Alligation - Pharmacy Technician Math

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natasha Barnes: Thank you for this video it was extremely helpful!

Zaheera Browne: Cool beans. Thanks for showing viewer's the short cut. My teacher does it the long way in class so we don't get confused or lost since we're just learning the material. Once you get the hang of it, it's nice to know short cuts! 

Franchial Barnes: I want to thank you for explaining allocations. You made it easier to learn.

Lisa Waite: My professor in pharmacy school didn't explain this near as well as you just did and it's been a bit like voodoo. Thanks for laying it out clearly and explaining everything along the way, it makes total sense now! 

chantill brown: thanks so much for the help this was totally confusing using that tic-tac-toe thing

Ariana Gutierrez: Soooo helpful ! Thanks a ton!

lubna saqer: thank u very much,, I have a question though.. do we always put the lowest concentration up ? and what about this question that's not working with me when I double check.. (a pharmacist receives a 4 oz of 10% solution using a 25% and 5% solution)!

Tara B: This was very clear and helpful!

pamela parker: thank you so much

Daniel Solazzo: Awesome demonstration thanks

Eric Gonzalez: Thanks a lot I just started my techinician program and today I have a test and you just thought me something I couldn't understand from my book today that I've been trying to figure out for over an hour

Maria Garza: nice and easy ty

Cheryl Nelson: Thank you so much for taking time to teach me.

Alessandro Bovoso: That was great help. Thank you!

Amil Kanji: This was a huge help! Thanks!

Irfan Patel: thanks for help please i need help i want to create new Drugs bye plant but i dont know to create .can you tell me posses i will wait for your answer thank you so much

Ann Onimus: I am in schooling now for Pharmacy tech and I am very excited, thanks for sharing!

ElGUERO PALMAS MB PALMAS: Saludos para la mendiga cuero de lagartijo Roñosa

ElGUERO PALMAS MB PALMAS: Ey saludos pata la puta de farsmeville chinge asu madre de parte del gr palmas

Alligation - Pharmacy Technician Math 4.9 out of 5

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Alligation - Pharmacy Technician Math