dandere): I followed this video and got new strings for my $67 mendini cecilio violin and a fretboard. turned out my bridge was also in the wrong place. sounds WAY better now!! guys, it works!!!

Mark Chen: Personal experience- strings are the post important change- just changed from dominants to Evah pirazzis

Karl Beerman: Beautiful and smart, perfect combination i must say

Nephtalie Alius: Does anyone know if magic rosin is good?

Snoop “MLG” Doge: What about Prelude Addario strings and carbon fiber bow are they good?

Carman Anderson: What kind of violin and bow do you use? I know that you regularly mention your strings. I am just curious. Also, your videos are amazing! I just started learning how to play and your channel is my go-to place.

Darin Mayer: I'm a banjo player trying to learn the fiddle. What I have learned from years of banjo playing is that bridge placement on the drum head MUST be exact (because its a fretted instrument) and it is the main "channel" with which the string vibration is transferred to the drum head. Banjo bridge bottoms are flat because they go against a flat drum head surface. However, they can get knocked or tilted so that the contact with the drum head is not even which causes sound problems.

So I applied this knowledge to my $30 practice violin. I noticed that the bottom of the bridge was flat but the violin top is curved. So, I carved and sanded the bottom of my bridge to better fit the curved top of the violin. What this does is make it so that the bridge has more contact with the top surface of the violin. My theory is more contact = more sound.

Keep in mind that bridge placement is key (its not as crucial as a fretted instrument, which has one exact place where it can go to make the frets work right) but changing it will likely change the finger positions slightly, so mark where it is before you slack the the strings and take it off. Also, it ensures that you can keep checking the bridge contact in the same spot.

Now I have a bit of carpentry skill, so I felt comfortable doing this on bridge from a $30 violin. And in my opinion, it did make a notable improvement in the sound quality. As a disclaimer I'm not an expert instrument builder, I'm only synthesizing my prior knowledge and experiences. Though I suspect that this is a common practice that a violin shop would perform for you.

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
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Pimp Up Your Cheap Violin!!
Pimp Up Your Cheap Violin!!
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Pimp Up Your Cheap Violin!!