We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums To See If They Really Work

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1st) PLEASE NOTE the website DOES NOT provide their actual address on the site. Why? Because they "ensure" you a 100% refund, but when you aren't happy, make it impossible to actually do so.
2nd) This product DOES NOT WORK, which goes back to A
3rd) They have no contact number and NO ONE responds to the emails, IT IS ALL A SCAM.

LoveMutz: So annoying that they applied mascara!!!

Ice Bird: This is a laughably pointless video. Why put mascara for the end results? That is absolutely masking the REAL results. And even with the mascara you can barely see any difference except for the mascara itself, disappointing. Horrible video and bad production and planning. Get your uneducated team to smarten up and learn how to do an experiment properly before getting people’s hopes up please!!! Your viewers aren’t blind, let alone stupid.

Lorraine Clarke: Well waste if time if mascara on the image that used the product

Sabrina Mendez: I agree. What a waste watching.

Eve Pemberton-Hodgson: 'With mascara to show results' well put it on before as well. Basically, you were paid in some way to promote these products.

Awesomeness: While you're at it, why didn't you just add some fake lashes on top to "show results"? I think that would've made the growth so much more noticable.

Erika S: Why bother putting mascara on the after!

Barb Hatoum: This is the worst review of eyelash serum EVER! will not be subscribing or purchasing ANY of these products. A. the lashes didn't look any different, regardless if cheating and wearing mascara. Do you really think people are that stupid they can't tell you are all wearing mascara?

aesthetic wae: Adding mascara adds a third variable... what the...

Madeleine Mariani: It might work, but the ingredients are not mentioned.

They are expensive.

I have read that ORGANIC ONLY castor oil on the lashes and brows will do the same thing, also each night may as well be added and beneficial to your skin.

I have also read that Vaseline will do the same thing to lashes and brows.....but Vaseline has petroleum in it.........so my choice is the ORGANIC ONLY castor oil.

Always check with your eye doctor first, as one does not want to cause any eye problems of any kind as it is so very wonderful to be able to see.

Aiden Jones: Rodan + Fields LASH BOOST is the best serum out there. Aidenleigh.myrandf.com  Ask me about The special I have running!

Jessica Vincent: They are all wearing mascara on the after Pic. How to compare results?

Lena Karrel: Thanks for the video... I enjoyed and learnt so much...  I was shopping around a month ago and same, so expensive. After my research I settled for this and so happy. https://goo.gl/ppz3Ty and try "longlashes" for $10 off, still works the code, just tested it :)

athena cota: Use Lash Boost! Message me at Athena Cota- Skincare Coach on Facebook to see my before/after WITHOUT mascara!😃

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Kellye Raiborn: Yep you should not put mascara on ruined the entire test.

XDiMewKiddieXD: Mascara.

Monica Aranas: This can't help me

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We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work 5 out of 5

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We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work
We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work
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Testing Eyelash Growth Serum For A Week | Shanice Slatter
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We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work