Glue-Less Lace Wig Application: The Elastic Band Method :-)

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Keisha Belnavis: THANK YOU FOR THAT..

Nikola Swaby: Thanks for loving us sharing is caring lol. U actually look good with a shaved head girl. I can tell with the wig cap on. God bless

Bessie Watkins: Thanks for this idea ! & Thanks for sharing.

yverom: Please tell me where did u get that straight wig! Beautiful!

shakiyla robinson: how did you make the back stay down ? I applied the elastic band but it only helps the front stay in place. Is there anything I can do to make the back of the wig stay down besides glue or tape?

Melanie Coleman: Great video.Thank you. You look like Tasha Mack from The Game btw...

Donna Jones: Good video close to the end. Too much talking in the beginning. This is a old method. Saw this done years ago. Still a good informational video for newbies.

Kelly Whebb: Don't want to share anything you learned from hair forums.....uhmmm.... really? Someone obviously shared on that forum so you can learn.

G0DSGL0RY83: Thanks for sharing!

kenyagirl2009: i learned something new will def. try that method cos i had incidents where my wig moved llol.

prhopan3: I know you said you had a "big"... so do I (comes with being Nigerian, I guess). Did you order the "medium to L" size or did you pay the extra $15 for the "large" size? I'm worried that I'll get one that's too small and it won't fit over this head of mine... let me know. Thanks!

Kayce's Choice: Thanks SongBirddiva4life I just got a new lace front and this is the first one i am getting without any clips or adjustable straps. I am going to try this on my wig now, I hope you don't mind if i put it as a video response to your video just to show people that your advise worked. if you don't mind please let me know, I am new to youtube and i don't want to step on any toes. Thanks Kaycechoice

tella181: were did u buy the elastic band frm

vmasonful: Thanks for the tutorials.

Valerie Wynn: Thank you for tip about elastic band!!!

kewanda carter: thank for the steps. it really help me.

SongbirdDiva4Life: no,most lace do not have the adjustable straps. You have to look for the ones that specify that they are glue-less wigs. The glue-less wigs have adjustable straps and wig combs to help keep them in place :-)

1ChocolateLegs1: girl thanks for this video..I've been searching high and low for a detailed viewing of how to sew on the elastic..thanks..very informative!

Missbirkin Joseph: Thanks so much ! Am ripping off did glue on my wig tonite

DeShondria Jones: Walmart or craft store like Michael's or Joann's fabric

gurllfriend: Hi, I really enjoy watching your videos (they're my "go to"). I was searching for a detailed video of this method then I decided to look through yours because you're always so thorough and here it is.......THANKS!! Question: Are you still buying from Junpeng Wigs or is the curly unit from another vendor? LUV U!

brewjaz1: Thank you! Enjoyed your video--your personality showed through. :-)

Heather Alexander: You explained this method the best. Thank you Mrs. Songbird.

mzsarasara1987: thanx Songbird...this method worked perfectly on my lace front.

KiAnthony: @SongbirdDiva4Life ..thnx alot !!!

allabouteyez2012: Just tried this method and it fits good looks good will see how it holds up during the day

donaey: this was the best video I have seen on this! thank you so much for making this video , it helped me a lot.

Ettamae7373: This method is amazing, thanks for the tip!

knikki32: Thank you Miss Songbird Diva 4 Life!!!

xoxcharminxox: could i sew clips near the ear tabs ON the elastic band?

ozier bodie: Thanks so much, this was so helpful! May God continue to bless you for your unselfishness!!!!

Renee Goodwin: Where do we find the elastic band from?? ANYONE??

llyykasb1: Will the wig still remain secure if I don't sewn on the comb attachment at the back?

chicpearl: hi Songbird. Just a quick question, will the elastic work even if you don't cornrow it? My hair is too short at the bottom to braid, so I was wondering if i'll get the same effect with the elastic bands? Please let me know! Thx! Chicpearl

bartlettbd: @balimeena Wal-Mart has them in the crafts section where all the fabrics and sewing materials are...hope that helps.

Sunnilocs: I love you and thank you for being such a wonderful person! Subbed!!! I've been watching your videos for a long time now. The video with your hubby, the ratchet contest thief and this one got me. xoxo

BeautyBlood3: is there a difference between full lace and whole lace?

Leah Marie: cool video

ladymistic94: great video,...thanks for the info!!!

Wigready: You go girl! You did that! Thank you so much!

SongbirdDiva4Life: @Diana00yay I don't know. I've never tried it on a lace front, but it should :-)

katiagification: thanks for sharing!

SongbirdDiva4Life: @pwhint of course, just cut off the tread that attatches the elastic to the wig and you should be fine, but just be careful when cutting :-)

blkdiamondzdiva68: Thanks! I bought some elastic to try this method. What are you using for your edges to help with growth. I have very thin and balding edges. I need some tips.

sunshine32151: just wanted to send you a short note, almost 1 full year later, this video is still helping NEW people. I'm a subby but I was not wearing lace wigs and now I am venturnig into the "exciting" waters of lace wigs. This was very helpful to me. THANKS!!!

sporter2608: This is awesome! I recently started wearing wigs to alleviate continuing weaves--- to keep my hair healthy. I tried this method today....I wasn't initially using glue or tape...but i was worried about the attached combs taking my hair out onthe sides. Your videos are always so classy and informative. Thanks for sharing!

porcelainDollFaceLuv: @flawedperfextion wow you really wanted to make it known that she's not the originator of this idea... just say thank you and keep it moving... then saying 'its nice to see a video done on it' to cover up the fact that you were trying to bust her out

shaky08: very informative vid! can you please tell me what products you use to wash and condition your units? do you use the same shampoo and conditioner for your curly/ wavy units? Thank you

crit1227: You are so so so so sweet! Thanks a bunch hun. Good luck on your journey of recovery :-)

Lacehairwigs: this is the tootsie method from the hair forum.this is an old method but not many people outside the forum knows about it

☞Glue-Less Lace Wig Application: The Elastic Band Method :-) 4.9 out of 5

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☞Glue-Less Lace Wig Application: The Elastic Band Method :-)