Alligation - Pharmacy Technician Math

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Franchial Barnes: I want to thank you for explaining allocations. You made it easier to learn.

Zaheera Browne: Cool beans. Thanks for showing viewer's the short cut. My teacher does it the long way in class so we don't get confused or lost since we're just learning the material. Once you get the hang of it, it's nice to know short cuts! 

Lisa Waite: My professor in pharmacy school didn't explain this near as well as you just did and it's been a bit like voodoo. Thanks for laying it out clearly and explaining everything along the way, it makes total sense now! 

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lubna saqer: thank u very much,, I have a question though.. do we always put the lowest concentration up ? and what about this question that's not working with me when I double check.. (a pharmacist receives a 4 oz of 10% solution using a 25% and 5% solution)!

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Ann Onimus: I am in schooling now for Pharmacy tech and I am very excited, thanks for sharing!

waidg: 90% 20 parts 30% 10% 60 parts using proportion to solve for "x" High Concentration to Low Concentration; 20parts to 60parts = x to 25mL; x=20*(25mL)/60=8.3mL of 90% R-OH R-OH is alcohol

waidg: 90%abcdefg20 parts abcdefg30%abcdefg 10%abcdefg60 parts

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siral000: Well put overall, in the middle a little wordy, but good. I always immediately start feeling my mind drift when someone is explaining something to me and because they are so familiar with it, complicate it by adding extra info like you could do this, or you could do that, some do this, but I skip some steps and just do the other thing. Just spell out the specific steps I need to know to get where I need to be. I'll pick up the superfluous stuff later as I gain familiarity with it too.

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Robert Nahoopii: No, it really does not matter which number is on the bottom or top. When you cross subtract your answer needs to be displayed as a positive value (regardless if it is negative or not). You add these values to get your total parts and then divide your value by the total parts to get your relative percentage of parts for each ingredient. All of this can be done and the answer this the same if you switch the two ingredients in their top and bottom position.

russell navas: blew my mind how straight forward this is!

Robert Nahoopii: It was just an example. In this case, you have 1% hydrocortisone and 5% hydrocortisone, but the doctor wants the patient to have 4% (which is not commercially available). You buy the 1% and 5%.

Pwilliams8525: I really am happy that I found your youtube video everybody else on youtube that has a alligation video doesn't know how to get straight to the point and make the alligations alittle bite easier to understand.

Loveth Orajiato: Thankz, u made it soooooooooooo ezy

Anasherri: Like the 1% and 5% is the smaller number always on top in anygiven problem.Is it always going to be like that?and what about the amounts after cross subtract bigger always on bottom and smaller amount on top? Will that always be the status in any given problem also?

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da2nd2nn: thanks for uploading this. It made allegation really simple and i only had to look at it once before testing my own examples

robnaho: Nice question. I will create a video about your exact question. For now, you simply divide the volume you know by the percentage (in this case, 25 mL/0.75). This will give you your total volume, or 33.3 mL. You already know how to find your final volume per ingredient when you have total volume. You would now multiply 0.25 (the percentage of 90%) by 33.3 mL to get 8.3 mL. So, 25 mL of 10% and 8.3 mL of 90% gives you 33.3 mL of 30%.

Akihiro Ito: How do u get 1% and5%. Which means is in the store ?

Allison R: This seemed more like alligation alternate not medial

Destiny Burroughs: Easy

kate J: thanks so much, that makes so much sense to me now.

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