Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!

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biggysground: Dang focus will ya..

TheRealLiz4: Is it okay to use everything cheap for a while until I can afford to pimp it up?😜

62guitarguy: My fiddle playing would make you cringe! Most everything you described relates to guitars as well. My main instrument. New strings and TUNING IT EVRYTIME YOU PLAY makes an immense difference. Even on fancy high dollar guitars!

SweetDream ゆめ: ...fuzzy video

Samantha Thackway-Skyrme: What is your opinion on the Stentor Harlequin Violins? My daughter is ready to move to a 3/4 size violin and I promised if she practiced I would by a pink one. Having looked into them not many people have a high opinion of any make or model of coloured violins. If I got one from the Stentor range and put Dominant strings on it do you think it would be acceptable and get her through her 1st grade that she is working towards?

NovaCygni: Clock in the background is in perfect focus...

zobots diys: Hey Alison how many violins do you currently have?

zobots diys: Wow she said £100 is cheap I got mine for £25 and my tutor says the sound is excellent

B. R.R: I got my first violin for 60 dollar and my second violin for 200 dollar and its chinese violin the name of the brand is scott and guan i dont know is it worth it to spend 200 dollar for chinese violin ?? And will you do a review on scott and guan violin please

Baron Calle: Got mine for 72$ student quality but sounds antique! Lovely rich tones and fantastic wood. Will buy dominant strings, thanks for the tips! Cheers from the Philippines~

manohad5: I got a cheap violin off ebay couple of days ago watching your videos my violin doesn't sound as good as yours kinda bummer
just a question , I have a right chin rest and I play on the left does it matter ?
I play without a chin rest

Cinematica118: My violin is a concert violin of a $400 worth and I have all the knowledge but for some reason I get attracted to your videos ._.

Jackson Cowan: I know people with 150 strings. Weird to think

YAN: I feel like all the money spent on these combined would be better spent on a higher quality violin.

motohead342: No worries, you're still gorgeous! It fact, you look 20 yrs old! LOL!!! It's an old trick. There is a youtube vid where a player compares a $65 student violin to several from the 1700's that are worth 100,000 to 200,000 dollars. I immediately thought the strings were cheap and would have narrowed the slim gap even more! And the vibration seasoning would have also narrowed the gap over time. I put a set of D'Addarios Orchestral on mine and it made a huge difference, for $35. Yea, they were half of what the violin cost, but that is what creates the sound(Bow + Rosin also), the body amplifies it. I play a 35" scale 6 string fretless electric bass that cost HUNDREDS of dollars and my Roundwound Nickel plated or Stainless Steel strings are CARVIN, by LaBella, and cost $16 a set. Go figure?!

The Fox Laboratory: I literally got my violin at a thrift store

luthier47: Alison, you have done more for my amateur violin playing in 3 days than the years they have been in my guitar studio. Thanks for all of the tips and ideas. I'm actually learning to play it. 👍🏼

Rach Martell: For violins that come without the bridge fitted, will that have an impact on the sound post?

Chris Jarkovsky: Do student violins stay in tune well or is it worth it to get better tuners

Julian Leon: I have a 4K violin

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Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!! 5 out of 5

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Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!
Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!
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Pimp My Cheap Violin
Pimp My Cheap Violin
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Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!