We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums To See If They Really Work

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Karen Cas: 3 min 2 sec time waster. Im seriously researching an alternative to the expensive Latisse growth eyelash serum and came across this irrelevant video.

HelloBelle: Okay so I'll use the mac kind because I just want fuller lashes not longer.

solarlolax: y mascara

David Inuen: why the freak*!! do you have to use mascara using a comparison you.. dumb bitch remove the video from youtube pleaseeee.. worst review ever....

Precious Hines: I believe mascara was applied for the after pics really don't think they actually tried the products.

Bathory Synystra: You can FEEL YOUR LASHES STRENGTHENING. Dafuq???? Was she applying it or smoking it?

Jaime Dollaga: Why the heck would you put mascara on in the after pics?

Hen A: Thumbs down, what a useless video!

verena shala: the gat e little bit of mascara on 

OurWorldAhead: Funny thing: The lashes look even shorter on almost all the after pictures with mascara on. Really would have helped to use the same angle that they did in the before pictures. And they shouldn't have used mascara lol. I thought that'd be obvious though. It wouldn't surprise me if none of these have kept this experiment going for more than a week

SuperSuperLeader: losers all the second pics are with mascara on

msnannybean: It doesn't make sense to only put mascara on the after photos. Really skews the results. One cannot use this at all for information. If you are reading comments before viewing the video, don't bother watching.

Anne Onamous: "With mascara to show results" aka "false advertising" You don't make a video on how lash serums make your eyelashes look nicer and them use mascara in the end results. The whole point of mascara is to make your lashes look longer and fuller. The befores don't have them, so it's really just "look at my eyelashes bare and with mascara". Stupid.

Marisela Quintero: why do u put mascara? the whole point of this was to see the difference withut anything

MICHAEL -K- Iori: CAN ONE USE 2 GROWTH SERUM AT SAME TYM LIKE rejuvalash in the morning and lash p7 at midnight.

gerriesport: I only saw a real difference with the last one. Even with mascara the other ones did not do anything at all. How can they make us believe the stuff realy works?

TheKaraqi4: omg so much BS. you guys just were mascara in an after video... and even that doesn't make a big difference

Adri Crooks: How can they show the results after with mascara the resilts obviously werent that obvious just stupid

stephanie karydis: very stupid comparison. do not cheat

Nikki Rackley: I need my lashes back..please if your thinking about trying fake lashes Don't!!! When u start,u can't stop, next thing u know, your own lashes have suffered threw this whole ordeal..

Mahsa Iranipour: hence WITH MASCARA after lol

Look Good Feel Good: Interesting.

Allah isbest: Who ever believes this isn't so smart. Pay attention closely to the After pics. If you have too. Pause , snap shot ,& zoom. LOOL. you can see they tried to put a little but good amount of mascara. Oh Media & Its Propaganda. USE VASELINE ! Home remedies are the best. 

Rinsuki: All these women have long lashes already.

sophie mason: Would really have been better if you didn't put mascara on in the after shots, what's the point in that?! I don't think it made a difference whatsoever and if it did we can't tell because of the mascara. Bad choice!!

KMARISHKA: apply organic castor oil on your lashes before your bed time, you will see some great results, plus it is natural, no chemicals.

Chloe Scott: If I was rich, I would just buy all of them, and put them all on at once. I wouldn't care 'which' ones actually worked, as long as my lashes were growing.

1raychel4: i bought smart lash for 29.99 and its made my lashes grow longer. i like it

gris0520: agreed

makeupholism: Most definitely, you should have done the comparison without mascara in both cases. OR with mascara in both cases (before and after). This was a brilliant idea to compare all 4, but seriously, for me at least, it's useless. I still don't know which one I'd try... mascara ruined it all :( maybe you should consider re-editing, I bet many of us would appreciate it!!

angelofmusics123: With the lush lash it doesn't look like there's any difference in the before and after at all.

Helen Cruz: ♥ I'm actually using Maximum Lash and Real Lash. I am Asian with typical Asian lashes, short and poker straight. I am a regular user of RL for couple of years now and I really like the results. And then I saw ML here on YouTube couple of my fave beauty gurus reviewing it and I bought it and been using ML for 3 weeks now every night and RL every morning since I still have a tube of it (didn't want to throw it away). Now I'm really loving the results. My lashes are long and full

Safiyah Saint-Parris: With mascara? Bitches.

zwnurse2013: Putting mascara on doesn't give a true comparison!

loriv77: Susan, I just love your fashion sense!! Thanks for the video!!! I always get happy when I see a new video in my subscription box :)

sarahhrocks: @KristinaTsai there was mascara on the before to because you could see some clumps

Holly Anne: Mascara defeats the purpose we want to see the results without makeup. I bought smart lash and have been seeing little results so far.

cutebrunette4: @KristinaTsai they always use pricey products too

Maria Odgers: why did you have them put mascara on? do it without mascara otherwise its not a true test

jj Rich: Why the freak would you show us the results with mascara? That pisses me off.

Andrea Rideout: Obviously your lashes are going to look longer and fuller with mascara due that's why we use mascara OMG! They obviously didn't work

Susan Yara: @ZombieRiRi Haha. That works too!

MERCEDES TRAN: Why would you put mascara for the result. This is not truthful we are not stupid we can tell theirs mascara for the after picture.. BAD

bestieverhad xo: the end of my eyelashes twist upward and i can never seem to get them straight idk what to do, someone help please!

BeautyHealthZoneBlog: Would have been nice to see the results without the mascara, as mascara tends to thicken and lengthen the eyelashes anyway. Would have also been nice it was tested out on the eyebrows as well.

Susan Yara: @loriv77 Thank you my dear!! Always glad you watch. :)

BCBrowncow: Incredibly stupid to put the mascara on. This was zero help.

emilieclarke: Omg I didn't know MAC has a lash grown serum... I totally want to try it. I've been using LATISSE for close to a year now and I love it.

scarletletter68: @KristinaTsai: I AGREE!

Nandeeta Ragbir: hmmmm i'll go with fake lashes =D

We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work 3.4 out of 5

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We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work
We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work
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We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work