We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums To See If They Really Work

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victoria arnstein: Castor oil and vitamin e worked great for me and my daughter. SO much cheaper and the growth was almost immediate within 4 days. put it on with your finger and no small wands needed. SO happy I found this method and now I am sharing with all of you strangers! :) 

vc bb: of cause they look longer with mascara! everyone's lashes look long after applying mascara! we wanna know how they look WITHOUT mascara not WITH it! why dont you do a review and show before and after with false lashes on. -____- this is pointless

Rachel Cheng: am i the only one who thinks that the urban decay one doesn't even work..

pookoos: Such nonsense to use mascara on the "after" shots. *sigh*

Troy weiler: This is SOOOO stupid. The after is shown with mascara. Are you freaking serious?!?! Of course the lashes are going to look longer with mascara. Dumb crap video.

anqeles troll: Pointless! Mascara makes alllll lashes look longer so there probably wasnt any results from the serums. I use vaseline and it probably works better than those. 

Precious Hines: I believe mascara was applied for the after pics really don't think they actually tried the products.

David Inuen: why the freak*!! do you have to use mascara using a comparison you.. dumb bitch remove the video from youtube pleaseeee.. worst review ever....

Zahra Aliraqia: Why would they put mascara?! Of course the lashes would look longer. This "review" is horrible. 

Kate Thomas: why the hell would you put mascara on?? Mascara is going to make them look longer with or without using an eyelash serum?? we want to see the results without the mascara. obviously.

rowan morrison: This is a freaking advert

Hamzi Tiberia: aaaaand how should I see the growth effect it you show it with mascara?

koka84peecha: Not helpful at all

bookmarkthis: What did anyone expect from them? They exist to advertise and sell crap. It's certainly not a DIY natural organic home remedy Youtube video channel... 

L Miller: I actually didn't see any difference. Your eyelashes may look fuller or longer then usual depending on the mascara you apply and the way you apply it and also on an overall condition of your eyelashes at each particular period of time. In such cases as this I doubt anybody is interested in how your eyelashes look like with mascara on. Everybody wants to know what they look like WITHOUT it. Yes, we do our makeup to look more beautiful but nobody would refuse to have longer and fuller (if possible) eyelashes just as they are. Well, tbh I noticed a slight difference with the last girl. It doesn't prove anything though. I going for castor oil :)

Evana Karapetis: wtf they're all wearing mascara?!?! this is the most stupid, non helpful review there could possible be.

Yoo Velinova: Tbh, i didn't see the difference - you can make any lashes look fuller and longer with mascara on, so fairly said, in my opinoin there was no difference whatsoever. So far I myself have tried castor oil for about a month: I didn't see any result in the length, but I do think that it nourishes the lashes and helps them strengthen. Two days ago I started using vaseline to see if that's gonna work - I read that it's also supposed to help growth, but we'll see.

Whitney McKedy: Yeah...with the mascara trick in mind, I don't think anything actually changed for any of them. "With mascara to show results" lol. Girl, please.

Carol Napolitano: Did they have mascara on after. they looked liked they did.

pancake: lolololol!! they tryna sell these products... ok?! but i didnt see any results, OBVIOUSLY mascara would length and volumnize the lashes. no real proof here. if the serums actually worked, they would do a top and side by side comparison with natural lashes. 

TheMissbabydiva: mascara on the after pictures... I really can't see any results

Bizarrre: Total anticlimax with the after photos having mascara on.... Disappointing end to what I was hoping to be a useful video! Thumbs down. 

HelloBelle: Okay so I'll use the mac kind because I just want fuller lashes not longer.

Anne Onamous: "With mascara to show results" aka "false advertising" You don't make a video on how lash serums make your eyelashes look nicer and them use mascara in the end results. The whole point of mascara is to make your lashes look longer and fuller. The befores don't have them, so it's really just "look at my eyelashes bare and with mascara". Stupid.

minibeauty14: Why did they add mascara to the after part and not before....woww....

tina beta: I used lilash and it worked but is expensive :(

Daphne D: Ladies if you want to get longer lashes the natural way with no chemicals then try out this tip: Mix some coconut oil, vitamin e oil and castor oil in a small jar, apply it with the tip of your finger on your lash line every night. You could see the difference in 2weeks+ 

Diana Garcia: oh it looks like someone have some mascara on xD lmao pathetic

yangpny: Mascara used as part of the result? This review is a no no

Regina Gomez: I see no results, only the same lashes with mascara

Jhoanna Fuentes: Have you tried amino long lash solution?

AgendaInMind: The only one I've used that worked well is Latisse. But you have to use it every day. Once you stop using it, the new lashes growing in will not be longer. It's too expensive to maintain.

Hen A: Thumbs down, what a useless video!

seanteixeria92: whats the point of putting mascara if you really wanna see results dumb bitches

Nicole Braxton: Not having mascara on would have helped show the results much better since most every mascara will lengthen lashes even a bit. Good review overall. I liked hearing about side effects and application issues, etc, but it was difficult to really see the results :/

SuperSuperLeader: losers all the second pics are with mascara on

Kari Wagner: This would be great if they hadn't used mascara...

jojolovespizza: Redo this video again without the mascara , please

Marisela Quintero: why do u put mascara? the whole point of this was to see the difference withut anything

sophie mason: Would really have been better if you didn't put mascara on in the after shots, what's the point in that?! I don't think it made a difference whatsoever and if it did we can't tell because of the mascara. Bad choice!!

msnannybean: It doesn't make sense to only put mascara on the after photos. Really skews the results. One cannot use this at all for information. If you are reading comments before viewing the video, don't bother watching.

Patricia Findley: You can use vitamin E oil on your lashes for fuller and longer results. Its cheaper, safer and works within 2 weeks....

Karen Cas: 3 min 2 sec time waster. Im seriously researching an alternative to the expensive Latisse growth eyelash serum and came across this irrelevant video.

Kate Chivers: Why did you put mascara on???? That's ruined the results for me.

Hanan Khalil: Would have been more useful without mascara.. :/ 

Bathory Synystra: You can FEEL YOUR LASHES STRENGTHENING. Dafuq???? Was she applying it or smoking it?

solarlolax: y mascara

verena shala: the gat e little bit of mascara on 

b hes: This was not helpful at all. Very bad video. 

Adri Crooks: How can they show the results after with mascara the resilts obviously werent that obvious just stupid

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We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work 3.4 out of 5

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We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work
We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work
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We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work